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Holiday Reading #4 #holiday #reading

Welcome to the fourth of the five posts for this years holiday reading! If you have missed the others, here are the links. #1 #2 #3 You know you want to check them out because ALL the books. 

These aren't in any particular order and are across all genres and orientations. 

Title: A Match made at Christmas

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Lesbian / 


Blurb: Lee has been secretly in love with her best friend’s older sister, Jo, for eight years when a fortune-teller proclaims Jo is ready to return Lee’s feelings.

At first, Lee doesn't believe her, but when she finds a mysterious book of matches that bring good luck when they're lit, it seems Christmas miracles could be real. But just as fate favours her, her luck fails. The magic goes awry, and every time she strikes a match, disaster occurs.

The fortune-teller warns Lee that something is interfering with her destiny, and she needs to look inward to find the solution. Can Lee figure out what is ruining her luck before she hurts someone, or should she give up on her Christmas dreams altogether?

A Christmas short story of approximately 16k words (~40 pages). Full of mutual pining, cosy romance, and Christmas cheer.

Title: Mated Under the Mistletoe(Vale Valley Book 1)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Mpreg /

Notes: It had me at, "An alpha dragon in denial..."

Blurb: Like your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie...only way more gay.

An alpha dragon in denial...

Sebastian Wallace spread his wings (literally) and left Vale Valley for business school in the city the moment he was able. Ambitious and full of big ideas, he wanted to find his own place in the world. With an MBA under his belt and a startup business venture in New York, things are looking up. Until he gets the call that his mother has passed away and left him The Dozing Dragon, her bed and breakfast, in the will. Sebastian returns to his hometown, hoping to make it a quick trip. But when he reconnects with a sweet omega in the Valley, everything changes.

A haunted omega...

Will Sterling can see things no one should. In a town full of shifters and other paranormals, you'd think seeing ghosts would be no biggie. Afraid of his own power, Will does his best to live a "normal" life and keeps himself busy at the local garden shop. But things are starting to change in Vale Valley. The yearly Festival of Lights ended five years ago when faulty wiring sent the place up in flames. And now The Dozing Dragon's sudden closure fills Will with dread for what might come next. When the owner's son returns to town, dare he hope for a better future?

With Sebastian's help, can they save the Dozing Dragon and bring back the Festival of Lights in time for Christmas? And does Will's secret power hold the key to both?

Mated Under The Mistletoe is the first book in a multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. It contains way too many dirty jokes, plants with a mind of their own, mpreg, and more sweets than Willy Wonka's factory. Pull up a chair, grab your hot cocoa, and settle in for this heartwarming holiday read!

Title: Slow Thaw

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Trans / Gay /


Blurb: Javier Fernandez is a climate scientist living in a research station near the South Pole. Since his husband was killed in a car crash, he’s preferred to be alone, and is less than thrilled to have a junior scientist thrust upon him by his rich patron.

Col Steele is a trans man fleeing a bad break-up. He is ready for the next step in his career, and eager to spend Christmas anywhere but at home.

When a crack in the ice separates the two men from safety, they are forced to come to terms with their own losses and each other.

Title: Snowflake Wine

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / 


Blurb: Hunky Nathan Bloom works late for the company putting up the town Christmas lights and decorations. Gorgeous, enigmatic, Jamie Snow works late forecasting the weather from his desk in the meteorology office.

Nathan sighs over the prospect of a holiday season with no one to love.

Jamie wonders if he’ll ever find a man to love who will accept his mysterious origins and talents.

One cold night as Nathan finishes hoisting the wreath lights up the building where Jamie works, they meet.

The brilliant festive lights aren’t the only things to sparkle as the two men connect on a deep level.

Be delighted by a delicious, contemporary, erotic gay romance with an edge of fantasy this season. Sometimes being different is awesome.

Title: Shrewd Angel

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay / 


Blurb: Pax Polo is the swashbuckling guitarist for Serenity Free.

Correction: Was the swashbuckling guitarist for Serenity Free.

Now he sports a black eye and his bros have kicked him out of their band—three weeks before Christmas. It’s an unfamiliar kick to his over-inflated ego, but . . . whatever. 

No problem.

Thanks to some stellar eavesdropping, an unexpected angel ornament, and a bribe to open for his favorite band ever, Pax will weasel his way back into his mates’ good graces.

