Monday, July 22, 2013

Update Plus An Excerpt For Striker

So my computer is going wonky, again. I knew that we should have replaced the hard drive but the tech guys said it was fine. Sure. Fine until I got the unable to start message and "would you like us to try to repair it." Does anyone say, no, to a question like that?

So we are backing up the computer,again, and I'm trying to do as much work as I can offline. The iPad is awesome for the social media but not so much for compatible word programs. BUT I did find this blogger app. It's okay so far but not as good as being on the google site for blogging.

It's been several days since I posted and thought I should leave you a goodie before I go out of town. Leaving Wednesday to go to Chicago. I haven't been visiting in three months
so there is a much catching up to do.

The only thing about the app is that I cannot update the side bar and show the progress on Striker. As of this morning we are at 28k. I had to step away for a couple of other projects. it was a good thing because when I came back, the pulling teeth to put words on the page turned into a geyser. :)

So here's an unedited excerpt. I hope you enjoy. And yes, I chose this part for the torture factor. *evil cackle* Oh, and this is from somewhere in the first 1/3 of the book, just so ya know.

Striker (The Valespian Pact #2)
© 2013, Lexi Ander


"What do I need to do to prove my lineage?" Zeus ground out, eyes searching the black crystal obelisks that surrounded his party.

The Monticore hissed in warning. Warlord Sohm'lan stood next to Zeus, silent, stoic, and grim faced. Zeus trusted him to keep the guard in line.

"Blood!" The whispers echoed over the top of each other. "We must analyze you blood, confirm the words spoken here today. We tried to taste you through the sand but you reek of the Da Massaga. human's are crafty and deceptive."

Dargon snarled and the Monticore gave a chorus of offended chirps. The Qrxzl questioned the word and honor of a Mar'Sani prince. Now they required blood. One offense stacked upon another. In the sky overhead vapor clouds, one, two, five burst into existence, rolling angrily.

"Fine, I will do as requested," Zeus shouted over the upset Monticore.


He glanced up to Sohm'la's luminous blue eyes. "I would settle the question of my biology before the others arrive. If something happens to me, you already know my wishes."

An expression of fierce pride crossed Sohm'lan's features even a he gave a reluctant nod of acceptance.

The guards parted for Zeus. He didn't have to be an empath to know they were perched on the edge of violence.


He glanced back at Dargon, worry engraved lines around his eyes and mouth. "I will be fine," he sent through his connection to them. Alpha's emotions were clamped down and muted and Zeus was grateful. Before he turned back to the obelisk he noticed that Dargon discreetly pressed something small into Sohm'lan's hand.

The black crystals fit snuggly between the white standing stones. There were nine standing stones encircling the red paved center. No spaces were between the crystals and the stones, blocking the view of the rolling sand dunes that lay beyond. All the crystals appeared to be the same but Zeus knew differently because the voices, although faint, were different. 

Approaching the closest Qrxzl, Zeus held out his hand unsure what exactly to expect. He would have cut his own flesh to give them a sample of blood but he instructed the party to leave their weapons bak at the shuttle. This was supposed to be diplomatic mission and he had not wanted to give the wrong impression. Not that it mattered now.

The glow in the center of the dark crystal he approached pulsed faster, grew brighter. Zeus presented his right hand, palm up and waited. He wasn't sure what he expected but the thick shard that shot out of the base of the obelisk, through the center of his palm, was not it. He stared in shock at the ten centimeters of sharp bloody crystal jutting out of the wound in him hand, attempting to grasp the sight before him. Distracted, he did not expect the second arm of crystal jump out to encase his neck in a vice grip, anchoring him firmly to the obelisk.

Terror, not his own, slid through him. He heard Dargon call his name a split second before he felt his blood turn into a river of glass shards that sliced through his veins. He would have pulled away, retreating from that which caused him pain but the inflexible chill of glossy stone held him immobile. He couldn't contain the pain of being stabbed through a thousand times. His bloodcurdling scream rebounded through the air and was joined by the agonized bellow from Dargon.

Zeus wasn't aware how long he was in the Qrxzl's hold, how long he yelled, or how long Dargon screamed with him. A shrill high whistle sounded and the obelisk before him vibrated, the arms holding him in place shattered. the pain immediately ceased and Zeus fell to the ground retching. Even as his stomach tired to relieve him of its contents, Zeus rolled over and scrambled on hands and knees toward Dargon.

"Maddux!" His voice was nothing but a scratchy wheeze.

The massive Chi'Lin knelt next to Dargon and Alpha. Dargon seemed to be unconscious and Alpha was a quivering mess in the back of Zeus's mind.

"The kits..." Zeus choked...

(I know, I know! I had to stop there... but I'm preparing a second excerpt to put you out of your misery. It will post while I'm out of town, Thursday or Friday. I haven't looked at the scheduler yet.) 

As always, I hope you enjoyed the snippet and thank you for reading!!

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