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Launching Twin Flames Blog Tour

In The Beginning, There Was Frustration!

I started writing Twin Flames Because I was angry. I loved shifters and werewolves and had a running streak where I read some infuriating "mates" in both Het and M/M romance books. One of the mates would do or say something(s) asinine but because the "mate bond" the situation would get swept under the rug or have some lame apology and then they'd jump into the sack and have make-up sex. Now don't get me wrong, I love reading make-up sex but when I don't believe the resolution then it does nothing for me.

Internal conflict and personalities that occasionally bump can be enjoyable to read. But if certain issues or behavior were to happen to me in real life, my immediate response would be, "Hit the road Jack." I also enjoy reading about "mates" and "bonding" and I do love a good growly, "Mine!" even though I use them sparingly when I write because I feel if they occur too many times then I'm beating the reader over the head with repetitive behavior, and really, it can quickly become old when overdone.

So I was sitting there fuming because the asshat mate swept bad behavior under the rug and the two reconciled when I would've been tickled if they had broken up. I whipped out a piece of paper and started scribbling. After I wrote the first chapter of what I'd begun calling "Clean Break" I felt cleansed, as if I had exercised all the demons of reader frustration. Reading it over, an idea formed and I emailed the chapter to a friend.

"What do you think?"

"OMG, you have to finish it!"

In all honesty, I had packed up my pen and paper when I was twenty because I couldn't see a way where I could make a living writing. I have two file drawers packed full of stories I wrote before I stopped creative writing. Two years ago, almost 18 years later I desperately wanted to give it a try. I completed Clean Break with it coming in at about 96k and I submitted it to a publisher fully expecting to being rejected, but hoping for some critique because I knew it was a god-awful mess.

The craziest thing happened. The manuscript was accepted under the condition that I break the story into two parts. Clean Break gave birth to Twin Flames and Songs of the Earth.

As you can imagine the first time through editing was grueling. The manuscript was a complete mess but I swallowed my pride, shed some tears, made fun of myself, and learned a ton. Now Twin Flames will be re-released on October 1st. Re-editing the manuscript I could clearly see how much my writing had improved over the last two years. I was pleased as well as a little distressed. ^_^ Happy to have a chance to clean up Twin Flames, I polished it as well as correcting some continuity problems. Tristan was a total queen and my editor helped me to tone him down a bit so that he didn't come off as a teenager. *cackles* I was feeling pretty frustrated when I wrote that first chapter.

The blog tour posts will flow into each other, like a continuing conversation. Since this a re-release I was trying to keep from giving away spoilers to those who haven't read the series yet, which was harder than I thought it would be.

Another great thing that came out of re-editing Twin Flames was the final word count met Less Than Three's minimum for printing. I will be giving a couple away for the blog tour along with a really nice canvas tote bag, coffee cup, and some other pieces of swag. I've attached the list of blog tour stops. You can enter every day by identifying that day's Twin Flames Fact

I hope to see you there!!

Blog Tour Stops

9/28 – GGR Reviews (
9/29 – The Novel Approach (
9/30 – Prism Alliance (
10/1 – MM Good Book Reviews (
10/2 – World of Diversity Fiction (
10/3 – Piper Vaughn (
10/4 – L. Dean Pace-Frech (

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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