Saturday, July 9, 2016

What's On The Reading Radar #WishList #TBR

What a busy week! Editing and more editing. I haven't had much time to read as much as I wanted to. It happens when I'm in that editing zone. I don't concentrate on much else. I told myself I would get to the gym more this week, but nada. It didn't happen. I anticipated that would be busy and ended up creating this post a couple of weeks ago so I'd have at least one blog post this week that was my own. When I do that then I run the chance of reading something on my #wishlist before the post goes live. The first title, Spell Weaver, is an example. I read it last week along with one further down, F*ck Forgiveness. If you're wondering, yes, I would recommend both of them. :)

Title: Spell Weaver
Author(s): Megan Derr
Length: 14k
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre:  Romance / Bisexual / Fairy Tales / Fantasy / Gay / Peacock /

Notes: Releases June 28th

Blurb: Myka's dream was to someday own his shop, making and spelling suits that were prized throughout the world. Instead, he rejected an apprenticeship with a master who proved to be reprehensible—and untouchable—and lost everything. Now, he works in a derelict shop in the wrong part of town, and it's only a matter of time before he's caught spelling without a license or thrown out by his odious landlord.

The only bright part of his days are the occasional visits from his best client, Johan, a man who works in the palace and always brings the finest suits to have spelled. When he accidentally leaves behind an invitation to the royal ball, Myka takes it, determined to have one evening where he can enjoy himself—and perhaps even spend time with Johan as something other than a spell weaver.

Title: Buried Secrets
Author(s): Hank Edwards 
Length: 153 pages
Publisher: Wild City Press

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Suspense / Mystery / Horror? / 


Blurb: Bryson Franklin made bad choices in his past. When he inherits his grandparents’ farm outside the small town of Willow River, however, he sees it as a chance for a fresh start. But patterns from his past resurface when Bryson takes up with Daniel Riggs, his bad boy neighbor, and he soon finds himself helping Daniel cover up a murder. After Bryson breaks things off with Daniel, the kindness and attention of handsome sheriff’s deputy Sam LeClaire gives him hope, but when Daniel shows up on Bryson’s doorstep a year later, will Bryson be able to resist temptation?

Title: Ronin 
Series: Book 1
Author(s): P.L. Nunn
Length: 280 pages
PublisherP.L. Nunn

Genre:  Gay / Romantic Elements / Dark Romance / Fantasy / 

Notes: Only available at the author's website. PDF only.

Blurb: First of three zines featuring my Ronin Warrior fiction. Some rewrites and lots of edits, as well as the first of my Ronin Doujinshi's, (some of my first doujinshi work ever) available only here.

Book 1 includes: Ice Storm, Flip of the Coin, Echoes of Guilt, The road to Hell and A Wolf in any other Clothing.

Doujinshi: Sai Love.

Title: Tommaso
Series: Immortal Matchmakers, 2
Author(s): Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Length: 228 pages
PublisherMimi Boutique - P&S, Inc. (May 24, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Fantasy / 


Blurb: TOMMASO, Book #2, The Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Series (Standalone)


Tommaso Fierro is used to the finer things in life--nice suits, nice car, nice house. Okay, his past isn't so nice, but that's in the past. Or at least it was until he blacked out after meeting the woman of his dreams.

Annnd possibly capturing her.
Annnd possibly terrorizing her before she got away.
Annnd discovering that he's turning into a horrible creature he loathes with all his heart.

Luckily, there's a cure. Unluckily, it will require him to track this woman down and convince her to give him a second chance. But if he finds her, will she ever believe that he's really not a monster?

Title: Innocence & Silence
Series: The Lord Jester's Legacy, 3
Author(s): E.M. Prazeman
Length: 434 pages
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre:  Slow Burn Romance / Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Completed Trilogy /


Blurb: For the love of his nation, he will go to war. 

For the love of a man, he will defy death.

For the love of freedom, he will destroy the connection between hell and earth, and sacrifice all he has ever known.

