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Super Secret! Excerpt of Dreams of the Forgotten, Book 3 of Sumeria's Sons

Thank you for hanging out with me today at the Silver Facebook page today.  I had fun talking with everybody and look forward to doing it again soon. Here is an except from Dreams of the the Forgotten.  Enjoy!  Read away because this page will be taken down later tonight.

Check back tomorrow and I will have more information on my not-so-short freebie, Alpha Trine (The Valespian Pact #1).

Unedited Blurb for Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons #3) Coming March 26, 2013

Tristan and Ushna are building a secure infrastructure for their rapidly growing tribe and family.  Tristan is plagued by dreams he barely remembers.  The return of childhood friends is anything but joyous.  The Mechanizations of assassins are uncovered.  The Magi and Warrior Orders are in chaos.  The children of Tristan’s former Twin Flame are winning a place in their hearts as Tristan nemesis, Daniel Sullivan, causes more confusion.  Amidst it all, Tristan struggles with the urge to bind Ushna to him but he can’t because Ushna already had a Flame waiting for rebirth.  Tristan would do anything to protect that bond, even if it means losing Ushna in the next lifetime—unless he remembers his dreams of the forgotten. 

The sun was warm on my naked body, white haze over my closed eyes.  The grass was slightly itchy against my skin but I didn't care.  I, Tristan Janick, felt whole.  I hadn't felt like that in such a long time.  Not since I’d let my former Twin Flame claim me then turn around and refused me in return.  The euphoria from the sex, the orgasm, and the effect of the bonding bite had quickly dissipated with his denial.  I didn't find peace and was forced to break the bond. Even with my husband, Ushna Ahura-Yzda, the man who meant more to me than life itself, I was less.  Breaking the bond with my Twin Flame took something from me, something vital that left me incomplete. 
Sometimes I wondered if that was the reason why my predator, that primal part of me, desired to claim Ushna so much.  I could feel it, the possibility of being complete, whole with him.  The temptation to reach out and grab it was always there, but then I’d see Brian’s handsome youthful face, reminded that my husband, Ushna would never be completely mine.  All Lycans were blessed with a Bashert, a destine Twin Flame, someone who would love them and be the balance, the eternal companion.  Brian would've been Ushna’s Twin Flame if he had survived to adulthood.  My consort would've never paid me another look as a potential partner because he would've had his Twin Flame.  Why would they need me?
But here and now, I felt wonderful.  It was a gift and I basked in it because I didn't know when this feeling would go away again.  I breathed in the clean, warm salty air as I listened to the water trickle close by.  A hand landed on my flat stomach and stroked, petted almost, and I refused to open my eyes and break whatever spell I was under.  Mentally I followed that hand down my stomach to the nest of pubic hair, the fingers running through the curls, not touching me anywhere else, even though I was steadily growing hard.  Hot breath blew in my ear, sending shivers down my spine, and I smiled with closed eyes.
Footsteps approached before cold water started sprinkling down on me.  The contrast between the cool droplets and my sun warmed skin made me inhale sharply and sit up with a yelp.  Deep soothing laughter sounded at my side but I ignored it as I looked into the blue eyes of a huge, wet white wolf.  His nose touched mine, tongue lolling to the side as he regarded me in return. 
He was beautiful.
“Did you have to do that, Nikita?” asked the laughing voice.  I glanced to the left at the man lying next to me on the grass.  Tall, broad, and dark with arresting green eyes, the man watched me with heat as his hand stroked my naked hip.
I’d know this man, this soul, anywhere.  I wasn't sure how I knew him but I did.  The body and the face were unfamiliar but it was as if I could actually feel his flame, his soul, and recognized it.  I looked back at the white wolf in time to see him transform, falling into his human body.  Nikita wasn't dark but golden.  Sun streaked dark blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a firm, aroused body.  I knew him as well.  I could practically feel the connection between their Flames, but it wasn't the man next to me that Nikita was looking at with desire.  He was gazing at me as if he would devour me in front of his Twin Flame and my fight or flight response kick in.
I quickly crab walked backwards to put distance in between us.
“Look, Angelo, Seth thinks to run from us,” said Nikita, his voice deep and husky.  As his eyes held mine as he prowled seductively towards me growling low.  Why did he call me Seth?  I should been terrified.  I should been running.  Angelo had been touching me moments ago and he wasn't my Flame, he wasn't bonded to me but to Nikita.  The growl from Nikita didn't scare me though.  I was hard and aching, and Gods help me, I wanted him to touch me.
Angelo reached out and grabbed my ankle with a hot hand before I could get too far and my whole body shivered with his touch.  Nikita and Angelo crawled towards me with heated looks of passion and desire.  They stroked and petted as they crawled up my body, my calves, and my thighs.  Nikita licked from my thigh to my navel and I clamped my lips shut to keep from moaning aloud.  This wasn't right.  Bonded Flames didn't take on a third.  Did they?  I was having problems thinking when Angelo licked and nibbled my nipple.  Nikita slid a hand in my hair and clasped tightly, directing my gaze to him.  I didn't know if I should push them away, run, or sink into the ground.  I was confused and not sure what was going on.  Why were they treating me this way?
