Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Has No Bounds - Playing For Keeps

The Story Is Finally UP!!

If you're not familiar with it, Love Has No Bounds is this years GoodReads M/M Romance Groups writing event. Back in March members posted pictures with Dear Author letters and anyone could grab one to write a story. There are many first timers this year that have done a fantastic job with their stories. Plus the stories are free and offered for download later on.

This is my first year to participate. At the end there, I had a slew of issues with corrupted files and a temperamental computer, among other things that delayed my submission by a couple of days.

But it's all good. I don't typically write contemporary. I have one other modern days story in the Love is Love anthology and that one is a pluffy short story. Playing For Keeps is longer and deals with a more serious subject matter. Don't get me wrong, they get there happy ever after but it's slightly angsty. I can never do really angsty because I always hear my mom's voice, "Snap out of it!"

I think the story turned out great, a little idealistic at the end but good. Later this year, I plan to back up the timeline and write a full novel about the boys.

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College running back, Trent Harte, has been living with his lovers, AJ Barnes and Brock Everett, for two years. Caught in a compromising position, rumors abound. It's hard enough to be an openly gay football player, but gossip and snide comments only adds to his stress. Threats against his partners causes Trent wonder if he should step back from the relationship.

AJ and Brock knows there is something wrong when Trent begins to pull away. A call from Trent's father only adds to the distress. AJ and Brock refuse to let him shoulder the responsibility alone and they call for help. Will Trent find the strength to withstand the pressure and hold on to those he loves? Or will AJ and Brock be too late to convince Trent that they are playing for keeps?

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