Monday, May 6, 2013

Upcoming Events, Covers, & An Except

The month of May is going to rock. I've been working through edits for book four of Sumeria's Sons, Surrounded by Crimson. It's due out on May 18th.

I'm also about finished with the Love Has No Bounds story for the M/M Romance group. Playing For Keeps is going through edits as well. (Thank you for your help Serena and Cherie!) I have to have it to the group by May 15th.

There are two other stories that I've been working on. They are side freebies for the Sumeria's Sons series that will lead into an spin-off series, Sumeria's Magi, that follows Gregori Borchetta and various Magi from Sumeria's Sons.

(just an aside here... 4 stories!!!!!! I'm tired just thinking about that! Okay, back to your regularly scheduled program.)

The two freebies that will be posted on my blog starting this Friday, May 10th. The first short, A New Beginning can be found in January 2013 Silver Shorts. I've re-edited the story, tightened up the prose and such. On Friday thru Sunday I will post about 2k a day here on the blog.

The second short, Starting Fires, will have installments of 2k-ish a day released on the blog starting on Monday, May 13th thru Friday, May 17th. During the week of the 13th leading up to the release of Surrounded By Crimson I will run a giveaway for my new release. Details for the give away will be posted on Sunday, May 12th.

Both of the short stories I will have bound into ebook format later this month. You'll be able to download a copy from GoodReads or ARe.

I would like to send out a special thank you to Tabatha Heart for designing these great covers for me and not laughing at me too much when I first asked for an ugly olive branch on the New Beginning cover. Ya'll it was hideous. Green-brown on a new green background with the olives hanging on the branch. As you can see, we didn't go with the exceptional motif. LOL!

Since you have hung out this long I'm going to post an excerpt from the soon-to-be released Surrounded by Crimson.

In this book we get to spend some time with Tristan's sister, Neesie. They have a couple of great conversational moments (IMO). I revealed a little bit of this conversation on Facebook the other day. Here's an extended version.  Enjoy!!


"Nathan quit being so negative," Neesie snapped. "There are enough problems for Tristan to worry about without you thinking the worst." Neesie walked up behind our brother and ran a soothing hand over his scalp, pulling his head into her stomach. "Now, let's get moving. Tristan slept through breakfast and he needs to eat lunch before those women get here."

Neesie wore a powder blue pantsuit with black trim. I'd asked her to sit with me while I met with the pups' mothers. She'd immediately agreed but she'd been pensive and tense since. Cautiously, Ushna and Nathan helped me to my feet and I pulled my tunic on before I fell onto the tray of food Neesie had brought. She moved about the room, tidying up.

When she went to pass by me, I grabbed her hand and tugged. "Sit with me."

Neesie stared at the chair across the small table and released a small sigh. Her long brunette hair was plaited and wrapped regally around her head. There were light touches of makeup, her hands were buffed and manicured. She'd put extra effort into her attire to meet with these women.

"Talk to me, sis, what's upset you?" I prompted.

"I'm not upset," she claimed, watching me chew on a slice of toast.

"Uh-huh." Neesie narrowed her eyes and I grinned angelically back.

"I can't comprehend how anyone could have sex with someone as—with someone like Theo who made promises of station and wealth. Then give up her child because she didn't get what she was promised? That's cold, Tristan, and I don't understand it. I'm afraid I'll go to this meeting, lose my temper, whip some she-wolf ass, and disgrace you." Neesie chewed nervously on her bottom lip.

I thought about it for a moment and then shrugged one shoulder. "Who knows the reasons why people do some things? Maybe after the meeting, we'll better understand why the children were left with Theo. My intention is to convince them to be a part of the pups' lives, even if they don't want partial custody."

Neesie gave me a soft smile. "You were always a softy."

I snorted. "I'm not a softy," I denied indignantly.

Neesie laughed aloud. "Yeah, whatever, big brother. And you don't make goo-goo eyes at Ushna either."

"Goo-goo eyes? Remind me when we get back home you need your peepers examined. The only goo-goo eyes made around here are you and Fowler. You two need to find darker corners to grope each other in. If I see another sight like I did the first night we arrived, mark my words, the shock and horror is going to send me into labor." Neesie laughed smugly as she rose from the chair and tried to ruffle my hair. "Woman, don't mess with the hair. It's the only thing on me that isn't swollen."

"You have about twenty minutes before they arrive, so if you're going to finish that, you'd better hurry."

I grumbled as I ate the meal and drank down a pitcher of orange juice. I was a Warrior of Anat. I did not make goo-goo eyes and I did not waddle. I watched Ushna with cool smoky eyes and I lumbered, a big difference on both accounts. She was a woman; she should already know these things. Women were supposed to be detail oriented. Before I left the room, I visited the restroom for the tenth time. It seemed my bladder was the size of a pea.

By the time the women started to arrive, I was ensconced in Nathan's study behind his monstrous desk. Shifting into my third form yesterday broke the ring of illusion Gregori had made for me. There wasn't anything I could do to cover my condition. These she-wolves were low in the Lycan hierarchy. They didn't have the right to question me about my personal affairs or appearance. But that wouldn't keep them from gossiping, if that trait was in their character.

As I waited, I ran a hand over my stomach. Today the skin and muscles felt tight. The birthing seam was hot to the touch and the color of it had changed from the ruddy pink to a deep, dark brown. The whole surface area tingled and itched, and there wasn't enough lotion in this house to make it stop. I quit scratching when I heard footsteps in the hallway.


  1. Tease! You awful tease!!! I love it and I can't wait!

    1. *blinks BIG brown eyes* Why, whatever do you mean... LOL! 8 days and counting