Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Post GRL Frenzy

I think I was one of the fortunate few who didn't catch the con-bug although my whole body ached by the time that I made it home. I'm really, really glad that I've been going to the gym on a regular basis. I didn't totally die with all the lifting and the walking and the stairs.

What were the highlights of my week??

I had two wonderful roommates, Piper Vaughn and Sue.

RJ's Hubby is a complete gentleman and so very kind. I was carrying boxes from my car to the Supporting Author Signing on Thursday morning. It was a descent haul to the convention center and I was at that point where I was shaking the mental pom-poms at myself. "Just a little further. I'll use the elevator instead of the stairs. OMG. My arms are killing me. Just a little further to go." RJ's Hubby offered his help. I didn't find out who he was until afterwards. Then I turned all spastic with, "Oh! I know who you are!!"

Lissa Kasey let me hang with her which was so nice and calm. All the voices and the noise and there were times I was ready to hide in my room. Lissa and I sat off to the side and had normal conversation about coffee and tea and it was just what I needed.

For a host of various reasons Sara York, Wade Kelly, Ethan Stone, Crissy Morris, Toni Griffin, Angel Martinez, Silvia Violet and her husband Brent, Hank Edwards, Jayden Brooks, Jason Mitchell and his husband David, Freddy MacKay, Matt Watson, and Kindle Alexander were bright points in this year's GRL experience.

I tried not to be stalker-ish of RJ Scott but there was the moment when I was grabbing a cup of coffee and she her tea and I practically pounced. The opening line was something like, "Oh! You're alone now!" In my defense, Every time I saw her she was so busy and there were always people around. (I know, duh, it's a con.) I only wanted thirty seconds to say hello.

Then there was the moment when I saw TA Chase at registration and I asked her for a hug. I totally cried. See, I cut my M/M Romance teeth on TA Chase, JL Langley, Lynn Lorenz, Jordan Castillo Price, Abigail Roux, and Madeleine Urban because those were the authors my public library carried. With those points of references, I was able to search Amazon enabling my book addiction to explode.

Since then, TA Chase has been a favorite author of mine. Sometime at the beginning of this year or the end of last year she sent me a tweet about Alpha Trine. I was seriously Over. The. Moon. So when I saw her, I had to say thank you. Hence the tears.

I'm never not a reader and so of course I had a book budget when I arrived and I definitely went over my budget before I left. I want everything but I just can't afford to go that crazy. If only.

Coming home, edits for Keeping Faith waited for me... and news about my dad.

Dad has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. He has tumors in his brain, in his neck, and on his hip bones. After he completes 10 days of radiation, he'll start chemo. I think he's more worried about losing his beard than he is his hair.

There isn't a lot I will say about this at the moment. I'm still struggling to figure out how to handle/deal with it. I have moments and then others I'm fine. I'm sure later on I'll have a ton to say.

Dad and T.

Any positive thoughts y'all can send his way, I know he would appreciate it. <3

As for other pictures from GRL, I suck. I don't remember until after something is over. But I do have a few.
Piper under the skylight. ^_^

Wade Kelly and her beautiful smile.

Sue looks like she has a tiara. 

Gorgoeus Crissy Morris

Jayden Brooks trying to hide her dimples.

My only crowd picture as we were waiting in line for sausage. *cackle*


  1. It was wonderful getting to spend time with you. ❤️ Sending positive and healing thoughts your way. Hugs and love.

    1. You are the best! We'll have to get together again soon! {{hugs}}

  2. It was wonderful to meet you, Lexi. I love The Valespian Pact and my signed copy of Alpha Trine has a special place on my bookshelf. I'll keep your father and your whole family in my thoughts. Hugs!!!

    1. Aww! I'm going to cry all over again! {{hugs}}