Friday, February 5, 2016

Next!! Out With The Old, In With The New #ReleasingChaos

For a good portion of January, I was deep in  first round of edits for the second book of my ION series, Werewolf's Tale and a Druid Sword. The first book in that series, Ruby Red Booty Shorts and a Louisville Slugger will be released this coming March. Whoot! 

So working on the second book (Werewolf's Tale for short because I detest using the initials WTaaDS) was a bit of an eye opener. Between the time submitted and when the ms came back to me, I'd grown--I know this happens. Over time, my writing will improve and will probably change and sometimes it's really evident, to me at least. When I return the manuscript it looks like the scene of a murder. Not that this is a bad thing, just frustrating. Honestly, I think I was spoiled with the ease of all the re-releases last year because the prose had already been picked over with a fine-tooth comb.

The funny thing was that even while I was strangling Werewolf's Tale, I was all like, "Oh, I'd forgotten how much I liked this ION world. I have a partially written standalone in this world that would be a piece of cake to finish in no time. Hot Damn!" BUT I couldn't do anything until I finished Death Mask for the Roughhouse Raiders submission call.

Imagine my excitement when I sent Death Mask out for beta review! Whoot! NEW PROJECT! I love starting new projects. It's almost as fun as going to the book store. Since I'm switching gears, I gather up all my world notes and the binders I hand wrote the majority of the story in, bind them together and put them away. 

Then I pulled out the notes for the ION standalone. I don't have a name yet that I like. I've called it The Soul of an Animal Like Me and Soulless, but I don't like either one. Any way, the manuscript sits at 25k and I recall stopping at the halfway point, so piece of ca... Ugh, really?

I began the story 3-4 years ago and it shows. Odd starting point, terrible opening chapter, telling-telling-telling--where-the-hell-is-the showing...

Okay. So that was a no-go because I would basically be rewriting everything. A quicky it would not be. Since it wouldn't be fast and easy, then I pulled out Releasing Chaos, the last book for Sumeria's Sons. I winced when I looked at the date of the last change. I hadn't worked on it since June of last year--with good reason. Something(s) wasn't working and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. But fresh eyes are always good. Time and distance does wonders when figuring out the issues of a manuscript.

Right off the bat, I know I'm going to rewrite the intro scene. I'm hoping that I don't end up chucking all of the 31k, but I did do that with Dragon's Eye... 3 times. So we'll see. With this being the last book of the series, I want it to be the best one of the whole series. When you read  that last page, I want you to think, "Wow! That was so awesome!" Maybe even, "Holy crap, that was messed up!" Or "Why am I crying over an urban fantasy?" With what I have in mind, I think I can accomplish that but the issue is getting what is in my head onto paper--and to stop biting my nails to the quick over something I haven't written yet... LOL!

So Releasing Chaos is officially on the agenda. I'm also working on the first book of a series with Kenzie Cade, Devil's Heart. Sometime or another, I'm expecting edits for Darksoul (Yay!) Between those three February will be full and I'm not complaining. Wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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