Saturday, January 24, 2015

What are you read... Hey! Bikers!

Before I jump into my reading I wanted to talked about the books that are coming out with antihero bikers. There are a boatload of them in mainstream Het and some have caught my eye. I'm seriously thinking about reading a couple after I checked out the excerpts. The covers alone can motivate me into buying these but I don't want to be disappointed. Where are these books in M/M?? Publishers? Indy authors?

Double Down: Bedlam Butchers Club - this is like 12th in the series. Do I really want to start here or at the beginning?

Rough Justice (The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club Book 1)
Silver Bastard (Silver Valley Book 1)
If I bought books solely on the look of the cover alone I would've come away broke after visiting Joanna Wylde's author page on Amazon. I didn't even click on the covers to read because I was afraid I wouldn't have the fortitude to walk away.

Vicious Cycle (A Vicious Cycle Novel Book 1)

Beyond the Cut (The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club)
See what I mean? Yum!! I love the covers and the excerpts made me think about going there. I wish that I could write contemporary well so that I could put together my own story (of course after I finished all my current work--which would mean the biker thing would be passe). As it is now, I doubt anyone would want to read my bikers. 

Where are the M/M biker books? Anyone know of one or two that I could sink my teeth in?

As you can see, I have gorged on Rhys Ford. Just found her stuff, well it's been there but I'm such a fickle reader when it comes to contemporary books. o.O Look there, I didn't have any problems. Spending time with these was a reward for getting my writing goals completed everyday. Great motivation. Now I'm out of audiobooks to listen to.

Dirty Laundry (Cole McGinnis Series Book 3) By Rhys Ford #Audio #GreatNarrator #Contemporary #Tears
Dirty Secret (Cole McGinnis Series Book 2) By Rhys Ford #Audio #GreatNarrator #Contemporary #Tears
Dirty Deeds (Cole McGinnis Series Book 4) By Rhys Ford #Audio #GreatNarrator #Contemporary 
Down and Dirty (Cole McGinnis Mysteries) By Rhys Ford #Audio #GreatNarrator #Contemporary
Tequila Mockingbird (Sinners Series Book 3) By Rhys Ford #Audio #GreatNarrator #Contemporary #MustGiveMeMore #GrabbyHands
Whiskey and Wry (Sinners Series Book 2) By Rhys Ford #Audio #GreatNarrator #Contemporary
Sinner's Gin (Sinners Series Book 1) By Rhys Ford #Audio #GreatNarrator #Contemporary

I'm on a book hangover.

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  1. OMG YES! FOR REALS!! lol.. I so wish there were more bad ass bikers in MM romance... *sigh* I've seen ONE this year... sorta... by Sean Michael. ahhh---what a shame there aren't more hot titles with bikers...