Monday, December 2, 2013

Discounts for this Month from Less Than Three!

Just a reminder if you didn't catch it. Don't miss out on the savings that will go on month long!

Less Than Three Advent calendar for December.
LT3 is aiming to feature authors for this sale series, and as such each day will feature authors whose last names start with ascending letters of the alphabet.
The sale will include anthologies (ex. Bad Moon Rising, That Famous Happy End, Rocking Hard: Vol 1) and print bundles (this mostly applies to Kiss Me at Midnight paperbacks). It won't include the collection bundles (since they're already 15% off on a normal day and the 25% off deal for individual is better) and anything listed as coming soon (but it will include preorders if a book is at that stage).

At the end of the 25% off author sales, we'll be doing a three-day catalog-wide 15% off sale that will include everyone and everything. Feel free to spread the news if you're inclined, and if you've got any questions or if I've spaced and left you out, let me know.

A – December 1Julia Alaric, Lexi Ander, Ann Anderson, Quinn Anderson, Talya Andor, Angelina Aniyah
B – December 2Alison Bailey, Kayla Bain-Vrba, Sandra Bard, Jamie Brindle, Paul Brownsey
C – December 3Isabella Carter, Leona Carver, E.A. Clarke, Casey Cloud, Rachelle Cochran, Casey K. Cox, Sol Crafter, James L. Craig, Siobhan Crosslin
D – December 4Elizah J. Davis, Debora Day, Megan Derr, Megan Dorei, Lupin Drake, Jude Dunn
E – December 5Alessandra Ebulu, Mell Eight, Cate Enslin
F – December 6Sally Franicevich
G – December 7Emily Gould
H – December 8A.F. Henley, J. Hepburn, R.D. Hero, Sophie Hung, Laura Huntley, Leta Hutchins
I – December 9Mara Ismine
J – December 10India Jackson, Janette, A.R. Jarvis, Nico Jaye, Diana Jean, Remy Jensen
K – December 11Erica Kealey, Evie Kiels, Harper Kingsley, Annabelle Kitch, K-Lee Klein, T.T. Kove
L – December 12 – L.J. LaBarthe, Liz Lambdin, Emma Lanner, Clare London
M – December 13 – Mina MacLeod, Julia March, Mac McCarthy, Ashelia McGregor, J.L. Merrow, Summer Michaels, Terry Milien, Sasha L. Miller, Shayla Mist, Michelle Moore
N – December 14 – Melissa North, Kaseka Nvita
O – December 15 – M.J. O'Shea, Zachary O'Toole, E.E. Ottoman
P – December 16 – J.K. Pendragon, Cassandra Pierce, Alex Powell, Angel Propps
R – December 17 – M. Raiya, Ana Reese, May Ridge, Holly Rinna-White, Jaime Riordan, Jay Robin, Spence Rook, Lilliana Rose
S – December 18 – Andra Sashner, Ashley Shaw, Howard Shen, R.L. Shephard, Diana Sheridan, Hollis Shiloh, S.S. Skye, Jamie Sullivan, Michael Sutherland, Zach Sweets
T – December 19 – Eleanor Troup, Kathleen Tudor, Melanie Tushmore
V – December 20 – Piper Vaughn, Tami Veldura
W – December 21 – Remington Ward, Jaidon Wells, Rachel White, Robin White, M.J. Willow, Sylvia A. Winters, Beth Wirth, Sammi Wolf
X – December 22 Xara X. Xanakas, Xelly

December 23 – December 25 – Entire catalog

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