Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Going To Print


I received an email last night that Twin Flames, Songs of the Earth, and Dreams of the Forgotten were going to print and were up for pre-sales. I couldn't believe it. In all seriousness, I didn't think that they would be printed. As a pinch to myself I checked the site, and sure enough they were there. All of them will be out September 9th. O.O

I haven't talked about it (and I won't much) but it's been a tough year. It's messed with my writing mojo. Not to say I've been stagnant because I've written more free reads this year than planned. The Awakening of Amanra, Playing for Keeps, The Legend of the Bearwere Curse, Fated, Starting Fires.

Then I got very, very lucky when I sent an inquiry to Less Than Three Press about The Valespian Pact series. I wanted Alpha Trine to have a home along with Striker and Prometheus's story. They took Trine, which if I'm honest shocked the crap out of me, and Striker.

Now, in September, Alpha Trine will be re-released in ebook and print (freaking fabulous). All of Sumeria's Sons (to date) will be printed. AND my birthday is the 17th. September is stacking up to be an awesome month.

I have this image of me laying on the bed covered in my books instead of money. Corny, yes, I know but if I think about it I would rather it be the books. Not sayin' that twenty years from now my opinion won't change. But right now. This moment... yeah, I would choose the books. And no, nobody claims I'm sane, not even me.

Coming in September:

September 9th In Print... https://spsilverpublishing.com/paperbacks-c-83.html?zenid=9c6e7f8a3448d11f058097f9e9052aaa


  1. Congrats Lexi ! That is awesome news. And it seems we have really close birthdays, that explains the love of all things ménage. :D

    1. Thanks, Mandy!! LOL! That's Awesome!! Dude, happy early birthday!!

      On a ménage side note: I was just looking through this week's new releases for MMM and came up empty handed. *whines* I think I'm going to have blog about the lack there of. :)

  2. Oh don't I know it, I am always on the look out for m/m/m but either there is none or it's BDSM or it's just some guy they have on the side. I practically had to have my own story written to get what I wanted. * smiles very broadly at Lexi *
    I can't tell you how often I have reread PFK! LOVE IT!