Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alpha Trine Audiobook

Imagine Alpha Trine on audio.

I'm so freaking thrilled. I knew it was coming this year. I had to jot down a pronunciation guide for the narrator last fall.

Last month I had a small freak out because I had this thought that names were going to sound like gibberish and all the flaws in the prose would have this huge spotlight on it. And you gotta think that sometimes the narrator hits the pause button to ask himself, "What the hell?"

And then I got over it. 

The audiobook would be what it would be and my worrying did absolutely nothing to help me. Then I promptly forgot about it until the other day when the publisher sent me my author copy.

I was so excited I couldn't sit still. I was like, "To hell with the editing! It can wait until tomorrow!" I grabbed the blanket I've been crocheting this winter and sat down to listen.

Briefly I was afraid I would begin to pick everything apart. "I should've used a different word choice." Or "I should've had the conversation go in this direction." Blah. Blah. Blah.

Nope. I was enthralled with hearing someone put a voice to the words that I wrote. My husband made fun of me because I giggled like a little girl every time the narrator first said Mar'Sani and Atlainticia and Canry and Ashari and Valdor and... you get the gist. I laughed at the jokes as if I heard them for the first time. I whooped when he nailed how Ton spoke to Dargon and... it was so Awesome to listen to. Alpha Trine was such a labor of love, and listening as a reader and not the author, I fell in love all over again.

Pencil in the date. The audiobook will be available at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes at the end of February.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!


  1. OMG that is freaking awesome! I love both books. Congrats! :)


  2. By any chance do you have a preview???????

    1. Ack! I don't have a sample yet, Morgan. Hopefully soon.