Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Release Day: A Child's Wish and Other News.

This is going to be a hectic week. So much awesomeness is happening!

A Child's Wish the third Sumeria's Sons Interlude releases today. This happens between Surrounded by Crimson and Dragon's Eye and focuses on Tristan's and Ushna's friend, Stan Kendall, who tried to come between Gregori and Juan in the first two interludes. 

Here's the blurb.

Stan Kendal thought becoming an Ophidian would be the first step towards redeeming himself. He'd failed Tristan, sensing it was too late to be his future king's strong arm. He'd failed Gregori, his out of control actions drivng a wedge between him and his childhood friend. Now his new friend, Randy Aikman, extracts a promise that Stan's ill equipped to handle. But he's determined not to fail, because if he does the price isn't his ego or pride—it's the life of a child.

At the moment, you can find A Child's Wish at: LT3 Press | All RomanceBookstrand

As soon as I can catch the links for Amazon and B&N, I'll post the links.

Sale on Sumeria Sons Starts Today!

LT3 Press will be holding a sale for the first four books in the Sumeria's Sons series in anticipation of the release of Book 5 on October 7. From September 23 to October 7, Book 1, Twin Flames, will be $0.99, and Books 2-4, Songs of the Earth, Dreams of the Forgotten, and Surrounded by Crimson will all be 25% off. This sale will be in place at LT3, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.

Another thing going on with Twin Flames, it was accepted into the The Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Awards. Woohoot!

It has to garner at least 50 nominations within the time period in order to qualify for the next and final round.

The nominations will start on September 11 and end on September 30. If you loved Twin Flames, please drop by and nominate it HERE.

Dragon's Eye Blog Tour Starts September 24th.

The blog tour for Dragon's Eye begins tomorrow. There is a rafflecopter giveaway for gift certificates and hard copies of the series. 

The guest posts for the tour are a bit different this time around. The world of Sumeria's Sons has a background rich in ancient history, much of it difficult to find.

I wrote posts on the background of Sumeria's Sons, talked about the Gods and Goddesses that play a part in the series, the history behind those characters along with what I used and why. There is also posts on the items of power that were mentioned in the old stories, some of which will come into play in the final volumes of the series. Some of it will help to answer some of your burning questions. ^_^

I hope you enjoy the blog tour and the incredible sale offered up by LT3 Press.

Thank You for Stopping By and Reading!!

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