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What's on the Reading Radar #TBR #Wishlist

What am I doing? Writing blog posts for Caledonia Destiny's release. Proofing. And Proofing. Checking ARC formatting.

When I'm not doing that, I have been working on Assassin's Retirement. I need to hurry and catch up. Get several chapters under my belt before the end of the month.

For the reading list, I've been rereading again until last night. I do this because I can't afford to get ensnared into a new world when I'm super busy. It's distracting if the story is super engaging, especially when I have to leave a book in the middle because I don't have time to finish it. Example: last night I read a new to me author. The book is the first one on the list below. I really, really enjoyed the story but it stopped on a cliffhanger. I decided to get the next book and read until the emotional turmoil was mostly resolved -- hence, find a stopping point. I didn't find a great stopping point and the emotional turmoil only went up. When I forced myself to bed I dreamed about the book and then four hours later I woke thinking about the book. I ended getting up and working in order to take my mind off it because I couldn't sleep. That is why I reread when super busy. Distracting with a capital D. I'm going to try something on the lighter side tonight to sort of get my thought process off the unresolved book. (I read the reviews and the second book has a cliffhanger, too. I don't know when the third book will be out so I'm putting that read on hold.)

Now for this week's wish list...

Title: My Broken One
Series: True Mates series
Author(s): G.L. Stiles
Length: 201 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary Alpha/Beta/Omega World / Step/Adopted Brothers / Snark / Angst / Cliffhanger / Bisexual / 

Note: I have a hard time getting into contemporary Alpha/Bets/Omega worlds. But this sucked me right in.

Blurb: With the human race divided into secondary gender designations -- alpha, beta, and omega -- Matthew Le'Marte's future looks bleak as the only senior in his high school who still hasn't presented. Add to that the occasional riot over sudden-onset omega heats and knothead alphas thinking they own the universe, and Matt is pretty sick of this whole puberty thing. But getting beat up by alphas, pitied by omegas and ignored by the rest of the world doesn't even top the list of Matt's problems. Also attending Matt's high school is a sweet, handsome, unfairly perfect alpha named Teddy, and Matt has been in love with him for a literal lifetime. 

Teddy is also Matt's step brother. Things can't really get any worse for Matt from this point.

Which is of course when Matt finally presents. Somehow, it doesn't end up making his life any easier. He just hopes to get out of his adolescence without Teddy ever knowing how he truly feels; that despite a one in a million chance, Teddy might be Matt's true mate. And true mates aren't always reciprocated. Matt can handle a lot of disappointment, but losing Teddy would be the one blow that breaks him.

Title: Blessed Curses
Author(s): Madeleine Ribbon

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Gay / 


Blurb: Though he’s a sorcerer with a talent for creating blessings, David can do very little with any other magic. He works the night shift for his cousin’s magical supply shop because he’s cursed—his brother did it when they were kids—and now people can’t stand to be near him since he inspires irrational fear. Many experts have tried to remove it, but the curse has proven completely binding. Then David meets Vaughn at his brother’s wedding.

Vaughn works for the magical enforcers, picking apart complex curses and making sure sorcerers stay within the law. He loves solving supposedly irreversible curses, though his interest in David quickly turns into something more. David, however, is too afraid of getting hurt if he lets Vaughn get past his prickly outer shell...

Title: Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun
Series: The Guardians of Gaia, 2
Author(s): Ari McKay

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Shifters / Vampires / Paranormal / Gay /


Blurb: Tyger tyger, burning bright…

As theriomorphs in the service of Gaia, Tyr Gustavson and his lover Aaron fought against the vampires aiding the Third Reich during WWII. But even the fierceness of Tyr’s tiger form couldn’t save Aaron from being torn apart when a mission went horribly wrong. Lost in his pain, Tyr remained feral until he was unwillingly recalled to Gaia’s service seventy years later.

In the forests of the night...

When fighter pilot Adam Carson’s plane was shot down, he thought the worst that could happen was being sent to a Nazi prison camp. Little did he know there were other monsters in the shadows, and one of them wanted to claim him. But refusing Elizabeth Bathory had a price. Adam was turned against his will and trapped in a coffin as punishment for his resistance.

What immortal hand or eye…

While hunting ghouls, Tyr and his colleagues discover Adam’s prison. Believing he could be an asset, Marielle Du Lac frees him. Adam joins the team and is drawn to Tyr, despite Tyr’s hatred of vampires. When Tyr rejects Adam out of fear, Adam accepts a suicidal mission to find Thrace, the original nosferatu. If their desperate plan works, the theriomorphs could destroy not only Elizabeth, but the sire of all vampires as well. But if it fails, they could unleash a force leading to the destruction of them all… and perhaps of Gaia herself.

Title: His Wicked Love
Series: Spells and Steel
Author(s): Mila Bensen
Length: 202 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Gay /


Blurb: As a warlock, Corbin trusts only himself and his master, Nereza. When that master is stolen from him by the kingdom that has long terrorized his kind, vengeance is the only answer. He has traded everything for the power to avenge her, and nothing will stop him. Being arrested is a minor setback. The paladin who arrested him is a bigger obstacle—but not even the heavily muscled, devastatingly gorgeous man who managed to slip past his defenses can keep him from his dark purpose. 

Leonid, a paladin of Sithia, obeys the Archmage’s orders without question. It’s the least he can do to make up for his failures in the past. So when he stumbles on a warlock breaking into a Crown outpost, he doesn’t hesitate to arrest him. Between the warlock’s teasing touches, captivating eyes, and heart-stopping smile, it will be all Leonid can do to deliver him for judgment without yielding to temptation.

But all is not well in Sithia, and neither man can face the chaos alone. If they cannot learn to trust each other, neither will live long enough to see his mission completed.

