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#PactDays : Mar'Sani #ValespianPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Mar'Sani.

The Mar'Sani people play a major roll in the series. Their royal family adopted Zeus, thus embroiling them in a dangerous plot that has spanned decades. Because they are the primary species for the first two books in the series, their file is much larger than the others and it might grow more. I did add a few things while I wrote the third book in the series, Constant. Though that information you won't find here. No spoilers! LOL Enjoy!  

A couple of side notes: For a list of species that have been posted so far, see the The People of Valespia page. I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.

Species: Mar'Sani
Planet: Atlainticia
Other races on the planet: Chimera, People of the Longing,
Planetary Terrain: large ocean, mountains, jungle, desert, volcanic lands
Capitol: Thrace
Patron Ryo Pardeep: Light Bringer, Poseidon, Whirlwind

Description: Bi-ped reptilian & amphibian, some have scales while others have sharklike skin, avg. 2 meters tall, immense strength, strong, heavy tale they use like another appendage, no white in the eyes, forked tongue can be used to scent the air, many have retractable barbs but there are those who don't have barbs at all. Psionic nulls who are invulnerable to psi attacks.

To Zeus, they smell like sea air and scale.

Omnivore, bear live young & suckle them. Must have plenty of water and moderate temperatures.

Royalty: black scales, yellow eyes, poisonous red ridge & red tipped barbs, some of the royals have a poisonous bite.

Feudal society with tradition of loyalty and responsibility between nobility and their client families. Militaristic, proudly displays courage in battle. Have a tradition of independence that makes them impatient of bureaucracy.

If they are sent to the dessert and kept from the waters of Poseidon, it is agonizing. Their bodies change appearance. These outcasts make up the desert tribes and sages.

Historically, emperors all have a touch of premonition. It is an ability that the fathers teach their predecessor how to access and use. It is used carefully and often times sparingly, the ability tires the user excessively and most times is extremely vague unless the person learns how to read what they see.

The emperor rules with a governing council of Noble Houses. Militaristic, proud of displaying their courage in battle. They have a tradition of independence that makes them impatient with bureaucracy.
Why do the Mar'Sani use first names instead of last names with their titles? (i.e. Warlord Sohm'lan, Warlord Mestor.) In Mar'Sani culture, they do not use family names (last names & Noble Houses) like other species. Family names are secondary to the individual. The person can rise or fall on their own merit and not ride the coat strings of a family's clout or popularity. This is also why younglings are not named after someone.

Mar'Sani (males and females) wear a black veil when in mourning.

Atlainticia's Terrain: Outside Thrace, separating the city from the mainland are the Somiathracen Mountains. On the opposite side of that range is Mount Rhodes where Light Bringer and Pegasus lives. There is a wormhole outlet at the peak. The jungle gives away to grasslands that edge the Black Sands Desert where the deadliest snake lives, the Gerrho'Sauridea aka Striker. The snake is invisible against the dark sands. Beyond the Black Sands is the Volcanic Desert called Inferno. On the opposite side of Inferno is the city Carge, boarding the ocean.

Udens Mahte'lan "water mother" – pregnant mate. Mar'Sani males protect their pregnant females to the point of death. The threat of danger turned then vicious and uncompromising. By custom, they gather their family and sequestered them until the youngling is born. Breeding couples were honored among Mar'Sani, the community helping to secure the nest, bringing them food and other amenities. To nest, nesting instincts fouled by too many scents in private space. The house would be considered "under Uden's Care" when the family became sequestered.

Mar'Sani mothers sometimes feel the life thread connecting them to their younglings. Some sense the connection more than others.

The Gerrho'Sauridea have dark green scales. Their hydes are used for light armor by the military.

Common Occupation: Engineers, Builders, Art & Poetry, Military

Government Systems: Constitutional Monarchy

Current Leader: Emperor Valdor & Empress Ashari Vondorian; Azaes Vondorian

Council of Neighn of Member: Valdor Vondorian

Allies: Ryo'Pardeep, Alpha-Zetamite, GyrFalconi, Fal'Amoric, Conti'Quan, Battion, Chi-Lin, Orion, Gaziniti, Giante,

The alliance with the Chtichlian was broken after Zeus was abused by them.

Star System: Portunus Star System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader: Chief Warlord Sohm'lan

Monticore – the elite royal honor guard. The only regiment allowed to guard the royals off grounds, and the deadliest (with the exception of the Chimera). There are enough Monticore to man The Gorgon. Honor bound.

Basilisc – The palace guards. The Home Guard. The next best to the Monticore. Their responsibility is the palace and the surrounding grounds.

Chimera – royal assassins

The Academy is were all officers are taught and tested. All the warlords wear the green dress uniform unless they have royal blood, the uniform is black (unless appointed by the emperor). Their normal uniforms are dark brown.

