Wednesday, January 9, 2013

25 Bookshelves Equals My Very Own Library

So I was putting together my reading list for 2013 and I kept having these moments where I looked at a cover or title and thought, "I forgot I had that. I must read it." Or "I thought I already read this. I must read."

The fact of the matter is there isn't enough time in the year for me to read everything that I want to read. Now I have be selective and prioritize and I hate it. At last count there are 25 book shelves in the house. Some I have read or re-read and others I haven't started yet. This doesn't even touch my e-book collection.

So for 2013, I signed up for the reading challenge  pledging to read 300 books this year. I am a little nervous because in 2011 I read over 500 books.  It only figures that the more I write the less time I have to read. The bookaholic in me is screaming bloody murder so I will have to find a balance--somehow.

I asked my Facebook friends for recommendations and slowly, I was able to compile a list which I will put up here for the weekend. I will also make a tab on the blog for my 2013 reading to keep track of where I'm at and what I'm going.

So watch for the list in the next day or so. It will be long with lots of info. Feel free to leave a comment with a recommendation. I know that I might not get to everything in my 2013 list or will get side tracked by shiny new releases but I will never quit reading. 

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