Title: Threesome Him, Him and Me
Author(s)Redfern Jon Bennett, Jeff Mann, N.S. Beranek, Evey Brett, Chris Colby, Rob Rosen, Dale Chase, Jerry Wheeler, Robert Russin
Length: 208 pages
PublisherLethe Press (February 29, 2016)

Genre:  Anthology / Gay / Poly / Contemporary / Erotica / 


Blurb: Few sexual fantasies are as potent or lasting as the threesome as an adolescent, the first time you saw a hot couple walking hand in hand and you wanted to follow them back home and into their bed, as an adult when you discover that your partner has been fantasizing also about the bartender at your favorite club. 1+1+1 = sensual delight! Editor Matthew Bright, no stranger to threesomes himself, has invited twelve authors to write stories that range from the sweet and romantic to erotic and playful and even a bit depraved.

Title: Peril
Author(s): J.E. Lorin 
Length: 305 pages
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Futuristic / Sci-fi / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy


Blurb: Two hundred years after the first spontaneous genetic mutation occurred, the world has accepted the idea of superpowers. Damon Kelly, bright, hard-working, kind-hearted, and yet lacking any mutation, is deeply involved in the powered community, writing his dissertation on superpower genetics. He’s got his work, he’s got his friends, and he’s got a new love interest, the handsome and sexy Eli Emmert. Just when everything seems like it’s falling into place, however, a new supervillain emerges in the city, and Damon finds himself swept into his orbit. Will he figure out how he attracted the villain’s attention before it’s too late, or will he succumb to the peril?

TitleNeon White 
SeriesA Tooth, Claw and Horns Chronicle, Season One
Author(s): Wulf Franc Godgluck
Length: 285 pages
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre:  Dark Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Dark Elements / 


Blurb: Detective Raven White was just a regular detective until the Revelation came and bitch slapped the human race so hard they saw the other side. 

Now, four years later Raven is forced to work as an Enforcer, dealing solely in crime cases of the supernatural and paranormal. But a new case is ripping open his own past, as the circumstances sting close to an old scar still healing on his heart.

Yet the world is stirring, other missing cases of supernaturals have been plaguing the community and as Raven pursues his leads, they might just turn around and bite him, delivering one nasty poison, complaints straight from Hell.

Bla'Gar, the Callous One, had been banished to earth a long time ago. He would not deny that his time on the earth realm had not been favorable. Yet one encounter with a beautiful human man plunges him right back into his own personal hell.

Sweeping a mere mortal off his feet and making him fall in love with you, is harder done than said. Especially if your lungs burn like ash and your heart bleeds with love for the first time in what feels like forever.

But Life and Death is an infinite circle, spinning and chasing each other, forever to catch up with the other... And it seems so it has with Bla’Gar’s beloved pet.

The question is; what is Bla’Gar willing to sacrifice to save his beloved Rave? 

And what is Raven prepare to lose in order to survive it?

Title: Demon Duke
SeriesParanormal Nobles Book 2
Author(s): SJ Frost
Length: 235 pages
Publisher: MLR Press

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Demons / Vampires / 


Blurb: As a witch, Calvin Blackwood knows the dangers of demons, but to save his brother, he's willing to enter into a deal with demon duke, Sal, and give him anything the demon wants in return, including himself. 

A month ago, Calvin Blackwood found himself in the company of vampires, having been hired to use his talent as a witch to summon a demon. That demon ended up saving his life. In the time since, he hasn't been able to forget about Sal. He knows entering a deal with a demon is dangerous, but to save his brother, binding himself to the beautiful demon might be worth the risk.

Sal is a duke among demons. An immortal being, more powerful than a vampire, but who has one admitted weakness, a fondness for humans. When Calvin comes to him to make a deal, he's hesitant, but can't deny his need to be closer to him. He also knows if he doesn't help him, Calvin will summon another demon, and he knows all too well the treachery of his own kind.

Desire and trust builds between Calvin and Sal. Their relationship grows, but so does a hidden threat, and it might take power greater than a demon duke to save them. It might take that of a witch.

Title: Purr-suasion
Author(s): Pelaam
Length: 38 pages
Publisher: Fireborn

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Flashfiction / Paranormal / Shifters /


Blurb: Jamie is a self-confessed geek and likes nothing better than to be stretched on the beach, reading his books--unless it's watching Trent, a handsome shifter and surfer, and the unrequited love of Jamie's life. 

