Monday, April 28, 2014

Striker Character Sketch: Prince Azaes

I realized today that the release for Striker is a little over a month away. In fact, five and a half weeks and I had planned six more drawings. That may be a little ambitious for me. We'll see what I can do. I might end up with five sketches or less for the release week.

Because I'm behind, this is the last character reveal on my blog until June 1st. I had planned for the sketch to be both Azaes and Mestor. It wasn't until after I began that realized 1) my drawing tablet was much bigger than my scanner. 2) there was no way I could make a mirror image of Azaes for his twin. It's just not possible for me to draw the same image exactly a second time. 3) I used a cobra-man as inspiration but didn't have something to refer to when it came to Azaes' hands. Which means he doesn't have hands, at least for now.

I wanted to show the red ridge of the royal family, and I like how that turned out. I grew bolder and experimented with more color and I'm not happy with the outcome. It is what it is. I'll return to this when I have time and fix it, or sketch a different picture of Azaes.

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