Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Read - Alpha Trine

So I was on GoodReads Gay Sci-Fi Group back in August and I noticed that they had some prompts for stories up.  I kept chastising myself because, really, I didn't need another WIP.  I already had a half dozen as well as two series to work on.  But I couldn't help myself and I picked a prompt and went with it.  The short story, well it wasn't so short, 41k and change,'s a series.  There will be at least two more installments to this storyline.  This is my first venture into sci-fi.  It's a little harder to write but I fell love with the characters and the world/universe has so much potential.  I hope you enjoy my little offering.

Currently it is available for download at my GoodReads author page Download here at GoodReads and in the next week or so it will be available for download at Amazon and ARe.

A special Thank You to Tabatha Heart for the awesome cover she designed for me.  I love it!

Gay Science Fiction Group Story Prompt
Intergalactic mm romance between a human space mechanic genius and an alien that morphs to be "human" when they mate.  Have a way for the "alien" to be able to reproduce despite being male without the aid of technology for the pregnancy itself.  Maybe technology was involved in the past and they "evolved" to be able to continue the alien species?  HEA of course.  Maybe a start of a series? Up to the author. I like series. 

Zeus was two months old and the sole survivor on a science vessel in deep space found by the Mar’Sani. The blind infant was swept up by the grieving Empress Ashari and adopted by Emperor Valdor Vondorian as their fourth child. Zeus grew up in a loving home but his frailty as the only human among his strong reptilian brothers caused his parents to seek the help of the Chtichlians, the expert arachnid geneticists, to fix their son’s sight.

Zeus discovers that having his sight is harder than being blind and he learns to not trust his eyes. His family believes he is the reincarnation of their lost child Canry, but there are those Mar’Sani nobles who only see him as the orphaned human, and not worth of the Emperor’s family name.

Dargon Kal-Turak is a Dar Massaga, he and his symbiote, Alpha; command a ship of manned by members of some of the most dangerous races. After narrowly escaping a trap, Dargon and his crew dock at the spaceport for repairs. It isn’t long before the Psonics have their location. Dargon snatches the Master Mechanic and limps out of port not realizing he has bought more trouble…and maybe the answer to salvaging the Valespian Pact.

Content Warning: M/M/M-Alien.  Yes, this means that there is hot alien smexin'.


  1. oh wow... haha, thank you so much! I will definitely get it and read it! ooh~ and a series?
    Will they all be free?

    In any case, thanks so much for this!! <3 I love the cover!

    1. LOL! I hope you like Alpha Trine. The next installment with Zeus and Dargon will be free because it finishes their story out. I ran out of time. The length and complexity of the plot would have taken more time than I was allotted. So part two will definitely be free.

    2. LOL!! Yay! Sounds good! eheh... Thanks so much, Lexi! \^o^/

  2. Thanks for the great book. When is the next in the series due? Can't wait!!!

    1. Hi Gigi! I hope to start on part two at the end of January. I'm currently working on 4 WIPs, all due in at about that time. Then I can start fresh. I'm happy you enjoyed the book. It was great fun to write. :) Thanks!

  3. I read it and loved it!
    Whend o i get to read the rest of the series?

    1. I'm tickled pink that you loved it. I have been working on it but had to push it back due to some other writing obligations. I have contracted and editor to go through and help me clean up Alpha Trine. I hope to have book 2, Striker Lord of Sunder, ready for release in early April. It too will be a free read and will finish up Zeus's story before I move on to his lost brother. I'm sorry for the long wait. Hopefully, you will find it well worth it. :)

      Best Wishes,