When anonymous gifts are left on Jamie's doorstep, he wishes they were from Trent, but there's no clue to his mystery admirer.

Following a terrifying run-in with some of Trent's gang, Jamie's heartbroken and convinced his crush set him up. But when danger strikes, Jamie needs to be a hero, using his own shifter ability.

With a little purr-suasion, Jamie can find all his dreams come true.

Title: Nami
Author(s): Victoria Zagar
Length: 56 pages
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Multicultural / Fantasy / Historical / 


Blurb: The Empire is sweeping the land, taking cities and towns by force. Nami, a young priest dedicated to the Goddess Ceres, is ready to sacrifice himself as Numidia falls, but his slave, lover, and protector Avan saves Nami from the temple flames against his will. 

Alive and outraged, Nami travels to the city of Gran Terra to consult the Great Temple, but Avan’s love is changing Nami’s worldview. When he sees the Great Temple has become a hive of greed and indulgence, he challenges the idea of dying for a deity. However, the High Priest has another idea, and Nami will have to find every ounce of strength inside himself if he’s to escape the Temple alive with Avan by his side.

Title: Dystopia Spell
Series: Multiverse Mashup, 1 
Author(s): Brian Olsen
Length: 293 pages
PublisherBrian Olsen; 1 edition (May 20, 2016)

Genre:  Urban Fantasy / Sci-fi / LGBTIAQ Characters /


Blurb: Are your swashbuckling pirates battling killer robots? Is a masked slasher lurking in your cozy mystery? 

Does your space opera have too little space and too much opera?

When genres collide, Jed is there to pick up the pieces…and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Jed Ryland is an agent of the Crossroads, always on watch for incompatible universes smashing together. This time out, a dystopian society where teens are forced to battle for their lives is invaded by monsters from a sword-and-sorcery fantasy realm.

Jed’s mission: keep the teens alive, repel the invasion, topple the oppressive government, locate the artifact pulling the worlds together, and prevent the utter destruction of both universes.

Piece of cake.

Title: Mourning Mist
Author(s): Kevin Matthews
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books


Notes: Not yet released. I found it on the publishers coming soon page.

Blurb: TBD

Title: Journeys in Kallisor
SeriesRed Jade Book 1
Author(s): Stephen J. Wolf
Length: 333 pages
PublisherStephen J. Wolf; 1 edition (October 27, 2015)

Genre:  High Fantasy / Action Adventure / LGBTIAQ Characters / 


Blurb: Two kingdoms, devastated by generations of conflict. One powerful artifact, capable of bringing peace to the land—once and for all.

It’s been twenty years since Delminor attempted to unite the shattered shards of the Red Jade, and twenty years since the mage’s quest was cut tragically short. Now Dariak, another Hathren mage, tries locating the remaining pieces and bringing an end to all wars.

But in the mage-intolerant kingdom of Kallisor, it isn’t long before he runs into trouble. When a farmer named Gabrion, grief-stricken by the kidnapping of his girlfriend, brings a captured Dariak before the Kallisorian king, both men wind up sent to the dungeons—until a thief named Kitalla, endowed with a unique magical power, secures their escape.

Now the three strangers, hailing from warring kingdoms, find themselves working together to locate the pieces of the Red Jade. But it proves to be a journey fraught with dangers, as the trio battles feral creatures and other mysterious forces along the way.

Red Jade: Book I combines action and adventure with a magical world of high fantasy in the captivating first installment of a four-book series.

Title: Demon Within
Series: The Silver Legacy, 2
Author(s): Alex Westmore
Length: 268 pages

Genre:  Romance / Lesbian / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Demons / Witches /


Blurb: Heartbroken but not alone, Denny Silver finds her body overtaken by an ancient force so powerful she risks losing herself completely to its dangerous agenda. As if hunting and killing demons wasn’t hard enough, now the demons are after an innocent, young girl whose Wiccan womb seems the perfect incubator for their hell spawn. Like Denny can just stand back and let that happen. 

