Friday, November 22, 2013

Chapter Three - Leap of Faith

Last day! I wish this was longer. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed writing this little story. I hope you liked it. I'm thinking about adding another scene to this because I really want to know what they do when they get home. I think that will be a reward for myself when I finish writing Fate and Destinies.

Don't be shy if you have a comment. I am expanding it and would love to hear your thoughts. What would you like to see? Or if  I was thinking about doing a sequel, do you think the best friend can be redeemed?

Thank you for reading!!

Copyright © 2013, Lexi Ander
A Leap of Faith

Chapter Three


Ben was terrified he'd screwed up. He should've admitted he wanted to go to dinner with Dawson as his date but he'd chickened out at the last second and ran. He grabbed a couple of Clorox wipes, ignored the probing glances Dawson threw his way, and started cleaning his station.

He'd seen the way Dawson watched him when Dawson thought he wasn't paying attention. Ben had been patient and waited for Dawson to make a move. He wasn't sure what spurred him to ask Dawson out but he felt like a fool. He'd ruined what had started out as a great morning.

"Did you want me to finish the tail of the phoenix today?" Dawson flipped through the appointment book at the counter. Alice, their office help, had asked for the day off so they had to man the front desk between appointments.

"What's on the books for today?" Ben made himself stop cleaning the chair before he wore a hole in the vinyl.

"The morning appointments were rescheduled. As long as we don't have any walk-ins, I can finish up your bird in no time."

"All right," he said before he thought it through. He'd probably regret working the rest of the day after Dawson finished the tattoo but he didn't care. It was an excuse to have Dawson touch him.

He pulled his T-shirt over his head and lay face down on the chair. Ben closed his eyes and waited. When Dawson started working, he concentrated on the brush of Dawson's fingers. He was grateful he lay on his stomach because it hid the erection he got every time he was in Dawson's chair. The sting of the needle didn't take away from his fantasies.

"So, this date tonight," Dawson's voice was smooth and low. "I imagine I'll need a suit."

Ben swallowed past the lump in his throat, he felt like a giddy teenager because Dawson called it a 'date'.

"Only if you want to."

Dawson gave him a stinging smack on the ass and Ben thought he was going to lose it and come in the chair. "What the hell, man?" he panted, struggling for control. He'd never told anyone about those secret desires.

"Don't placate me. The invitation has been posted on the fridge for a while. I'm well aware of the restaurant and their dress code. Give me a little credit. I would've said no if I couldn't swing it."

Ben panted softly, well aware that Dawson hadn't moved his hand from Ben's ass.

"Now, do I need to wear a complete suit with a tie or can I get by with a dress shirt and pants?" Dawson squeezed Ben's ass cheek and he couldn't help but to push up into Dawson's large palm. "Well?" Dawson prompted.

Ben drew in a couple of deep breaths and struggled to control his body. "You don't need a complete suit."

"Better," Dawson purred and soothed Ben's stinging ass cheek.

He vehemently wished he were naked. He couldn't count how many fantasies he'd had of Dawson taking him in that very chair.

"Ben, are you listening to me?" Another smack hit his other ass cheek and he bucked in the chair.

"What the hell, man?" Ben rolled to his side to see Dawson.

The man stared back at him, lust stamped on his features. Nothing was hidden from Ben, including the outline of a large hard cock trapped in Dawson's jeans.

"You weren't complaining." Dawson's eyes boldly traveled the length of Ben's body. "In fact, I think you loved the hell out of it and," Dawson palmed Ben's dick, rubbing the erection through the pants, "I'm pretty sure you want me to do more than smack your ass." Ben embarrassed himself with a whimper when Dawson's hand withdrew. "My question was, since we're going on a date, does that mean I get to kiss you? But I think I already have my answer."

Ben's heart beat hard in his chest. "You want to kiss me?"

The bell over the door jingled. Dawson leaned in and whispered. "Oh, I want to do more than merely kiss you."

David Burk, Ben's lawyer, stood by the front counter. "Hi, Ben, Dawson. I have the contracts for the sale for you to sign, Ben."

David was Annie's boyfriend and he'd helped Ben navigate separating his property from Javier and the legal mess of selling his half of the advertising firm. As much as Ben loved David for all of his help, the man had picked the worst time to drop by. Dawson slathered A&D Ointment on Ben's lower back and affixed a bandage to the newly inked skin of the phoenix's tail. Scowling, Ben discreetly adjusted himself before leaving the chair. Dawson chuckled evilly, sending a chill through Ben.

