Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Do You Find Out About Book Releases?

RJ Scott asked a really good question. How do you know when I have a book releasing onto Amazon & other third parties? Or indeed how do you keep an eye on any of your authors?

Do you watch author websites, get release information from newsletters, review websites, word of mouth, or watch the Amazon or ARe's top 100 charts? I was looking at several marketing options for 2014 as to where to advertise for next year's releases. I have to put the money aside now for it but if a method isn't working then I'm throwing money away. Sometimes it's not about the cost, but the time and effort that I could be using in other places that reaches the reader.

If you would, take a moment to complete the poll. RJ is also doing a drawing for the poll so don't miss out! Mucho Gracias!! Ya'll are awesome!

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  1. I should have prefaced the questionnaire with what I do. I troll publisher websites on a weekly basis (mostly, sometimes life gets in the way). Newsletter. I get emails from my favorite review sites. Watch for updates on Facebook. My twitter has so much activity that I can't keep up but I'll occasionally see something there. ^_^