She can barely control herself or her demon these days, so how in the hell is she supposed to protect the world? Add to all this the fact that her brother now faces the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit, her mother is a vegetable, and her little sister has been removed from her protection, and—yeah—it’s been one hell of a fucked up year for Denny.

Desperate, she seeks help from the last place she expected to look: the local coven. She knows their help comes with a price tag. Will it be too high to pay? Can they help her level the playing field in a supernatural world bent on destroying all she holds dear? Find out as Denny and her merry band of supernatural rejects attempt to save Savannah from certain doom in Demon Within.

Title: Rifter
Series: Traitors at Teteris
Author(s): Jason Kent
Length: 313 pages
Publisher: Self-pub

Genre:  Sci-fi / Action Adventure / LGBTIAQ Characters / 


Blurb: Kill the bad guy, rescue the girl, save humanity…just another day in the Rift. 

For those who travel beyond the Boundary, death awaits. For Travis Spencer, avoiding death inside the Rift is an everyday occurrence. As a Rifter, Travis works what salvage he can find out on the Boundary along with the occasional smuggling run, doing whatever it takes to keep fuel in his ship. His only company is a beautiful shape-shifter named Shay, whose goal in life is to ensure Travis remains single and frustrated. Travis and Shay’s world is turned upside-down when they rescue the mysterious Nia from marauding Vrtra attackers, dragon-like aliens who don’t take kindly to trespassers through their Boundary home. Turns out, Nia isn’t from the Rift and the secrets she holds are explosive. For Travis, it’s another day saving his fellow humans from certain annihilation!

Title: Runes of Fate
Series: Siss Raudulfsdatter, 1
Author(s): Lena North
Length: 226 pages
PublisherFlat-out; 1 edition (June 24, 2016)

Genre:  High Fantasy / Mystery / Gods & Goddesses / 


Blurb: It's the annual midwinter gathering, and Sissa Raudulfsdatter is locked into a shed – bound, gagged and waiting to be led out to the altar where she will be sacrificed. 

There has never been any human sacrifice in the village before, but this year Jarl Ingolf decided that the gods require one to give their good graces back.

Sissa is determined to face her fate with dignity and courage but as she waits for them to bring her out to the altar, the herbs her mother has put in her final meal makes her dizzy and finally, she faints.

The morning after the sacrifice she wakes up, still alive and still in the shed. After shouting for help, Sissa's brother opens the door, but he's shocked to see her because they all thought Sissa was killed the evening before. It's soon discovered that another girl was sacrificed instead. The village is in uproar and Jarl Ingolf, who performed the sacrifice himself, is devastated.

The Jarl’s brother, Einarr, is given the task to find out what has happened and because of her ability to figure things out, and since she's the only one clearly innocent, he asks Sissa to help him. One of the suspects is Einarr’s only son Josteinn, the boy Sissa has had her eyes on her whole life, but there are others who could be guilty, and as Sissa and Einarr learn more, things start to become dangerous.

When Josteinn starts to pay her attention, Sissa has to decide how she wants to live her life. Can she be content living her life in the village as Josteinn's thrall, his property? Or have the gods carved different runes of fate into the roots of Yggdrasil for her?

Title: The Elfmaid's Curse
Series: The Elfmaid Trilogy
Author(s): Warren Thomas
Length: 313 pages
PublisherRollicking Dragon Press; 3 edition (January 15, 2014)

Genre:  High Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery / Action Adventure / Body Swapping Curses /


Blurb: A rollicking Sword & Sorcery Fantasy adventure.
Warrior born, warrior bred, Sir Danic of Drakehorn has faced death, capture, dismemberment, and torture, but he is not prepared for this curse — trapped inside the body of a beautiful elfmaid!

Now she, as Danica, has one goal in life: hunt down and force the mage that traded bodies with her to switch them back. Her biggest problem might be the big, vicious world she lives in. A world of meddling gods, rogue mages and even wilder warriors is between Danica and her goal. With sword in hand, and determination in her heart, she traverses the savage steppes and desert to find the one talisman that might help her achieve victory. But is that what the gods want?

