Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Guest Post: Remmy Duchene Talk Dirty To Me

Hi everyone!

I am here today to take over Lexi’s space and have some fun—no, not that space, get your minds out of the gutter! Lol.

Seriously, I am Remmy Duchene and I write interracial romance—most times erotic—it all depends on what I feel the moment I get to the first love scene in the book. I generally work on the romantic side with some spice tossed in. Anyways, I am multipublished, and so far people seem to dig what I do. I am very thankful and blessed in that regard.

I was going to talk about why I write interracial but I do that all the time. I was going to talk about women writing manlove, but that too has been done to tears, so today I’ll be talking to you about phone sex. Oh yes, that’s right, I went there.

People still think phone sex is taboo. I’m not really sure why since kids these days are doing way worse.  I mean, back in the day, you had phone sex with someone then go to sleep, there is no evidence. These days, the young’uns are taking pictures and videos, sexting and all these other things that just make me scratch my head.

But why is talking dirty to someone on the phone so taboo—still? I’m not sure, but maybe it’s the fact you are being naughty with someone you can’t really see. Or does it still carry the stigma of men maxing out their credit cards calling to speak dirty little things to a woman name Lolita with an exotic foreign accent?

While I was writing Talk Dirty To Me I had the pleasure—not the pleasure—of speaking with a sex phone operator.  He was very nice and well spoken and explained a few things to me that shocked me and set me straight. These days, women call those lines as much if not more than men—most often times they are married and their husband either got bored with them or the romance has died so they are craving something a little more—risque. Now don’t get me wrong—I’m not defending it because cheating is cheating—but this is what I was told.

He also told me for the most part, his clients are gay men or men that are on “the downlow” –just an aside, remember when being on the down low just meant you wanted to keep a relationship a secret and had nothing to do with being gay and not wanting to tell people about it?—back to what my new pal told me.

These are men who want to hear the rough, hard voice of another man and using it to get off. After speaking with him, I understand why it’s so secretive. We live in a society that has certain norms and while phone sex is a normal thin that happens constantly, society still frowns on it. Because the rest of the world see it as wrong, people who indulge has to go to like the black market of sex.

We all have things that turns us on—weather it’s a breast fetish, a foot fetish, a fetish for ropes and leather, of being spanked…to talking dirty on the phone with some stranger—who are we to judge others when our little naughty selves want things that are carnal just like everyone else?

Let your freak phone flag fly, because being naughty, is sometimes the best way to go.

Call you later! Um—wait, wrong blog—Hugs to all!

Talk Dirty To Me

Majid Thalen is a successful doctor with a past who's been working crazy hours. Finally, exhausted, he takes some time off work and decides to get some rest. But he's about to learn that surgery isn't the only thing one must not do when tired. 
Zavon Mowat is a sex line operator because the bills and his tuition are not going to pay themselves. When Majid accidentally calls his line, he is instantly drawn in by this man. But there's something in Majid's past that is getting in the way of everything

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