"Hey, David," Ben replied then cleared the gruffness from his throat. "Are you and Annie going to be at the dinner tonight?"

David set the briefcase on the counter and grinned.

"We'll be there, although Annie is having a fit because she wanted us to spend the evening alone." A rakish expression crossed David's face. "I'll have to make it up to her."

Ben accepted one of the packets. "I don't know what is more disturbing. The expression on your face or that you're talking about my sister."

David laughed. "Oh, I've heard how Annie talks with you. I'm nowhere near as graphic as she is."

Ben listened intently as David explained what each bundle contained, initialing and signing where indicated. He lost count of how many packets he signed off on. The door jingled and Ben ignored the newcomer, knowing that Dawson would handle the walk-in. He signed the last page, feeling like he'd cut off the last of the dead weight from his past.

"Where is he?"

Ben froze. He knew that voice even if he hadn't heard it in a long time. There were some things you never forgot.

David moved away from Ben. "Sam, what are you doing here?"

"I tailed you, David. Javier said today was the day of the sale and I knew you would meet with Ben. He doesn't go to your office and so I followed you. I know he's here somewhere. Is he hiding in the back? He can't run from me forever."

"Sam, do you know how wrong it is to shadow me?" The anger in David's voice was audible. "You can't make Ben see or talk to you if he doesn't want to."

Ben turned to see David had stepped in front of him, blocking Sam's view. Dawson stood off to the side, arms crossed as he scowled. Ben hadn't wanted to talk to Sam. There was nothing Sam could say that would mend their relationship. He'd thought Sam would move on. Obviously he was wrong.

"He didn't give us—me a chance to explain. You don't throw away a lifetime for nothing."

That's rich.

"I'm pretty sure it wasn't for nothing, Sam," Ben bit out.

He was acutely aware that he hadn't put his shirt back on. The way Sam's eyes slid down his body made him uncomfortable. Had Sam always gazed at me with naked desire?

"Ben?" Sam stepped completely around David, eyes rounding as he scanned Ben's muscular frame. "What happened to you?"

He considered Sam's artfully disheveled appearance and knew his ratty blue jeans and hiking boots were a far cry from what Sam had normally seen him wear in the past. The small changes Ben made to his appearance had to be shocking to his former friend.

Ignoring Sam's questions, Ben approached Dawson. "Can you hand over my shirt? My first client will be here in fifteen."

"Dammit, Ben! Don't ignore me. Wait, are you wearing eyeliner? When did you start that? Holy shit, what is with the earrings? Not that it's bad, you're fucking hot, but this isn't you." Sam's hands waved in the air at Ben.

He presented his back to Dawson and gave Sam a hard stare. "What would you know about that?"

"If you hadn't cut me out of your life, I would know…" He waved a hand at Ben again.

Ben shook his head at Sam's words. "That's not my fault."

His former friend ran a hand through his hair, glancing around and scrutinizing the shop. "So you—what—work here now. You sold your interest in the firm for this place? You could do much better—you know that—come back home. You can't be happy in this dump."

He felt Dawson stiffen behind him. "I'm part owner of this dump," Ben snapped. "You don't get to judge me or my friends. Your opinion isn't needed or wanted."

Sam's face flushed a bright red. "What? Are you screwing another one of your business partners?"

Dawson's hands held firmly onto Ben's hips, derailing Ben's thought of knocking Sam out. The man's touch reminded him where he was, who he was. "No, that would be you screwing my partner, Sam. What I'm doing now is none of your damn affair," he spat back.

Sam's voice softened, the anger leaching out of the tone. "Look, Ben, that's not what I meant. I'm angry and jealous. I've been searching for you for months and you've changed everything about yourself to get back at us. I get it. I really do, but it's time to come home. You gotta know that we love you. Dammit, I love you and you can't leave us—leave me like that. We were going to talk to you about it, and there didn't seem to be a good time, then we were afraid you wouldn't be open to a three-way relationship. You didn't give us a chance to explain. It could work, but you walked away like we meant nothing to you. How could you? You were supposed to love us or was that a lie too?"

Ben studied Sam. What was he supposed to say to all that? Where would he even start?

Dawson stepped from behind Ben, his large hand falling onto the nape of Ben's neck.

"Sam," Dawson said, drawing the man's attention. "I don't imagine you'd recall who I am, but I most certainly remember you." Dawson turned his arresting blue eyes to Ben. "You blew it, pal. Friends don't do what you did, and just so you know, Ben's not interested in what you have to offer now, any more than he was back then." Dawson's eyes flicked down to Ben's lips. "I'll take that kiss now," he said softly.

