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#PactDays: The Aetherians

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Welcome to the second ever Pact Days. If you missed last week's post, every Thurday I will be sharing information on a species from The Valespian Pact. 

Fair Warning! If you haven't read the series so far, Alpha Trine and Striker, you might want to ignore these posts because some of will give spoilers to species that were present in those two books. 

Those who have read the books, any new species I reveal will not have spoilers for future installments in the series. With the Aetherians, their description (among a couple other details) has been removed because it would giveaway too early who they are in Bespoken.

Species: Aetherians
Planet: Hellion
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: Blue lava fields surrounding a tropical paradise
Capitol: Nyx
Country: Olgaria, Etrua, Mostro
Patron Ryo'Pardeep: Black Night, Shadow Dark


Sanctuary of Nyx- The brothers of the sanctuary are trained in pleasure, subversion, and combat. But they're also good at the arts such as singing bards and poetry. They are rumored assassins for hire, or are hired to secretly rectify a 'situation'. The saying of "going to Hellion in a handbasket" means the situation is so dire *fucked up* that one may or may not be seen again.

In dire straits, someone will offer up their most prized possessions to pay these assassins for their help. Occasionally, the petitioner will offer up the life of another in exchange/to pay for a deed. No one knows what happens to the people sent to Hellion in a handbasket. Sometimes the person is returned to the petitioner but they refuse to speak of what they've seen. Others don't come back at all and rumors widely vary about what actually happens to the people. But whatever the reason, everyone knows that going to Hellion in a handbasket isn't good.

Handbaskets are crafted of chiseled stone by Choron, The Guardian of Nyx. As the gatekeeper, Choron has a strong all seeing third eye. They take the palm of the requester's dominant hand and press it to their forehead, and will lay their hand over the person's heart. Empathic. Even though no one is required to give personal information, the gatekeeper gleans that and more as a touch clairvoyant. They will then choose one of their handcrafted baskets and send the 'offering' down the Styx lava flow. The 'blue river'.

When the handbasket is taken down the lava flow, monastery acolytes will collect it or its occupant along with the requester's written request. All of it is brought before Thanatos Titus. Thanatos is twin to Choron and will either know Choron's thoughts or he'll speak to them telepathically.

If the request is accepted by a member of the sanctuary, then the price is set by the assassin who takes on the job. The person's child, an object of great worth (to the monastery), or other item may be demanded for payment. If the petitioner has already sent a child/person, the assassin will always ask for something else but will still keep what was already sent. If the petitioner is willing to pay any price, they will do anything to acquire their goal. The assassin's view is that they are doing the person offered as payment a favor by not sending them back to the petitioner. But those petitioners deemed worthy will have the payment they offered returned to them

If the request/job offends the assassins, the petitioner could find themselves dead. This rumor has detoured many who thought about petitioning for help, but there are still fools in the universe who think they are above reproach.

Many of the sanctuary's servants have been acquired through petitioners. Usually, these people are never turned away because they more than likely came from abusive homes or kidnapped by the petitioner from deplorable origins. They are given a second chance at life on Hellion with most flourishing and thriving. Some even join the Sanctuary of Nyx and learn the trade of assassination.

Those people who are returned to the petitioner are going back to a people who love and care for them (Info gleaned by Choron). Before they leave, they have to drink from the Spring of Lethe.

The Spring of Lethe: when given the water of Lethe, the person will forget what they've seen.

Those living in the bustling city of Nyx are a mixture of species. Some come from petitioner offerings. Some are Fal'Amoric who are born with white hair. Some were picked up by the assassins while they were offplanet.

Space Station Oneiroi: No one, other than citizens, is allowed on Hellion's surface. All trade is conducted on the space station. No one can see the surface of the planet through the opaque shielding. The people on the planet can see the sky and stars just fine. The shielding acts as a two-way mirror.

Those who wish to petition must wear a helmet that blinds them for the shuttle ride down to the gatekeeper. Four guards chaperone the person. The shuttle has no windows in the passenger section. The flight corridor lands the shuttle outside the gates. The area is blackened and gray, with an oppressive air. The area had been over run in the past by the blue lava and looks like a warfield. Gray, cloudy skies are caused by the nearby volcanic activity. An unusual fog comes from the blue lava river. The object of note is the gateway is between the legs of a colossal carved statue. It really freaks people out. Just the sight has scared petitioners away.

Common Occupation: Assassin, Monks, Artisans, Bards

Government System: council of elders with one who decides when the group is at an impasse. If the others disagree, then they petition the Ryo'Pardeep

Current Leader: Thanatos Titus

Council of Neighn of Member:


Star System: Epsilon Hydrae System

Other planets occupied by species: n/a

Military Leader:
Their planet is surrounded by a clouded shield designed and built by the Gaziniti. There is one entry point.

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

Moros (doom, destiny)
Ker (destruction)
Thanatos (Death)
Aether (brightness)
Hemera (day)
Hypnos (sleep)
Oneiroi (Dreams)
Momus (Blame)
Oizys (pain, distress)
The Herperides, the Moirai (fate) (Chtichlian)
The Keres, Nemesis (indignations, retribution)
Apate (Deceit)
Philotes (friendship)
Geras (old age)

Ushas (dawn)

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