Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fate and Destinies - A Quick Bite

Sometimes when I'm writing, I'll finish a sentence or a paragraph, and in that one moment, I'll sit back and reread what I've penned with a small smile because it's almost perfect. 

One of the WIPs I'm close to finishing ("close" as to mean I've another 30k or so to write) Fate and Destinies. It is the full story that last summer's Fated only hinted at.

For those who haven't read Fate, it is a free read you can get here: (http://www.mmromancegroup.com/110465). 

Because of restrictions and such, I felt the relationship in Fated was rushed. In Fate and Destinies I reworked Roi's and Ewen's courtship and extended it so it's not going to read exactly the same. Ewen's brother, Donn, will have his own POV in the story for he has a part to play in the mystery of the curse that afflicts his people.

Today I was writing one of Donn's chapters and this one bit of dialogue I really liked. This is the 1st draft of the story but I doubt I will change this part much at all.

"What you behold before you be a man, Donn, who will no' be hard to slay. Even as we be the same, we differ. Albeit, your concern warms my breast. Evidence of your yearning greets my sight, tickles my nose, and I find it hard to harness my patience. I would bed you, if you allow. What say you?"

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