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Blog Guest Andrew Q Gordon With Purpose and Giveaway

Andrew Q. Gordon is visiting the blog today with an exclusive excerpt for his upcoming release Purpose. I can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy. ^_^

Title: Purpose
Author: Andrew Q Gordon
Publisher: DSP Publications
Release Date: 6 October
Edition: Second (Re-written, re-edited, new cover)

Buy Links: DSP Publications | Amazon | Omnilit | B&N

Genre: Paranormal, Gay Fiction


2nd Edition

Forty years ago the Spirit of Vengeance—a Purpose—took William Morgan as its host, demanding he avenge the innocent by killing the guilty. Since then Will has retreated behind Gar, a façade he uses to avoid dealing with what he’s become. Cold, impassive, and devoid of emotion, Gar goes about his life alone—until his tidy, orderly world is upended when he meets Ryan, a broken young man cast out by his family. Spurred to action for reasons he can't understand, Gar saves Ryan from death and finds himself confronted by his humanity.

Spending time with Ryan helps Will claw out from under Gar’s shadow. He recognizes Ryan is the key to his reclaiming his humanity and facing his past. As Will struggles to control the Purpose, Ryan challenges him to rethink everything he knew about himself and the spirit that possesses him. In the process, he pushes Will to do something he hasn't done in decades: care.

1st Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, June 2013.

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Excerpt #8

Tai chi gave him balance and peace, if only briefly. At that moment, however, the Purpose was quiet and just a few moves brought a wave of calm.

Gliding through the moves heightened Gar’s connection to his body and brought enhanced energy and power. Sweat covered his torso in a light sheen, the result of an hour’s intense exercise. The cooling effect of moisture evaporating from his skin left him tingling.

Using the mental calm to focus his thoughts, he kept alert for signs of Ryan’s return. Each time the elevator reached his floor, he quickly eliminated the occupants from just their breathing. Midway into his second time through, the footfalls signaled Ryan heading back.

Still following his routine, he nearly missed the other two people walking close to Ryan. Why was he bringing people back with him? Holding his position, Gar heard the sound of a lock turning, signaling he would have his answer soon enough.

Ryan pushed open the door, laden with several full-looking shopping bags. Trailing close behind, two men, probably Hispanic, ferried other things into the apartment. One carried several more bags, while the other held a small television box.

“Will,” Ryan said, sounding a bit surprised. “What are you doing?”

Why did his real name sound so foreign? Foreign, but welcome. “Tai chi. It helps calm me.”

Ryan’s eyes swept up and down Gar’s body. The bemused grin widened into a full smile. When their eyes met, Gar nodded and returned the amused look. He completed the movement, brought his feet together, and moved to inspect Ryan’s purchases.

“A better question might be, what did you do?” Touching the lip of one of the bags, he pushed the edge down. Most of the items were wrapped or in boxes, but the odd cooking utensil answered his curiosity.

“Buying things for the apartment.” He set two bags on the table, directing the man with the television into the bedroom. “Let me finish with these two and I’ll show you what I bought.”

The second man added his bags to the table before stepping back. Ryan handed each of them a bill—a twenty, if Gar wasn’t mistaken—and escorted the pair to the door. Gar used the break to get a hand towel.

“Damn.” He turned toward the sound of Ryan’s voice. “That was a nice view when I walked in. I didn’t know you practiced in your apartment.”

“No reason not to. There’s plenty of space.” He ran the towel over his slick chest, rubbing away the beads of sweat.

Ryan moved closer and took the cotton cloth from Gar’s hand. “You look so hot. I want to run my hands over your hairy chest.”

Letting Ryan dry him off, Gar gently stroked his guest’s soft hair. “Not until after we talk.”

“Will.” He stopped rubbing Gar’s chest and looked up. “I know yesterday wasn’t the first time you did something like that. There isn’t much you could tell me that would make me run away.”

Not much, but there are things. “Let me get changed and we can go.”


He pulled a long-sleeved T-shirt from a stack. “Outside. I’d prefer to go for a walk to talk. If that’s okay.” He slipped it over his head and found Ryan still staring at him.




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Author Bio

Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting to the times, he now writes with a shiny new MacBook that he sets on the same desk as his manual typewriter and vintage adding machine.

Long a fan of super heroes, wizards and sports, Andrew’s works include high fantasy, paranormal spirits, magic as well as contemporary fiction. He is still trying to find the perfect story that will include all his favorites under one cover.

He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his husband, their young daughter and dog. In addition to dodging some very self-important D.C. ‘insiders’, Andrew uses his commute to catch up on his reading. When not working or writing, he enjoys soccer, high fantasy, baseball and occasionally sleeping.



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