Title: Shadow of Ourselves
SeriesThe Charmers Series Book 1
Author(s): Apollo Blake
Length: 454 pages
Publisher: Self-pub

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal /


Blurb: Sky Davenport can tell when you’re lying. He can feel it.

His strange ability to feel untruths has left Sky callous and deeply guarded. Using his gift to root out liars for cash, he keeps himself and his alcoholic mother afloat, counting down the days until he has a way out. The arrival of a mysterious boy named Hunter changes everything. He endangers — and then saves — Sky’s life, on top of awakening new powers he didn’t know he possessed. And now he can’t get rid of them.

But the boys have bigger problems: a mystic bond has chained their powers together, and a dangerous enemy stalks them ruthlessly through the frozen streets of the city. If the madman gunning for Hunter’s life doesn’t kill them, then the hectic cocktail of paranormal beings living unseen among the mortal world just might. Not to mention their own inner demons — always hovering, ready to destroy the fragile trust growing between them.

For a chance at breaking the bond, Hunter and Sky will have to stick together — which may mean confronting their dangerous attraction. . .and awakening an ancient magik that could destroy all of the barriers Sky’s worked to build.

The only things that’s certain is this: if they fail, they die. No second chances.

Title: Saving Samuel
SeriesManchester Ménage Collection Book 1
Author(s): Nicole Colville
Length: 294 pages
PublisherHidden Pleasures; 1 edition (March 27, 2015)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Firemen / Cops / Poly / 


Blurb: Police officer Milo and Fireman Daniel have been dating off and on for six years, but it always seems more off than on. Just when their relationship reaches breaking point, someone enters their lives, unknowingly helping the confused couple work through their differences. 

Falling in love with the man Daniel rescued and who Milo is investigating as a potential arson suspect isn’t a conventional start to any relationship, especially one which includes a mysterious blond who’s afraid to stop running. But they both see what didn’t work out as a couple, could work out as a ménage.

Daniel and Milo unite to help save Samuel, but quickly realise he’s not the only one being saved.

With so many obstacles in their way threatening to destroy the future they desire, all three have to fight to create a bond too strong for anyone or anything to break.

Meet the first three men in my Manchester Ménage Collection.

Title: Hunter
Series: A Carolina Bad Boys Spinoff; 
Bad Boys of Retribution MC Book 1Author(s): Rie Warren
Length: 221 pages
PublisherRie Warren; 1 edition (June 2, 2015)

Genre:  Contemporary / Romance / Biker MC / Alpha Males / 


Blurb: Standalone erotic romance from the world of Carolina Bad Boys! Hunter Sexton is too hot to handle . . .

My call-sign is GHOST. My roadname, too. I keep my head down, stay off the grid, fly under the radar. I’m the rough, gruff, good guy who does bad things for pay.

JB is my most recent mistake. The MC babe is innocence wrapped up in a rockin’ body. Don’t get me wrong, she has a wicked side, too. She’s kickass in bed, when we make it that far. But she’s the ultimate wholesome good girl, and I don’t want to dirty her up.

Hey, no one said life was all fun and games, right?

Good girl? I prefer to think of myself as a rebellious hellion. I live my life like I ride my bike: carefree, in your face, and full throttle. My soft side? Well, that’s reserved for my job.

I’m not looking for love, and I certainly don’t need any relationship complications. Too bad complicated is the only way Hunter comes.

He’s a quiet, deadly storm. He prowls. He hunts me. He wants me. He’s sexy, sinful . . . secretive. Hunter will turn my life inside out no thanks to his dangerous past about to come back and bite us both in the ass.

Who’s gonna save us now?

Warning: Graphic sex, graphic action, graphic language. Triple X caution.

Title: Blood & Milk
Author(s): NR Walker
Length: 262 pages
PublisherBlueHeart Press (June 23, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Contemporary / Gay / Multicultural / 


Blurb: ** LGBT Romance. 

Heath Crowley is an Australian man, born with two different coloured eyes and the gift—or curse—of having premonition dreams. He also has nothing left to live for. Twelve months after having his life upended, his dreams tell him where he needs to be. So with nothing―and no one―to keep him in Sydney, he simply boards a plane for Tanzania. Not caring if he lives or dies, Heath walks into a tribe of Maasai and asks to stay. Granted permission, he leaves behind the name and heartbreak of Heath and starts over with the new Maasai name of Alé.

