Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Gay Rom Lit thoughts

First Thing:  A couple of things to note about going out of town.  Hide the dog clippers from the husband.  My beautiful long-haired pooches now look like they have been attacked with a weedwacker.  Some places they are almost bald and others still had  two inch tufts of hair.  I have to call the pooch beautician, Angel, and ask for her help to make them presentable.

Second Thing:  Flying for four hours and then the hour drive home equals motion sickness.  I think the concept is like mixing drinks.  I can drive across country, ten hours or more at a time and not get motion sickness.  Just as I can drink several beers and not have a hang over.  But give me a pena colata, margarita  a beer and some jello shots and the room spins and my stomach hates me.  Mixing Drinks and Mixing Travel = One sick Lexi.

Third Thing: Pack carefully if I know that I am going to buy something(s)

Fourth Thing:  Lists. List. List.  I met and spoke to so many people and authors. I still missed people who I wanted to meet.

Geoff Knight and me

Bailey Bradford and me

Will Prater and me

Brien Michaels and (you get there's a theme here?) me

S.A. Garcia, Caitlin Ricci, Too Tall Jones, and Lucy

K-Lee Kline, Lucy, Starbucks Chick aka The Java Addict

Me with Zach Sweets!!

Lissa Kasey, Java Girl, Lucy, Sue, Zach and his partner Neal

Lucy, Sue, and me

The reason for the "Third Thing"


  1. Looks like you really had a good time! ;)

    1. Had a wonderful time. I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I had. Next year I'll have a list!

  2. Nice pics, Lexi. I'm sending my other half in reviewing crime next time. I'm flying from Oz for the following one.

    1. Thanks, Kazzak! I thought I had taken a ton of pics and then when I went to share I realized I didn't take that many! Is it crazy that we are already planning for next year? :)

    2. No! Because I'm planning for the one AFTER that, lol