Friday, August 21, 2015

Extra! Extra! Who Has A Story Prompt?

I was looking through Amazon's recommendations for me, which is diverse because I read everything. Anyway, on my lists are a lot of books with "Alien" in the title. Is this a thing? To waste a part of the plot or blurb on the title? I'm guessing its a search thing which is sad. If so many are using titles like that then there needs to be a category. For me, if there is a giveaway in the title, I automatically skip it. Seriously, nothing about those titles are enticing to me. 

I also saw weird shifter titles that were out of the the norm shifters. Yeti (yes, you read that correctly) and crocodiles kept popping up, not that there are a ton just the same two books everywhere. Amazon doesn't make it easy to find or browse their categories. It's like they are pushing their algorithm buy lists and I hate that as a reader. Please Amazon, make you're list easily accessible so that if I want to find gay science fiction or lesbian fantasy I don't have to do a cavity search. If I have to know the title of the book in order to find it quickly, then that is a fail on the retailers part and why I would go to All Romance first.

Once I found the best seller list, it didn't help me one whit because low and behold there was all their recommendations. Business wise, I understand that. As a reader, it wasn't what I wanted. I don't read much contemporary and I wade through those to find my sci-fi/fantasy gems. Here's another thing I find hard to believe. That out of 30+k books of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender combined category, that there was under 4k in the science fiction/fantasy sub category.

After all of that searching I was no longer interested in reading anything.

When I get frustrated enough, I end up putting together a world and storyline for what I would like to read and to later write myself. Now, if I only had the time to turn all those ideas into books. I would be a happy girl.

It was situation like this were I just wanted something to read in the little time that I had, only to spend that precious time looking for a book. Then, some how through my inner dialogue, my grumblings lead me to contemplate the idea of writing a blog story--again. (I know, one doesn't easily connect to the other but roll with it.)

My mind was like, "Hey, how hard can it be to write 300-500 words a week?" *insert loads of sarcasm* This after the most nerve wracking summer that I've had so far in my writing career. But there is a part of me that still thinks this is an excellent idea.

Then I wondered what could I write as a blog story? I have all these ideas that are already connected to stories I planned to write soon. 

So I need virgin ideas.

That is where you come in. Who has a story prompt? It needs to be Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Paranormal. As much as I would like to write contemporary, it isn't the genre for me. I don't write dub con, slave fic, or anything similar because I'm tempted to murder the MC.

So there are my limits. What are your ideas? 


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    1. I always have dragons on the brain. ^_^

  2. Mermaids, faeries, phoenix, or lovers from ulternate dimensions. Just please no vamps. I'm vamped out.

    1. Ooooohhhh, Phoenix. Hummm. What to do with one?

  3. OMG... I would loooove to see what comes of this! AHAHA..
    But don't stress yourself too much! >o< !!


    I want more mermaids! *sob* And other shifters! Like... bunnies or owls or snakes! SNAKES! <3
    Also.. yess~ Dragons that involve Mpreg and Knotting! *A*/// <3 <3
    ...and also.. Demi-gods

    As for prompts... do you mean a little something like a summary/picture like how the MMgroup does on GR?? A sentence?

    1. No pictures are necessary. Maybe a summary of a situation for a set up. I like the snake idea. They're always bad guys. They need some loving too. :D

    2. Ohoho! Then, then, I totally have one! :DDD

      GEHH!! okay~~~
      Well, this went on much longer than I hoped but I DO hope you still like and maybe get inspired!! LOL... Change whatever and let your muse sing to you~~ AHAHA <3 <3 I hope you still see this. >o< Ahaha...


    3. Snakes always had a bad rep. He just hadn't realized how bad until he accidentally wondered into another shifters territory. It's true, most of his kind actually had outward characteristics of their slithery selves, for instance, some snakes had to go their whole lives without being able to kiss their love because the poison of their counterpart was so potent that it reflected in the saliva of their human selves. Most had patterns on their skin, (Humans always thought they were tattoos) others had their eyes. (Man A) Had a little of both. A beautiful but faint pattern on his abdomen, trailing down to his legs and buttocks as well as across his back and up his neck and along his arms. He was glad that it was usually unseen unless the sunlight hit his skin in a certain way. However he also had his eyes and that was something he couldn't really hide. He so loathed to use contacts. Sometimes he just went without and said he WAS wearing contacts because although they were a normal human blue color, it was his pupil that undoubtedly resembled the slit pupil of his snake.
      He hated that because most snake shifters used their poison for...nefarious things, all their kind now had this stigma that they were all criminals. What a load of shit. And so.. here he found himself. Trying to escape the hunters now after him. Ugh, He felt every grassy blades rush across his skin. He winced internally as he slithered across another sharp edged rock. He was always so much more sensitive in this form, the coolness of damp earth, every dry crusty leaf scratch by his sensitive underbelly, if he didn't know any better, he'd really think one of those rocks would split him open as he rushed by in his speed.
      Just as he thought he was free one of the bastards after him threw a knife that so quickly embedded itself in his silky flesh. He writhed on the grassy plain. Twisting this way and that. Although he knew this would make things worse, his instincts wouldn't let him do anything less but hiss and coil around and into himself trying to dislodge the invading object.
      The pain was so profound in this form, that blackness started to overtake him. He was scared, He didn't want to be skinned like a trophy these bastards would make him into. He didn't do anything wrong! He snake just wanted that mouse! His saliva and venom pooled in his mouth, dripping down his two needle like teeth. He was going to bite the first thing that came close enough. The body heat of his hunters would run so hot there was no way he would miss his chance. There was no way....
      He hissed again, coiling and uncoiling slower.. he was loosing too much blood... If only.. if only there was someone out there who wasn't afraid of him.. if only.. someone would just.. help him.....

    4. You know, just last night I was thinking about snake shifters. ^_^ This is a really good prompt. Hmmm...

    5. Ahaha, Yay! glad you saw it and I hope it really inspires~ :DDD I'm so excited to see what might come of it. ahaha...

  4. Shifters - wolves, big cats, dragons, evil otters (sorry, just re-read Patricia Briggs River Marked) or others
    Love magic users in historical England or similar feel
    Mpreg fae / alien
    Fic Bits for The Valespian Pact series
    Looking forward to seeing what you write!

    1. Ha! Ha! Evil otters. That's cute. I have River Marked on my shelf. I should really read it if it has evil otters.