Foot Regiments: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 17th, 21st, 53rd, 62nd
Eye of Terror [EOF], Warhound of the Red Moon [WORM], Blu Bloods, Hylgar's Hellion Raisers,

Away team call signs: Diemos (Pain), Phobos (Fear)
Ares Commander Center

Starships are named after Titans:
The Gorgon, The Medusa, The Stheno, The Euryale

Research notes: "Titans were the embodiment of nature and true immortals—including Prometheus. Mars, God of War."

War Chant spoken on the old tongue:

With our every step, we cause the earth to tremble.
A warning to our enemy that we are not easy prey!"

The Monticore's hands slapped against their sword hilts and stomped their right feet in accord.

"My life is mine to give!
I will not be defeated! 
I will not be easy prey!"

"We are born of a distinguished people. We swim in the Waters of Poseidon." The Monticore responded. "God of the Water, bless our younglings. May we be worthy of your rewards."

The Monticore started again, Warlord Sohm'lan repeating with them so that Zeus heard every shouted word of the antiphon.
"We walk abreast as we are lead into battle by the Invisible
By the overlooked,
By the son who hides in plain sight.
We are led by the Striker!
His sting is deadly.
When the enemy finally sees him,
They overlook him, 
Only to die by the hand of the Lord of Thunder."

Humbled by the honor the males had given him, Zeus’s eyes stung. Rarely did soldiers add to a responsive chant. In all of their history, only a few additions—less than the number of fingers on his hand—were recorded.

He straightened, blinking the grit from his eyes and continued.
"We are the seed sown in the past.
We are the unbroken link never to be lost.
We are of an honorable race! Beware of us our enemy!"
The Monticore responded.
"Today we will make the earth tremble.
Our enemy will hear us and know despair.
They will flinch at the sight of us and know fear."

The wind lashed at them, but instead of drowning out their voices, they were amplified as Zeus and the Monticore chanted together.
"We are going to eat you,
Our mouths water for the taste of your flesh,
With your last breath
I will inhale your soul as I claim your life!"

The slapping of scabbards and the stomping of feet suddenly stopped;
As one, they threw their heads back and released a long hissing roar."

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

Sohm'lan = soul-song = Song of my Soul
Mothers are called, Meme.
Water Father – Is much like being a godfather. They are responsible for guiding those trusted into their care.

Oricalchum – red metal, a soft alloy that once forged holds an edge will with certain crystal, it can be enhanced.

Bulls, younglings, birth beds, glider, lunar month, time told by summers, solar years,

Kissing a loved one's palms, greeting
Pressing foreheads together = kiss
Greeting – 'sang a heartfelt greeting'

When someone appears to be someone of importance but aren't known they are called, 'honored one' until the introductions are made.

'strength to your sword arm' – warriors prayer/greeting hissed in the old tongue.

Blowing like a bull lizard, kissing palms, scent of an angry bull, brother mine, aggravated hiss of warning, hissing howls, pods, hiss-click greeting, rumbling hisses, spitting hisses, whistling hisses of pride, sing greetings, enthusiastic bellows, rolling hiss-click, hiss of warning, trill of delight,

Cultural behaviors: (when greeting Zeus after five long years) Yelled Zeus's name (boomed like a rocket) bodies leaned forward, tails lashing as they stormed towards Zeus. (Looks like they are charging to attack) stomped toward them… "their foreheads pressed together lightly—hisses, snarls, and low whistles exchanged. Each tone of the sibilance exchanged was deeply meaningful, speaking of family, home, joy, relief, connections, and everlasting love. Each released breath that whistled, punctuated in an odd musical sound, came directly from his soul as he stared into his sibling's eyes. The greeting ended with their heads thrown back in a resonating growl until no air was left in their lungs. The display was followed by the hissing howls of the Honor Guard who surround each brother protectively."

They can put themselves in a self-induced stasis. When they have been away from the Waters of Poseidon / Atlainticia, Mar'Sani need the stability of the water. When they dream, a blood relative (one of the People of the Longing somewhere in their family tree) can anchor them, allowing them to swing the Waters of Poseidon without their soul being lost.

"Strength to your sword arm." …hissed softly, part of a warrior's prayer in the old tongue.

Mar'Sani bulls = males

Commitment ceremony = wedding

Zeus "hummed the Mar'Sani hymn of balance. The first song sung by Poseidon himself. The soft notes left his lips, and his heart beat slowed to a intermittent but steady thump as his spirit was gathered to float on the Waters of Poseidon…"

Mar'Sani Noble Houses:
House Cordyl (headed by Timsah)
House Tutatara
House Tigiere
House Xantu
House Gerrhos
House Squamata
House Mosasu

House Vondorian (Royal House)

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