All he has to do is friend Clifford, the neighborhood man-shrew, for the summer. Distract him a bit so Clifford’s younger sister can sneak around. 

It sounds like a piece of beginners Beethoven. Jolly good fun.

Because, Pax totally knows how to friend people. He has heaps of friends. This shrew’s no match for his shrewd ways. Or is he?

Title: The Captain's Cornish Christmas

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: A Captivating Captains story

For a lonely Cornish lifeboatman and an author who’s more used to crime scenes than love scenes, this Christmas is going to be very merry indeed!

When Jago Treherne agrees to man the Polneath lifeboats one snowy Christmas, he knows he can forget turkey and all the trimmings.

Yet when he boards a seemingly empty yacht and stumbles upon sexy Sam Coryton enjoying an energetic afternoon below decks, Jago soon realizes that he might be unwrapping a very different sort of Christmas gift this year!

Title: The Holiday Home Hotel

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Dragon Queen / Second Chances / Gay / 


Blurb: Daren Novak and Gunny Schuler have known each other since freshmen days at the University of Washington, where they'd started a romance Daren assumed would last. But at the start of winter break, Gunny bowed to the dictates of his lifelong religion and his overbearing father and left UW never to return.

After a failed marriage, Gunny built a quiet life embracing his gay identity, and left his North Dakota home, his marriage, and his father's business for a forestry and teaching career in Oregon. Meanwhile, Daren has built up his own life around managing a unique holiday venue, the Holiday Home Hotel, and performing for the guests in drag as "Dare."

A decade has passed since they last saw each other, but now winter’s harsh weather brings them face to face—helped along by a minor goddess and powerful forest spirit. Too much hurt might lie between them now to fix things, but interfering supernatural beings are determined to force them to try.

Title: Two Ruined Christmas Eves 
(Not So Perfect Christmas Eves Book 1)
Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Germany / Gay /

Notes: As I was sorting these, I realized this and the one below went together.

Blurb: It’s Christmas Eve, and folk music star Jonas is on his way to the most important gig of his career: A folk music concert. Well, he would be if heavy snowfall hadn’t stopped him on the highway.

Fritz has to accompany his grandparents to the biggest folk music event in southern Germany, the worst punishment for a metal fan, especially on Christmas Eve.

When these two men meet at the concert after-party, sparks fly. Will this Christmas Eve be something special after all?

*The book has been previously published with a different cover*

Title: One Perfect Christmas Eve 
(Not So Perfect Christmas Eves Book 2)
Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: It’s been two years since Jonas missed the biggest folk music concert of his career. But back then, he also met Fritz, and the two have been ridiculously in love ever since then. Now, Jonas is ready to take the next step and ask Fritz to marry him. 

Fritz still hates folk music, just the way he did when he was forced to attend Jonas’ concert. That never changed, even though he suffered through a lot of them by now. Nevertheless, he’s ready to make sure Jonas knows Fritz is perfectly fine living with a folk music star… and marrying one.

But the weather has other plans, and once more, they’re stuck in traffic. And that’s just the beginning of a day that might not lead to a perfect Christmas Eve… or will it?

Title: Winter Hearts

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Lesbian /


Blurb: 13 Festive F/F Fiction Tales from 13 Authors | Over 860 pages of seasonal cheer for women who love women

Eliza Andrews - Her Holiday Song
Lila Bruce - Easier Said Than Done (A Love Bites Christmas)
Giselle Fox - The Perfectly Imperfect Storm
Anne Hagan - A Sweetwater Christmas
Jea Hawkins - Full Circle: A Must Love Chickens Christmas
Cara Malone - Christmas in Angel Valley
TB Markinson - A Christmas Miracle
Susan X Meagher - Family Matters
A.E. Radley - Holly Hollydays
Adan Ramie - Drive Me Wild
Emma Sterner-Radley - Greengage Holiday Cheer
Em Stevens - The Gift
Natasha West - Stock Take

All profits from this festive box set will be donated to The Trevor Project and to Stonewall

Title: Warren's Peace

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Second Chances / Gay /


Blurb: The holidays are a time for second chances.

Warren Blessing lost his wife (two years ago), and his kids decide he’s been alone too long. They send him on a holiday singles cruise so he can meet someone new.

On the flight from Chicago to Miami, he sits next to an attractive man, but when the flight’s over, he doesn’t think he'll see him again.