From the day of his birth, Damu has always been an outcast. The son of the chief and brother to the great warrior leader, Damu is reminded constantly that he’s not good enough to be considered a man in the eyes of his people. Ordered to take responsibility for Alé, Damu shares with him the ways of the Maasai, just as Alé shares with Damu the world outside the acacia thorn fence. But it’s more than just a cultural exchange. It’s about trust and acceptance, finding themselves, and a true sense of purpose.
Under the African sky on the plains of the Serengeti, Heath finds more than just a reason to live. He finds a man like no other, and a reason to love.

Title: Curse of Blades
Series: Book 2
Author(s): Ryder Bailey
Length: 128 pages
Publisher: Self-pubped 

Genre:  Romance / Gay / High Fantasy / Royalty / Action Adventure /


Blurb: Coulta has helped bring Wildas, Crown Prince of Phelin, home to the capital of Ryal. As the prince's new protector he is charged with Wildas's safety while the threat of war looms like a shadow over Ryal and assassins search for them. His curse binds him to his duty even as his own life is put in danger to protect the prince, and it's a curse he knows he will never live without. 

Wildas longs to give Coulta a better life than what he is used to, but all he can do is offer friendship and respect to the best of his ability - and pray that Coulta never sacrifices his life to save Wildas's. And all he can give to Myri the healer and Anil the horsemistress, the others who helped bring him safely home, are new jobs while they wait on news of the homes and loved ones they left behind.

But Ryal is no longer the safest place to live and royalty not the safest friends to have when others are planning on the absolute destruction of the royal family.

TitleSaint Elm's Deep
Series: The Legend of Vanx Malic
Author(s): MR Mathias
Length: 295 pages
Publisher: Self-pubbed

Genre:  High Fantasy / Action Adventure / LGBTIAQ Characters / 


Blurb: The Legend of Vanx Malic continues with Book Three, "Saint Elm's Deep" After finding a map on a grueling hunt, Vanx and his new companions decide to travel deep into the Bitterpeaks, where a fabled hoar witch's crystal palace supposedly sits hidden in a valley called Saint Elm's Deep. The story deepens, as we delve into Vanx's past and the future of as unlikely a group of heroes as you will ever find. Action and adventure, drama and thrills, and a barrel keg full of fantasy adventure await readers in Saint Elm's Deep, the third installment of The Legend of Vanx Malic.

TitleThe Valjevo Encounter
Series: Encounters With Evil
Author(s): J. Vaughn
Publisher: Divergent Publishing

Genre:  Dark Urban Fantasy / Action Adventure / Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Vampires /

Notes: This can't be found on Amazon. I'm guessing the cover is banned or something. It can be purchased through the publishers website. The blurb was what sold me.

Blurb: When an imposing man dressed in black leather, riding a Harley, and sporting a mysterious eye patch charges into an alley and saves college senior Melvin “Tigger” Jacobsen from a creature with soulless, solid black eyes and glistening fangs, sparks begin to fly. Too bad they may not live long enough to explore their irresistible attraction.

Guy Salluci is a vampire hunter who works for a highly covert organization called EERIE. He is Mel’s dream man come-to-life. His bulging muscles and stern countenance are a sharp contrast to the gentle care he gives the injured Mel.

Until now Mel’s biggest challenge was finding a studly boyfriend who will put up with his terminal geekiness. When he finds himself on the run from the vampire, Valjevo, who has targeted him for his next meal, Guy puts him into protective custody at his hidden Mercer Island residence. Mel finds himself falling head-over-heels for the enigmatic vampire hunter—a man torn between his ravenous desires and the horrors of his twisted past. But is Guy even capable of returning Mel’s affection?

When Valjevo hunts Mel down, intent on torture, mayhem, and satisfying his vampire lust, Mel’s only hope is to be rescued by Guy. But the vampire hunter turns out to be not entirely human and unexpectedly vulnerable.

Publisher’s note: Contains scenes of graphic violence, male/male sex, brief non-con, and mild BDSM.

