Friday, June 10, 2016

Book Searching Frustrations: Looking for Recommendations

I've thought long and hard on blogging about this topic. There's a good chance that I might offend someone with my opinion or observations. I will endeavor to be a good girl, but apologize in advance if I strike a nerve. I'm just frustrated.

Last week I was on the Amazon looking for bisexual menage romances and kept coming across these cheating MILF (BTW, I have no idea what a MILF is. I think it has something to do with a mother-in-law but I'm completely drawing a blank on the last letter.) stories, which technically are bisexual, but I'm just turned off on the whole bisexual cheating trope. 

There were other menages with these super long titles that just made me wonder why they included all that stuff. Example (not from a real book but made up example): Bad Boys Rock (Alpha Male Menage Collection) (MFM New Adult) (Threesome Shorts) (May Have Alien and Shifter Bits) (Stepbrother's Baby Brother) Hero Shifter Steamy) (And Motorcycle and Tattoos).


Really, Why?

It bothered me that elements that should be in the blurb or set up in the Amazon categories were included in the title. After looking at them closer, they were all participating in the Zon's Kindle Unlimited. I guess the phenomenon is encouraged by the program, I don't know.

I will admit I'm frustrated with Amazon's filing system. I get that simple can be better, but not here. Not when authors feel they have to put a category in their title to get noticed. That's only my opinion. Plus, when I want something specific, there isn't a way to search for it unless I have an author or title. Since I like finding new to me authors/books, that's not possible.

It's also frustrating I have to go through loops to be able to see a list that is not their top 100 for the category. It seems like Zon makes it intentionally hard for a buyer to look through their catalog of books to sell. (Once I found the pages that weren't the featured books, I saved the link because I've thought I knew how to get back to that point only to get lost again.) I don't care if there are 30,000 titles under gay science fiction, give me the list. I'm a dedicated reader who will flip through a thousand pages to find the book or ten that catches my fancy.

But I digress... my whole frustration is finding menage bisexual romances.

There isn't a menage category under romance or LGBT. I have the erotic filter disabled on my account but that didn't seem to make a difference. I want to send Amazon a letter, not that it will do any good. 

So, I'm still looking for bisexual menage romances. Right now I don't care if they are contemporary, fantasy, or sci-fi. They can be any pairing. i.e. MMF, FFM, MMM, POLY+, (that also includes Asexual, Trans characters). I'll take any and all recommendations. Even if it's a book you've only heard of, throw the title or author my way.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!


  1. Stark, Lynn has multiple series that are great. They are mixed combinations, mmm, mmf, mff, etc.

    1. Cool! Thank you! I will definitely check her out!

  2. Mother-I'd-Like to-F***. M.I.L.F. A good looking woman old enough to be a mother. No longer a teen.

  3. I loved Jet Mykles - Revelations. It's the 6th book in her Heaven Sent Series (which are all MM), but this is about the bands Sexy Manager and her two love interests. Sweet and Sexy. I don't think you'd need to read the other books (although they're great and you might have already read them) in order to enjoy this one.

    I also recall enjoying Robin L. Rothams Alien Overnight series (sci-fi).

    Maya Banks is a name I see come up a lot with Menage series, and she seems to get good reviews.

    I know you said you're looking for bisexual menage right now, but I just read Kate Sherwoods - Dark Horse (MMM), so so good.

    Good Luck in your quest!


    1. I have all of Heaven Sent series in paperback and have read them several times. :) I have the first book in the Dark Horse series but haven't read it yet. I've been told it's angsty so I have to be in the mood. (Sucks being a mood reader sometimes. :) I used to read the hell out of Maya Banks. She has some naughty bros sharing lovers stories. I haven't checked her out in a couple of years so I'll have a look. I don't think I've heard of Robin Rotham. My ears perked up at sci-fi because I love that genre. Amazon, here I come! Thank you for all of the suggestions!!

  4. You may want to try Samantha Kane's Brother in Arms series. They are bisexual menage with a historical setting. If amazon is not helpful, Goodreads has a Best Menage Fiction list. Good luck.

    1. Thank you for the name of the list. I had found a different list on GR that only had about 200 books and the majority of them I'd already read. This one looks more promising. :P I'll check out Samantha Kane. Have a great week!