Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Birthday Bash: Finally!! Releasing Chaos #giveaway

So for those who haven't heard yet, I finished and submitted the final installment to Sumeria's Sons. The sixth book, Releasing Chaos, was accepted by Less Than Three Press earlier this month.

Writing this last book took much longer than I thought it would. Part of the reason was the length but the other part had to learning characters who I only knew through Tristan's eyes. I had to figure out who they really were before I could go forward, otherwise I would be putting down words that I would have to delete. I hate throwing away scenes. I take a lot of time putting it together and only to trash it makes my heart hurt.

Anyway, on to the excerpt. Since I don't have a cover or other book information to share, after the video I'll give you a list of things I want to write in the next twelve months.


So I promised a sneak peek at my future projects.

Well, right now I'm working on edits for Darksoul and Devil's Heart which are taking up all of my time so far this month. Bespoken is the next book I will write, but because of all the editing, I'm still putting together info for the world Prometheus is on.

Next on the list a book in a collaboration world with Cailtin Ricci, Elliot Cooper, Blaine Arden, Kenzie Cade, and few other authors. The series is titled Have Human Will Travel. My story Lucky Charm and will be a poly (quad) with aliens and well... I can't give too much away. :)

Sometime in there, Kenzie and I will start the next book in the Devil's Dawn series, Devil's Poison.

I have a super secret standalone planned for a character in Sumeria's Sons. I have a title but I can't give it just yet. *makes complicated secret hand gesture*

I want to get on to the 3rd book in I.O.N. - I don't have a title yet but it will have something in it about a grimoire and an assassin. There will be only one more book after this one.

There is a sci-fi tournament for love book that I want to write. No title yet but I have to fit it in here somewhere. Piper Vaughn just might hunt me down if I don't hurry.

Sci-fi marriage of convenience. World already built, I just need the time.

The Valespian Pact #4 - Chosen.

How many is that? Seven. I want to fit more in there but I can't. So there you go, a glimpse at what's to come!

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