Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saturday's Release!!

I'm so excited that my short story, Leap of Faith, is releasing with the Love is Love Anthology on Saturday!  I hope everyone enjoys Dawson Green and Ben Hamilton!


Ben thought he had everything he wanted. A successful marketing business, a beautiful home, and a partner he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. That was until the ultimate act of betrayal crushed his dreams.

After building his business from scratch with his lover, Ben prepared to take the next step and marry Javier, the man he loved. How could he have known that being the surprise at Javier's bachelor party would change everything? Heartbroken and lost, a chance encounter with a kind stranger gives him a helping hand.

Dawson didn't realize giving Ben a place to stay for a couple of days would change his life or gain him a friend. He only wished Ben wanted more than friendship. A small misunderstanding makes Dawson realize he may have read Ben wrong. Does Dawson have time to correct his mistake before the past comes back and tries to take Ben from him?

Available at Silver Publishing: CLICK HERE

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