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2018 Favorite Books #ebooks #romance #lgbtiaq #favorites

Today is the last of my Favorite Books of 2018 blog posts. 

(You can see Audiobooks and Poly Romance <-- there. :D)

This about the eBooks. There are a couple here that really should have been on the Poly Romance post and didn't realize it until I was building this post. Well, who cares that my filing abilities are that terrible. Good thing that it is not what I do for a living! LOL! 

I've read about 200 books this past year, and I do read a little bit of everything. Though this post is mostly comprised of M/M romance stories there are a couple of MF and a poly romance with trans romantic interests as well. What mostly makes up the list are books that made me happy, what I would re-read, and what I have/would recommend.

Hidden In Darkness by Alice Winters
M/M Contemporary, Action, Romance

If you have followed me for long, you know that I read very few contemporary romances. Like so many that have made my favorite's lists, this was recommended to me and I gave it a go. It was fantastic, witty, and a couple of characters that I loved. I actually bought the audiobook when it came out just so that I could re-read while doing something else. 

Alpha Unit One, New York by Chris T. Kat
M/M Paranormal, Romance

This was cute in an unexpected way. There are two types of shifters. Those who who shift into a baby of the breed are pigeonholed. Even though they are adult and capable in their human form, they are seen as incapable for many things. The baby shifters in this story, secretly work against that instinctual prejudice of other shifters. It was very cute and though there was a bit of angst, was still a relaxing read.

Blackbird in the Reeds by Sam Burns
M/M Paranormal, Romance

I was not expecting to love this as much as I did. There is a bit of twist to the lore that I loved, while also being about second chances as well as new beginnings. I devoured the series as it was released. Again, I also bought the audiobook. :D

Heart of the Dragon by Jamie Sullivan
M/M Fantasy, Romance

I adore this book, some of it told from the dragon's POV. He is not a shifter but a real dragon who likes for people to fear him and to collect items for his hoard. Until one day he steals a baby on accident. Wonderful book. 

Loving Kit/Saving Jax by LM Brown
M/M/Intersex Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi, Aliens

I love poly romances. I love sci-fi. I love alien romance. I love when they come together. LOL! Loving Kit is about a human vessel traveling through space to a planet they are going to colonize. The ship enters the territory of  a species, and by their laws, the salvage the pods of sleeping humans, selling some of the pods. So fun!

Blood Bathory: Like the Night by Ari McKay
M/M Paranormal, Romance

At the beginning of the year, I started really yearning to read vampire stories. This was excellent with the addition of shifters, second chances, and unrequited love. 

Strike a Fire by Avtor Kirjanik
M/M Paranormal, Romance

This is the debut book for Avtor, recommended to be by a friend. It has dragons, so of course I jumped right in. The appearance of shifters shakes up the world and the line is drawn in the sand. There is also the lore of the mostly forgotten dragon shifters and how one of the mated pair will shift into a female dragon even though they are male when human. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Human Omega Discovered on the Slave Planet by Eileen Glass
M/M/M Sci-Fi, Aliens, Romantic Elements

This is a book that took me by surprise. The title does not reflect the true sense of what a good story it is. Carter is caught by a bug aliens and caged with two others not of his species. Carter is smart, capable, and works toward escape. The two aliens he is caged with, try to protect him because he's an omega, which really isn't explained but it wasn't an important aspect of the plot. One alien remembers what it was like to be free and the other was born in captivity. The dynamics of the three was really well done creating an engaging story with enough suspense that I was holding my breath.

The Mercenaries of the Stolen Moon by Megan Derr
M/Trans/Trans, Fantasy, Romance

This is the fourth book in the Tales of the High Court. This world is one where people who are Trans live openly without worry of stigma or prejudice. Each book follows a different couple and they are all on my favorites list. This one follows Myra, the High King's head secretary, Jac (one of my favorite characters) Allen's personal guard, and Fathoms Deep third in command, Charliane. I really loved this look at Myra and who he is and the adventure. Seriously, they are all so... so... kickass and I loved every minute. I'll be so sad when the last book in this series releases. 

A Ferry of Bones & Gold by Hailey Turner
M/M Urban Fantasy, Romantic Elements

I am always looking for a good urban fantasy about a supernatural agency, especially if there is a mystery to solve. The writing on this is tight, the world building deep, and though I wanted to smack Patrick for his fatalistic attitude at times, I rooted for him all the way.  Awesome story.

Clutch/Bond by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly
M/M Paranormal, Mpreg, Romance

Holy cow, this is a fantastically fun series. Dragons, mates, dragon eggs, itty-bitty baby dragons. I loved every single second of it. The side character, Harry was so awesome. (His book is Bond.) The world building with the dragon world and rules was awesome (and made me want to smack several elder dragons on the back of the head).

Blind Fall by Amanda Milo
M/F Sci-Fi, Aliens, Romance

Last year the first book, Stolen by an Alien, and perhaps the second book, Rescued by an Alien, of this series made my favorites blog post. I love romances with alien love interest but I need them to be alien with their own weird behaviors and culture. It is something that is not often found in this sub-genre. This series (Stolen by an Alien) hit all my desires and included some humor. The second book was more emotionally intense than the first one. I haven't read books 3 and 4 yet (that whole dragon hoarding series for rainy days thing) but when this book came out I jumped into to it. See, in the first book there are two lines about a blind woman and her dog. Amanda said she got so many emails about what happened to the dog that she wrote this standalone. I loved it and it wasn't as intense as book two. This really is a great series. 

Willa's Beast by Ruby Dixon
M/F, Sci-Fi, Alien, Romance
One thing I like about Ruby Dixon series is that you can basically start anywhere and not lost. She will actually let you know if it cannot be read as a standalone. Willa's Beast is the 3rd in the Icehome series. At the time, the only other book I had read was the first book in the Ice Planet series so I understood the premise of the planet. If you couldn't tell, I love the beauty and beast trope so the blurb for this called to me. Willa was awesome. I enjoyed this so much that I went back and read the first two books in this series and they are really good, too. It is what made me go back, look at her dragon series, and give it another try. One of those books made the audiobook favorites list. 

Sweet Nothings by Macy Blake
M/M Paranormal, Romance, Erotic Romance
The Chosen One series is one that I have recommended a lot over the last few months. It's a mixture of M/M and poly romance in a paranormal setting. The paranormals are dying out, the number of children born declining to the point that some haven't had a child born in the last decade or more. There is a prophecy about the chosen one who will help save the people. But there are forces working to keep the chosen one from gaining power.

 There is the main series as well as the prequel and two side stories following related characters. I love the mystery and have my own ideas what will happen but I'm not sure. It's hard to pick a favorite character and originally I was all about Drago and the show of his true behavior once he was able to be himself. But then there are moments when the other characters came in and steel your heart. Currently, (after several re-reads) I'm Team Ollie and hoping he gets a book. And Ben. Ben is such a softy you just want to protect him.

Hell on Earth by Macy Blake
M/M Paranormal, Romance

This is also a spinoff series, from the Chosen One, following the deadly hellhounds and their legendary leader, Meshaq. He's such a big softy when it comes to those he loves. Everyone else trembles when he comes for them. I'm excited to see where both of these series go in the coming year. 

That is the end of my favorite books of 2018!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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