Fletcher Hammond is a professional mystery shopper for vacation destinations and travel. After a split from his unfaithful fiancé, he’s embarking on a singles cruise. He meets a lovely gentleman on the flight, whose conversation and cocktails help Fletcher through his fear of takeoffs, but he doesn’t expect to see him again.

As if by fate, a meeting in the ship’s dining room renews their mutual attraction. But can they build a relationship with distance and baggage working against them? Or will they part ways when they return to port?

Title: Under the Felt Mistletoe

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: The most wonderful time of the year is about to get even better.

On a cold, rainy December morning, Finn’s beloved Grampa, his best friend and rock, makes a friend outside their home who he invites in for coffee. The last thing Finn expects is Nelson, a man with a painful past, who is beautiful and generous and turns Finn’s knees into jelly.

What starts out as a chance to get out of the rain, soon becomes more as Nelson helps Finn get ready for the Christmas market. They bond over coffee and fabric and Mariah Carey. Can handmade Christmas ornaments and an understanding heart give Nelson the love he’s been denied?

Title: Two Daddies For Christmas
A Breakfast Club Holiday Story
Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: Two clueless men.

One determined little girl.

A whole circle of friends who’ve grown tired of waiting.

You are hereby invited to the wedding of the king of New York City nightlife, who’s finally marrying his prince charming.

Too bad neither of them know it’s happening.

this is an 11,000 word short story set in the Breakfast Club universe, but it features surprise guests from other series.

Title: 'Twas the Play Before Christmas

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Bisexual /

Notes: This is not showing up on Amazon even though it released the 15th. 

Blurb: After the death of his wife, Nick Valenti is raising his twins on his own. It’s no surprise when his son, Quinn, gets a part in the holiday show, but Nick is amazed when he shows up at the parent meeting and finds his old high school friend is now his son’s music teacher.

Emmett James is full of passion and energy, and Nick is captivated by him. Volunteering to help with sets gives Nick the opportunity to get to know the man Emmett has become. Sparks fly, flirting ensues, and Nick wants nothing more than to see where the attraction between them goes.

With Christmas in the air, and holiday music helping them along, will Nick and Emmett find a romance that can last?

Title: This Christmas

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: Alan’s trying to get over a broken heart. Only, in his friends’ opinion he’s taking too long. Coerced into going out dancing with them he meets Matt Hanson, a man as different from Alan’s ex as night is from day. But can Matt help heal Alan’s heart, or is it too soon to even try? And will Alan’s ex try to wreck Matt and Alan’s fledging romance? Looks like it will take more than just the joy of Christmas to make their season bright…

Title: The Christmas Office Party

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: Jake likes his job working in a call center office, especially as it brings the added bonus of seeing Liam every day. But Jake is determined not to act on his crush, even when he discovers Liam is a submissive.

But at the office Christmas party everyone cuts loose, even Liam, who seems determined to bring Jake over to his way of celebrating.

Title: The Law of Miracles

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: The sequel to A Christmas Promise…

Joshua Trant is doing his best to support his son Micah and Micah’s partner Greg as they approach the trial of Greg’s attackers. This was never going to be easy, especially as Greg wants them prosecuted for a hate crime, but County Attorney Alexander Rycliffe assures them he’ll do his utmost to make sure the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. Joshua hopes that whatever the outcome, Greg will be happy. What he’s finding more difficult to deal with, is the way he’s feeling about Alex. Joshua has loved two people in his life – Hayden and Rachel – and lost them both. The chance of him being lucky a third time is so slim, the thought doesn’t even cross his mind, until Love – and his kids – give him a push in the right direction…

Alex knows what it is to have loved and lost, and he thinks he’s done with men. Then Joshua Trant walks into his life. Alex soon learns there’s more to Joshua than just a handsome face, and the men finally have what both of them need – a friend. But as the months go by, it becomes obvious to everyone concerned that their friendship has the potential to develop into something deeper – if they let it.

One man who thinks he’s had his chance at love.
One man who has to let go of a past betrayal and learn to trust again.
And both are about to be shown Christmas is indeed a time of miracles. All you have to do is believe…

A slow burn for Christmas that makes the HEA worth waiting for.

Contains: two adorable mature guys who act their age, a snarky BFF, reference to hate crimes but no on page violence, delicious food, unsolicited help from well-meaning twenty-something kids, and finally a first time... and a second...

