Friday, May 30, 2014

The Evolution of Striker

June 1st begins the week long blog tour for Striker. I think I chose some fun and interesting topics. I did finish all the sketches, although in a couple of cases, not the sketches I had planned. I moved some things around so that the drawings would coincide with the discussion topic. Some I definitely like more than others. Some I wished I had more time to work on but all in all, the selection pleased me in one way or another.

For those who have not followed my Alpha Trine posts, the idea for the story came from a story prompt. When writing, I came to a certain point in the story and I realized Zeus, Alpha, and Dargon had a much bigger story to tell and I was running out of time to tell it. So I halted the story after our three heroes came together and agreed to a solid relationship. Once I stepped back, I noticed I had written a story that was taboo times three over. A contemporary ménage was taboo enough in certain circles, but this love story was unconventional in many ways because it also included an unusual mpreg, and two of the characters were very alien in completely different ways.

I had this sudden thought that Alpha Trine would have perhaps ten readers, and no one would have any further interest in what would happen next. Later, when the questions started coming in, I was both shocked and humbled. Striker—then called Striker, Lord Of Thunder—was put on the writing schedule. Alpha Trine had taken me three months to write and that included the world building. I thought surely I could write Striker in the same amount of time. *evil laugh* What I didn't account for was life getting in the way. Stress and worry were huge detriments to the writing mojo, and I spent 2013 in a sort of professional limbo which affected my writing.

Midway through last year I rallied when Alpha Trine and Striker found a home. I had self-imposed a deadline for having Striker complete and that quickly came and went. I learned several things about myself then. 

1) I cannot simply put words on the page and then sort them out after the first draft is finished. To me, the first draft is the most important stage, with galley edits coming in second. I may go back and insert some asides later on but I don't usually add more than 3k after the first draft is complete.

2) I won't write a scene if I think that it will be removed later on. I will remove elements from a scene to streamline the story but never complete a scene if I suspect an editor is going to suggest to cut it.

3) I don't make up words for the page when the story halts in my head. In some ways, Striker wasn't ready to be completed when I tried to make my self-imposed deadline. There were problems with facts or I didn't believe the motivations or there where things I wanted to add but didn't fit. Some scenes I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts, and other times I simply stared at the page waiting for something—anything to further the story along.

The Orion, Rhee, Zeus's friend
The Valespian-verse is huge and I constantly consider what not to place in the story. The Orions are one of my favorite races, and because I loved them so much I had to tone them back considerably to keep them from taking over. Even though I sorrowed over the decision, it was for the best.

In the end, Striker took five months to write and the story finished twice the length of the original version of Alpha Trine. In many ways, I believe Striker raises the bar. It's a little more dark and fretful than Alpha Trine, which had an edge of humor. Although there is humor in Striker, the circumstances they find themselves in gives it a slightly bitter edge that makes you hold your breath as you root for our heroes.

I am more than satisfied with the ending and the HEA. I hope you will be, too. 

Over this coming week I will have a rafflecopter giveaway. The giveaway begins June 1st and ends at midnight, June 7th. The prizes are a Kindle Fire and seven signed paperback copies of Striker.

Attached is the blog tour schedule. Striker's release date is Wednesday, June 4th at Less Than Three Press where is it on presale. It will be up on Barnes & Noble and Amazon on June 4th as well. 

June 1st – Hearts On Fire Reviews ( Striker: The next leg of the journey, Atlainticia, the Ancients, and Alpha
June 2nd – Ethan Stone ( The Makings of a Warrior
June 3rd – Prism Book Alliance ( Antiheroes
June 4th – GGR Reviews ( You Sunk My Battle Ship!
June 5th – Piper Vaughn ( Mixing Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Is It Still Sci-Fi?
June 6th – Read The Rainbow ( Building Valespia-Verse, What Readers Don't See
June 7th – Allison Cassatta ( Fal'Amorics, The Galaxies Best Kept Secret.

Here is a sneak peek sketch of a location in Striker. It's a *meh* elementary drawing because I was in a hurry, but it's enough for what I wanted it for.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!


  1. It seems I have been waiting forever for this book. You cannot believe how excited I am. It is already preordered and as soon as it comes available, my day will be spent reading until I am done.

    1. ^_^ I hope you find the book worth the wait, Christy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I preordered this as soon as it came out. Can't wait until release day! *glares at calendar*

    1. Soon, Pat, soon! The pre-release jitters have already started. I'm already making a list of things to do to take my mind off of it! ^_^

  3. Good morning Lexi
    I have pre-ordered Striker and am sooooo looking forward to reading it. Is it Wednesday already??????

    1. *flails* Close! Wednesday's creeping closer, Dem!

  4. I just pre-ordered my copy! I've been waiting for Striker to come out ever since I picked up Alpha Trine as a free grab at ARE many, many moons ago. I love your writing, and you quickly became one of my favorite authors. I'm so grateful for that free grab, otherwise I might never have found your books. <3

    Now if the 4th would just hurry up and get here so I can start reading!

    1. Thank you for giving Alpha Trine a try. I'm tickled you enjoyed the book and I hope that Striker exceeds your expectations! The 4th is almost here, just a few more days to go!!