Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Valespian Pact: The Alpha-zetamite

If you haven't heard yet, one of my current projects is the third book in The Valespian Pact, Bespoken. Detailed plotting and world building are essential to making sure that I get everything correct from the two books that came before and don't lose track of the details. The Valespian Pact is a space opera. There are plots within plots with dashes of action and adventure mixed in with the romance. There will be a few essential POVs which in 3rd person is so much easier than 1st (LOL). Suffice to say, it is going to be another behemoth of a story and I might have to divide it up. I was resistance to that thought a few months ago but the more I think about it, the more I'm on board. 

Putting that aside, I needed to fill out the information for the species list on the website and here on the blog and I had an idea. Every Thursday for the next several weeks have a "reveal" of sorts before I update the list, making Thursdays "Pact Days" (or something else snappy). :)

So for the first "Pact Day" I'll start off with a species that everybody know--if you've read Alpha Trine or Striker--(if you haven't, go no further or you'll be spoiled for the 1st two books) the Alpha and Zeta. Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer them as long as the answer doesn't give spoilers for future books. (I'll let you know if it does.) And as such, I won't include things on the these specie public profiles that gives away spoilers for the upcoming books.

Without further ado:

Species: Alpha-zetamite
Planet: Hedisa and Hedisa Gamai (currently)
Other races on the planet: Dar Massaga
Planetary Terrain: Jungles and oceans
Capitol: Chaclea (Hedisa) and Thoricea (Hedisa Gamai)
Country: n/a

Description: The skin is a deep green almost black, marbled with pink veins. Telepathic. When all the Alphas or  Zetas come together, they form a very large mass. Born in space, the Alpha-zetamite doesn't have a skeletal structure. They see through their skin. When they are in space, they absorb the nutrients they need through their skin. In order to live in a gravity environment, they need to pair up with another being as a symbiote, sharing nutrients with their host. With the Dar Massaga, they share their telepathy and they are the go-between, helping the Dar Massaga procreate without the need to lay with the opposite sex.

Only two individuals comprise the Alpha-zetamite species, Alpha and Zeta. They were born from the primordial 'waters'. (see Striker, the Qrxzl's Pool of Truth, loosely related.) "Alpha and Zeta had been the first to rise to awareness, back in the beginning when there were no races, no species, no other life to be found. Countless millennia passed, the cosmos grew, galaxies multiplied, he and Zeta drifting down different paths only to eventually end up together again. Drawn by two races, they integrated with them, knitted into a family once again."

They traveled space together without the aid ships. No one has been able to time speed with which the Alpha-zetamite moves. It is rumored that they can move faster than any current designed star ship. (When the Dar Massaga passes away off planet, the Alpha or Zeta returns to the Dar Massaga home planet much sooner than the body of their host can be transported.)

The Alpha-zetamite is huge, like bigger than an ocean liner huge. More like big as a moon in size. They pair themselves down and that small piece of themselves will bond with a juvenile Dar Massaga. These small, individual Alphas and Zetas have their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes, unique and autonomous. When they return to the main mass, they share their information (hive mind) and experiences.

The Alpha-zetamite has the ability to invade another's mind when touching. Depending on the situation they can either use their telepathy to speak with the person or crush/scramble that person's mind. They don't like to hurt others but when faced with hostile forces, they have no mercy. They are a terrible and wrathful enemy to have.

Seemingly immortal.

The Alpha-zetamite are genderfluid and they can be either male or female at will. (They were modeled off ocean flat worms that during mating season will fight each other with their penises. The loser becomes the female.) Both can bear offspring.

They are the progenitor of the Ryo'Pardeep. Their offspring are all slightly different depending on the environment the Alpha-zetamite was in while the offspring grew within them. This gives the 
Ryo'Pardeep different abilities and affinities (i.e. Poseidon's affinity is water). These offspring of the Alpha-zetamite experiment with their form whereas the Alpha-zetamite is comfortable in their skin and find no value looking other than what they are.

he Alpha-zetamite haven't formed may trines since the Arthro War. Before the V'saar invasion of the Arthro Galaxy, Alpha and Zeta bonded in a trine with peoples compatible with them. They also moved about freely, only going to their host when they needed sustenance.

The first trine was a 'fluke'. Zeta sent a piece of herself to befriend a race in a newly discovered star system and ended up bonding. The experience was beyond what the Alpha-zetamite knew up to that time and the Alphas and Zetas flocked toward this new experience, falling in love for the first time in their long existence. "When he found his bondmates, that was the first time he had felt whole. When he fell in love, he finally understood what he lacked. He and Zeta had been caretakers for so long that they knew no other way to live."

The Alpha-Zetamite had been lured away from their adopted home world, the planet of Belforix, only for the V'saar to invade the planet, taking all the bonded of the Alphas and Zetas to their star ship. Some people became cattle for the V'saar and others were used to lure the Alpha-zetamite into traps. That didn't turn out as the V'Saar expected. They were slaughtered mercilessly by the Alpha-zetamite. When the remaining bonded had been found, the bonded died mere hours later. The Alpha-zetamite was inconsolable and turned the grief they'd never experienced before into rage. "Living and loving were not the only lessons Jiann and Volante taught him. The day he found his beloveds in the queen's hive, he learned the concept of loss, sorrow, and marrow-eating fury. The V'Saar fled like sheep before him and Zeta. He gathered what was left of his family to him just in time for them to breathe their last. Nothing—absolutely nothing contained his sorrow. He did not know how long the war continued, how long he allowed murderous rage to consume him until one day he woke numb, exhausted, and tired of a conflict that would not bring back his loved ones."

Since the war, they haven't formed many trines, believing they would never have what they once had… until Zeus.

Question and Answers from my FB group:

Question: "So when Stareater says "Father" he means the Alpha as a whole. Would he would call any alpha father?"

Answer: Yes, Star Eater would call any Alpha he came across as father. All Alphas/Zetas would have memories of Star Eater's conception, birth, and growing up. And if one Alpha saw Star Eater a year ago, he would communicate with the whole his memory of what happened so they all know and have the same recollection.

Question: "Are the smaller Alphas and Zetas in communication with the "rest" of them? Subspace communication in live time or do they only share info if in proximity or when they reconnect physically?"

Answer: Over a certain distance, they can communicate with each other through subspace. At the end of Striker, they, and some of the Dar Massaga, arrived at Valespia shortly after Zeus which means they set off in star ships when Alpha first scented Zeus at Space Station Basker'Qa. They were just as excited as Alpha and came to investigate. Trines to them are like the holy grail. I say a certain distance because within the Andromeda Galaxy, which is 220k light years across, they can keep in contact, but put 10 Andromeda's side by side and it becomes a little harder. Since Alpha and Zeta haven't been more than that far apart ever, they aren't sure how far is too far.

Common Occupation: see Dar Massaga

Government Systems: see Dar Massaga

Current Leader: see Dar Massaga

Council of Neighn of Member: see Dar Massaga

Allies: Qrxzl, Ryo Pardeep, Gaziniti, Reasaian, Shia'Marr, Kracciam,

Star System: Durega System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader: see Dar Massaga

Cultural names and terms specific to species: see Dar Massaga

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  1. YAY!!Oh you gorgeous, talented, beautiful inside and out woman!!I could totally just kiss and hug you right now. For my birthday I finally got Striker in paperback and GAWD, I love these books and the characters. The world you created is so damn stunning. I am seriously looking forward to the next ones.

    1. <3 <3 Thank you for your kind words. I'm tickled you love this universe that much. I hope you enjoy the future additions to Pact Days. <3 (There's a new one posted today.)