Monday, June 20, 2016

And now I wait... #SumeriasSons #ReleasingChaos

If you didn't catch me sighing over Twitter and Facebook, here's the announcement that I actually wrote "The End" for first draft of Releasing Chaos. That is both a "Hot Dog, Yay!" and a low groan. I put the manuscript off to the side and now I wait.

The story came out at an estimated 135k but I won't have the final numbers until I type it all up. Right now only about 60k is actually on Word which leads to the groaning part above because I'm only mediocre typist. I'm seriously considering the suggestion to use Dragon software to see if reading it would go faster. It is really going to depend. Usually, as I type it up I make edits and revisions. I don't know that I can make revisions and basically tell the story at the same time. I really want to be able to submit it before I go on vacation at the end of July. 

But again... that is really going to depend if I get any more edits for Werewolf's Tale and a Druid's Sword (the 2nd book in the ION series which is coming out soon.) and/or first round edits for Darksoul and/or a second round of edits for Death Mask. So yeah, there is a lot going on that could hamper getting everything I want done before the end of July.

Sometimes it feels like I should hurry and just jump into editing Releasing Chaos. I've given in to the feeling of impatience before and have regretted it. It's important to allow a story to rest before starting back in on it. Part of the wait allows me to go in with a fresh mind, and the second part, for the things that bugged me about the story, I have time to suss stuff out. So waiting is very important, especially with a longer manuscript.

While I wait, I'm catching up on the project Kenzie Cade and I are working on call Devil's Heart. It's the first book in Devil's Dawn, a six book series. We are on our first round of self edits and I put us behind by setting it off to the side to push finishing Releasing Chaos. So, now I'm putting all my energy in the edits and rewrites. Hopefully, we can send this out to beta reader soon.

The happy news is that once Releasing Chaos is cleaned up and subbed, I can start on a new project, Bespoken. I'm still a little stressed over writing the next book in The Valespian Pact, but I'm hoping that once I start writing I'll lose myself in the world. No paying attention to what I was doing, I had created a storyline problem for myself--which happens sometimes when I write by the seat of my pants. Something sounds great about three people being really important with the "or else the grid will fall" until I sit down to show why. I needed the reason to be plausible and make sense. I don't want people rolling their eyes muttering, "Yeah, right." 

So there are kinks that need to be worked out, and honestly, I won't be satisfied until I get into the story to see if it all will work. 

For now, it's back to editing and ticking off the days until it's safe to jump back into Releasing Chaos.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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