Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Counting Down, 7 Days Left To Get Sumeria's Sons on Sale

Have you heard?

Less Than Three Press is running a special sale on Sumeria’s Sons from September 23rd through October 7th (dates inclusive).

Twin Flames is $0.99: Amazon || LT3 Press || All Romance

25% off Songs of the Earth: Amazon || LT3 Press 
|| All Romance

25% off Dreams of the Forgotten: Amazon || LT3 Press 
|| All Romance

25% off Surrounded by Crimson: Amazon || LT3 Press 
|| All Romance

Don't forget about the Free Sumeria's Sons Interludes!

In one week Dragon's Eye is released! What's planned for the 5th day of the blog tour? 

For September 30th you can find me at The Jena Wade site talking about Mithra and Verethragna with exclusive excerpt #5

Everyday, one of the stops will have an exclusive excerpt and every stop will have guest post talking about the gods and goddesses that make the Sumerian pantheon and how I used them in the series. Don't forget to enter the raffelcopter giveaway!

Topics for Tuesday, September 29th
Amanda C. Stone - Coveting the King's Tomb
Jessie G. Books - The Annunaki
The Novel Approach - Who is Utnapishtim?

The topics for Monday, September 28th:
Decadent Delights - Tablets of Destinies, w/exclusive excerpt #3 
Hearts on Fire - Deleted Scene
MM Good Book Reviews - Me Mythology, w/exclusive excerpt #3

The topics for Friday, September 25th:
Wicked Faerie's Tales and Reviews - Tiamat and Her Children, w/Exclusive Excerpt #2
Dawn’s Reading Nook - The Igig War
Bayou Book Junkie - Adapa, The First Human

The topic for Thursday, September 24th:
Andrew Q. Gordon - Talking about the Sumerian Pantheon, sort of a who's who among the gods and goddesses. W/Exclusive Excerpt #1.

There is a start up post on Pride Promotions Blog that explains what I did for the blog tour.

A quick look at the stops for the rest of the tour.

GGR Review


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