Ben gave a startled laugh as Dawson pulled him in. He expected a heated crush of lips and was surprised by the gentle brush of Dawson's mouth over his. A hand cupped the back of his head and the other palmed his ass, drawing his body flush with Dawson's. The hard line of Dawson's erection against his hip had him opening his mouth in a moan that was quickly swallowed by Dawson's masterful kiss. Ben slipped his arms around Dawson's waist and he wished their clothes were gone. He ached to feel Dawson's skin next to his.

A tongue swiped across his and he opened wider, slanting his head as he chased Dawson's taste. The slow exploration turned to hot panting and muffled groans as the desire bounced between the two of them. Reluctantly, they parted to gasp for air.

"Ben, Dawson," David said from the doorway. "It's been a pleasure to see you."

Dawson licked and sucked on Ben's chin before kissing his way down the column of Ben's neck.

David chuckled, his free hand grasping Sam's elbow. "I'll tell your parents something came up and you won't make dinner. I don't think that I have to warn you to be prepared for Annie's visit tomorrow."

Ben barely registered David leaving, dragging a protesting Sam with him. He didn't care. Dawson was driving him crazy with his kisses. Dawson pulled away, his hair a little wild, pupils swallowed by lust.

"Your appointment will arrive any minute," Dawson reminded him.

Ben glanced around and pulled in a couple of calming breaths. "You expect me to work after that?" He'd much rather go into the back room and beg Dawson to fuck him.

Dawson smirked as if he could read Ben's thoughts. "David did us a favor and gave us the evening together. Life doesn't stop simply because you're horny."

The door chimed. Ben shot a glare at Dawson's sly smile before pulling on his T-shirt. Glancing at the clock, he mentally counted down the time to close. His body hummed with new excitement.

The past year had been hard but it hadn't broken him. As hurt and distraught as he'd been the night he'd met Dawson, he'd still had the ability to take a leap of faith that had changed his life for the better.

He peeked at Dawson who diligently cleaned his station. Dawson had renewed his faith in people and friends. And hopefully, later on that night, they'd take their friendship one step further. Ben was excited to see where it would lead.



The End


  1. Oh no! The end! Yes, please to seeing what happens when they get home.

    If you expand this story, I would love to see some kind of confrontation with Javier. I think both he and Sam got off too easy. Maybe they still go to dinner and run into them at the restaurant. Javier ending up with a black eye or busted lip would not make me sad.(he-he)

    It would have been bad enough for Ben to just walk in on the two of them. But with a third person in front of a bunch of their employees? I know they were friends for a long time but I don't see how Ben could ever forgive Sam or trust him again. Real friends don't do things like that.

    1. LOL! I'm running a couple things around in my head. I'll make sure Javier and Sam get their just deserts.

  2. Yeah I would love to see this expanded, even if you don't feel in the year they've been together. Expanding the end with a confrontation between Javier and a sexy scene between Ben and Dawson.

    1. I agree. It's missing that sexy scene between Ben and Dawson. I am considering adding a scene or two in the middle and several after this chapter. ^_^

  3. I always want more. :)
    I can't see forgiving Sam.

    1. Ben forgiving Sam would be extremely hard. Best friends don't do things like that. But maybe Sam learns a lesson from this, straightens up and forges a new path for himself. hummm. Maybe. :-)

  4. Reading this was like almost climaxing and having it snatched away right at the precipice. .. So good while reaching the peak but sucky when you dont fall off. Smh... ;-).. loved this short... I was thinking of the forging a different path for Sam. After that level of betrayal there is no coming back and maybe a little bit of in between to fill in what happened. The ex needs his ass kicked. Then maybe a little redemption from someone else. A love interest that starts as a fling but wants nothing else... a few thoughts to get the juices flowing...

    1. LOL! I so agree. When I wrote the story for the call it came in just under the max word count so there wasn't room to write Ben and Dawson taking the next step. That definitely will be remedied. :) Yes, Sam can no longer be a part of Ben's life. He made a mess that he can't fix but it doesn't mean he can't turn into a better man because of it. ^_^ I'm still undecided on how Javier gets his comeuppance.

      Thank you for reading, Evi!

  5. Even though I would really like to see Ben and Dawson taking the next step I would love to see what they both went through in the year to lead up to this point. Still like to see Sam and Javier get what they deserve though.

    1. Hi, Bobbie! I agree and decided to do both, fill in that year and add several scenes at the end that will close out there story nicely. Thank you so much for read and leaving a comment. <3