Title: A Christmas Situation 
(Temporary series; Tristan and Dom Book 2)

Notes: This cannot be read as a standalone. The first book is A Temporary Situation

Blurb: Love conquers all. But can it survive Christmas?

Dominic and Tristan have been together for almost a year. So everything's got to be plain sailing, right? Not quite. Not if you ask Dominic. Tristan's a bundle of energy and crazy ideas at the best of times. Add in Christmas, and it's a recipe for disaster.

That's not the only issue. There's also Tristan's mysterious absences and secret phone calls to contend with. Dominic might be insecure, but he's not crazy. His boyfriend is definitely up to something, and neither family nor friends seem interested in listening to his concerns. He won't jump to conclusions this time though. He'll talk to Tristan. Only what do you do when you can't get a straight answer out of the man you love?

When Tristan's secrets are revealed, will their first Christmas together also be their last? Or is Dominic about to discover that all his worries have been for nothing?

Only time will tell.

A story containing Christmas snark; a drunk Tristan; snow; and absolutely no mention of spiders—well alright, maybe a few mentions.

Please note that this novella features the same characters as A Temporary Situation, therefore should only be read after reading that one.

Title: A Frostbite Christmas

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Fantasy / Gay /


Blurb: Guard your heart, or Jack Frost will freeze it.

Jack Frost is all about the freezing cold, and he not only wants to freeze the earth, but he also wants to freeze people's hearts. When he sees two lovers kissing under the mistletoe, he vows to split them up. Teddy and his husband, Kirk, are still in love. Will they let a little frost come between them?

Title: A Hometown Holiday

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: Life in a college town suits Josh Cassidy. He has good friends and neighbors, and the bookshop café he runs with his family is thriving. As the winter holidays begin, Josh finds himself enamored with police officer, Alex Curiel, an old friend who has recently moved back to town. The trouble is, Alex isn’t ready for the world to know he’s attracted to men.

At Alex’s request, Josh agrees to closet their relationship, but the secrecy quickly becomes a burden. When Josh realizes he is falling for Alex, he has more and more trouble denying his feelings. Soon, both men are forced to decide if hiding behind closed doors is the kind of future they’re looking for.

Title: Chains Required

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Gay /


Blurb: Rio and Caden have been together for a few years now. It’s a rare weekend they get to spend alone. When Rio suggests they get away to Tahoe for the weekend a few weeks before Christmas, Caden is too excited to even think of saying no. They start their trip and even though they think they’ve planned for every emergency, they can’t control what Mother Nature has in store for them. 

When the car in front of them spins out in the newly fallen snow, they stop to help and soon find out that Caden’s not as alone in this world as he had originally thought. A few more planned surprises make for a special weekend for these hard-working guys who really deserve a weekend getaway.

Can be read as a standalone.

Title: Too Hot for Santa

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Australia / Gay /


Blurb: Jonah Walsh’s fledgling acting career in Dublin comes to an abrupt end when a video of him in a compromising position goes viral on social media. The offer of a part in a Christmas play in Sydney, Australia arrives at exactly the right time, although he isn’t sure about celebrating Christmas in the scorching heat. Nick Claseman isn’t happy that the actor he and his sister have hired will be occupying his granny flat. As for Jonah’s enthusiasm for Christmas, Nick doesn’t get it. He hasn’t decorated or celebrated in years. 

When Jonah turns out to be anything but a stuck-up starlet with delusions of grandeur, and Nick proves he’s not usually grumpy and borderline hostile, the two men gravitate toward each other. Their attraction morphs into something more when Jonah reacquaints Nick with the pleasures of Christmas and Nick shows Jonah the beauty of Australia. But Jonah is only Down Under for a few months. It would take a Christmas miracle for them to have a future together.

Title: Country Christmas

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Cowboys / Gay /


Blurb: This Christmas, two worlds collide...

Edward Kirby is a big-city surgeon who’s worked himself toward an early grave. On his way to Wisconsin for some enforced R&R, a snowstorm hits--leaving Edward injured, stranded, and more stressed than ever.

Stephen Jackson is an all-American cowboy--and a virgin. He’s overwhelmed with work, trying to keep the family farm from falling into financial collapse, when Edward ends up renting a room at his ranch. He has no idea how to handle the attraction he feels towards the handsome, wealthy man. They come from opposite worlds, but could love find a way to make it work?

Bundle up under the covers and let Riley Knight warm your heart with this burning hot 50,000 word gay romance, intended for adult audiences only. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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