TitleF*ck Forgiveness
SeriesReclamation 1
Author(s): BA Tortuga
Length: 47 pages
PublisherChangeling Press LLC (June 17, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Second Chances / Paranormal / Shifters / 

Notes: I read the original version of this several years ago and loved it. I understand it had been rewritten and expanded. Can't wait.

Blurb: When reformed shifter Danny comes back to Texas as part of his twelve-step program, Declan couldn't be less interested in forgiving him. Declan thinks Danny got scared when he left five years ago, and has labeled his ex a coward. When he finds out the truth, though, Dec sets about letting Danny know he's welcome to come home anytime.

Title: His Wolven Warrior
Series: Bloodlines, 3
Author(s): Kelex
Length: 137 pages
PublisherTwisted E-Publishing, LLC; 1st edition (May 30, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / 


Blurb: Born a mixed blood amongst the strict Hokkaido, Takeo has always been seen as an outcast. The shadow warrior has remained on the fringes, called on from time to time to do the jobs no one else would do. When he’s commanded to New York City to steal a token item from an Eastern Gray Wolf, he begrudgingly goes as bidden. Once he arrives, he’s tempted by his mark’s twin brother. Losing focus, he’s almost caught somewhere he does not belong and hides—leading him to unwittingly play voyeur. Unable to get the male out of his mind after, he struggles with the desire beating in his heart. Tanner McManus has a fresh face in his bed nearly every night. When he meets a sexy, mysterious male who nearly demands to be taken to that bed, Tanner willingly obliges—and has a night neither can forget. For once Tanner wants more than one night, and it ends up being with someone he shouldn’t want. When Tanner is charged with murder—it’s up to Takeo to prove Tanner is innocent. That is, if Tanner’s willing to look past who Takeo is long enough to help him find the truth. And maybe find themselves with each other.

TitleRoadhouse Reds
Author(s): Layala Dorine
Length: 342 pages
Publisher Wayward Ink Publishing (June 17, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Sci-fi / Aliens / Paranormal /


Blurb: Born moments before his parents crashed landed on Earth, Jason was raised in foster care. As soon as he was old enough, he packed his backpack and hit the road. Just him and his bike. Now a jaded young man, living above a roadhouse diner and bar with several other misfits, he struggles to understand friendships, relationships, and the bonds of family.

Unbeknownst to Jason, other refugees from the planet Altiss also made it safely to Earth. After discovering Jason living as a human, they seek to safeguard him and his fledgling abilities.
As Jason’s powers begin to manifest, his mate arrives on earth looking to claim him. Ano ki stalks Jason, seeking to gain his trust, and his proximity only intensifies Jason’s burgeoning magic.
Fearing they will be dragged back to the planet they fled, the refugees prepare to do battle. In Jason, they believe they may have what is needed to tip the scales in their favor.

Left with no choice but to accept his heritage and learn to fight, Jason struggles with some harsh lessons about love and trust amidst a backdrop of battle and betrayal.

TitleHome Is Where You Are
Series: The Alpha's Homestead, 1
Author(s): Alex Jane
Length: 185 pages
Publisher Wayward Ink Publishing (June 17, 2016)

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Historical / Shifter-Twist / Paranormal /


Blurb: By the winter of 1870, Caleb Fletcher has carved out a sheltered existence for himself in a simple cabin, outside a small town in the backwaters of Nebraska, resigned to living out his days as a solitary wolf. But his quiet life is interrupted when another werewolf lands on his doorstep on the eve of a snowstorm, brutalized almost beyond repair, with nowhere else to turn. 

When Caleb reluctantly welcomes Jacob into his cabin, and eventually his bed, it forces him to face up to the traumas he’s been running from; the shame that made him leave his pack behind, and the horrors of war he endured.

As the weeks pass, it seems that Jacob’s arrival might not be the coincidence it first appeared. Jacob has an agenda. One that involves Caleb. And if Caleb agrees to it – if he can let go of his past and his prejudices – it will change Caleb’s whole world. Maybe even for the better.

Without a mate – a family, a pack – a wolf has no home.

But what if home finds you?
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