His Wicked Love is a stand-alone M/M fantasy romance with a happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

Title: Broken Accord
Series: Forged in Blood, 2
Author(s): Holly Evans
Length: 172 pages
Publisher: Chaos Fox (April 20, 2018)

Genre: Slow Burn Romance / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 


Blurb: The work of a Guardian is never done.

I didn’t even get a week off before the goddess called us in for our next assignment. Witchlings, none more than fifteen years old, have been going missing, and we had to find out why. That meant I had to deal with witches, and the memories of my childhood that came with it.

I have to work with Alasdair to track down the missing teens and save the day whilst trying to navigate the treacherous waters of our fledgling relationship. Knowing that the goddess made us for each other doesn’t erase my past and all of the scars that come with it. Falling in love is the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

Of course, nothing’s ever simple. The missing witchlings are just beginning of a dark path that I have no choice but to walk down. The supernal world is fracturing, dangerous politics are bubbling beneath the surface. One false move could ignite everything. Sometimes, if we want to save the world, we have to get our hands dirty.

Title: Sacred Band
Author(s): Jospeh D. Carriker, Jr.
Length: 380 pages
Publisher: Lethe Press (March 19, 2017)

Genre: Romantic Elements / Superheros / Paranormal / Age Gap /


Blurb: The golden age of heroes is decades past. The government could not condone vigilantism and now metahumans are just citizens, albeit citizens with incredible talent, who are assisted in achieving normal lives (including finding good fits for their talents employment-wise) by a federal agency. Rusty may have been a kid during that glorious age but he remembers his idol, Sentinel, saving lives and righting wrongs — until he was outed in an incredible scandal that forced him into isolation. When a gay friend of Rusty living in the Ukraine goes missing, Rusty is forced to acknowledge that while the world’s governments claim that super teams are outdated and replaced by legal law enforcement, there are simply some places where the law doesn’t protect everyone — so he manages to find and recruit Sentinel to help him find his friend. But the disappearance of the friend is merely one move in a terrible plot against queer youth. A team of supers may be old-fashioned, but this may be a battle requiring some incredible reinforcements.

Title: The Last Sun
Series: (The Tarot Sequence)
Author(s): KD Edwards
Length: 367 pages
Publisher:  Pyr (June 12, 2018)

Genre: Gay Protagonist / Fantasy / 

Note: This is also on audio which I might use instead.

Blurb: In this debut novel and series starter, the last member of a murdered House searches for a missing nobleman, and uncovers clues about his own tortured past.

Rune Saint John, last child of the fallen Sun Court, is hired to search for Lady Judgment's missing son, Addam, on New Atlantis, the island city where the Atlanteans moved after ordinary humans destroyed their original home.

With his companion and bodyguard, Brand, he questions Addam's relatives and business contacts through the highest ranks of the nobles of New Atlantis. But as they investigate, they uncover more than a missing man: a legendary creature connected to the secret of the massacre of Rune's Court. In looking for Addam, can Rune find the truth behind his family's death and the torments of his past?

Title: The Necromancer's Reckoning
Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerers, 3
Author(s): SJ Himes
Length: 340 pages

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy / Vampires / Dragon sidekicks / Gay / 


Blurb: Every action has consequences.

For a decade, Angel Salvatore has been the most powerful sorcerer and only necromancer in all the Northeast. Never one to ask permission nor apologies, he has acted with near impunity for years.

Until now.

The High Council of Sorcery has come to Boston, and Angel is their target. Charged with numerous violations of practitioner laws, his freedom and family are placed in jeopardy.

If found guilty, Angel's apprentice Daniel will be imprisoned to serve out the remaining years of his apprenticeship. Isaac, his brother, is too vulnerable to be left unguarded, and Angel fears for his sanity and health. And Simeon, Elder vampire and Angel's mate refuses to see Angel convicted under the laws of the Council and his actions to keep Angel free threaten to start a war that could destroy their world. And Angel faces the severest of punishments—the castration of his gifts.

The Council has never cared for the people of Boston, and Angel doubts their motives. They have come for some insidious reason, and it has nothing to do with upholding the law and everything to do with Angel.

Dealing with an impending trial, a wayward ghost, and a graverobbing ring of thieves leaves Angel on the edge. He thinks he may have a handle on things until violence erupts across the city, and a stranger comes to town...a stranger with his own dark powers of necromancy.

This is book 3 of a series, and the previous books should be read first for full enjoyment. Trigger Warnings are on the Copyright Page and can be seen using the Look Inside feature or by downloading a sample of this book.

Title: The Hunter
Author(s): Jordan Reece
Length: 322 pages

Genre: Romance / Steampunk / Gay / 


Blurb: It begins with a mysterious package in the mail . . . 

There isn’t much excitement to be found in the small farm town that Elario Repse calls home. But when a letter arrives from his deceased uncle, begging him to deliver a dangerous dragon’s eye to a man named Westen at’Inamon, Elario has no choice. With the military in pursuit, he flees across the country of Phaleros.

By the time he reaches his destination, he has a new problem. The dragon’s eye has attached itself to Elario, allowing him to see through time and even read minds. Westen has no idea how to separate them, but he does know the Crown will stop at nothing to kill Elario for bearing it. A dragon’s eye is the key to bringing down the greedy, corrupt upper class of Phaleros, if only Westen can keep Elario alive long enough to use it.

The attraction between them is undeniable. Westen is the most handsome man that Elario has ever seen, yet his quirky, secretive personality runs hot and cold. Still, he will do anything to protect Elario. They are falling in love at the very worst time . . . and with peril around every corner, there is no guarantee of a happy ending.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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