“You cannot run from us Seth.  We've already talked about this.”  Nikita’s blue eyes held mine steadfast.  The desire was there, but there was more emotion, a softness to his brilliant blue eyes as he gazed at me.  “We want you, both of us.  We want you to be with us.  You know this.  Do you not love us, Seth?”  Nikita’s eyes clouded with worry.  “Do you not want us?”
I opened my mouth to apologize, tell Nikita I was sorry, but my lips didn't say those words.  “You know I love you and Angelo with everything I am.  I just worry…the Gods, they didn't mean for this.  Twin Flames are a sacred gift from Shamash.  What if I ruin what is between you and Angelo?  The Priests say there can only be two.”
“When was the last time the priests have actually spoken to the Gods?  What if the Gods aren't all knowing, omnipotent, and there is more than Twin Flames?  I know you can feel it.  You need to claim us.  I can feel it in your wolf struggle against you.  He knows what must be done, but you don’t trust him because some priest says it is not the will of the Gods.  The Gods only have as much power over you as you give them, Seth.  Can they perceive what I or Angelo feels for you?  I say no, they cannot!  They stay in their paradise and forget we’re here.  They don’t form families so how can they know what a family is supposed to be, how love is supposed to be?  Our love isn't empty, or fleeting, like what was offered in the desecrated temples of Inanna.  Her followers only know the love of the flesh of the body.  Angelo and I, we love all of you.  Your Flame belongs with us; you only have to believe in it.  Have faith in us.  Claim us Seth, and bind us together.  You know it is the right thing to do.”
“Nikita.”  His name came out of my mouth with longing.  His eyes blazed as they looked at me, his hand tightening in my hair.  Angelo sucked on my collar bone and before I knew it they bore me to the ground, their bodies covering mine.  Nikita took my lips as if he was going to conquer me.  My mind was screaming at me about the sanctity of the Flame’s bond, but my body was burning up from their touch, and I didn't know what to do.  Nikita released my lips only for Angelo to take over as someone took my shaft in his hand and squeezed.  My hips bucked, moans escaped me no matter how I tried to hold them back.
“Tell us, Seth.  Tell us what we want to hear,” Angelo whispered in my ear.
I shook my head.  No.  Oh, Gods, no, I couldn't say it. 
“Tell us.  Say it.”  Nikita nipped my ear lobe.
Overwhelmed with sensation, the smell of the two of them, so familiar, so much like home, called to me.  The beast within me pushed forward to answer their call, to do what I was so afraid to do.
“You know what I want to hear,” Angelo said in my ear, his emerald green eyes so like Ushna’s  giving me a look I couldn't resist. 
Suddenly I wanted to give up, to give them whatever it was they desired.  I longed to lose myself in them, remembering the sorrow of before, and I had no desire to go back to that.  I needed them, wanted them, and yearned to bond with them.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Always.  I never wanted to be without them.  With them, I was home.  They had always been there with me.  I understood then.  The incarnations, all the lives, the experiences, these two were there, always with me, always watching, always wanting, always inviting, and needing me as much as I needed them.  But something always came in, and tore us apart, and we were running out of time.
It was always me.  I held back afraid, scared, and believed they weren't meant for me.  All I had ever needed to do was reach out, take them, and bind them to me.  Then something would happen, something would change.  I felt a new urgency.  The scenery wasn't as sharp and I could feel the time slipping away from me, from us, and I had to stop it.  I had to claim them, to bond with them. 
To save them.
“I love you,” I whispered as I desperately clutch them to me only for them to slip through my fingers!  No!  Not yet!  I needed more time!  Please!  I screamed into the void for them, calling all the names I’d ever known them by.  I prayed for the Gods to please, give them back to me.  “I love you!”  I bellowed into the dark.  “Wait for me!  I will come for you!  ”

Nine Weeks Pregnant – 45 days until birth of the heirs to the Seat of Zeev, the Wolf Throne.

I woke up with a jolting start, hands clutching at someone, something that wasn't there, my heart pounded like a drum in my chest.
A dream.
It was only a dream and the images were fading fast.  Groggily, I tried to catch it, and bring it back, as I struggled to remember.  It was important.  There was something I wasn't supposed to forget, something I needed to do.  I nearly growled in frustration as the contents of the dream, like smoke, drifted away from me until all I could remember were a pair of piercing blue eyes, hopeful, and pleading.
I scrubbed my hands over my face in frustration.  These dreams plagued me every time I closed my eyes.  I always woke with a sense of urgency but could remember nothing when the fuzziness of sleep cleared.  If I could remember, then maybe I could do something, but as it was, I always woke frustrated and sad.

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