Monday, November 21, 2016

One More Week to Enter: Death Mask Blog Tour #giveaway

Happy Monday! I know grumble-grumble need more coffee for the evil day job. :)

Last week was the blog tour for Death Mask and for most of it I was out of town, managing what I could from my iPad. (the Blogger app s.u.c.k.s BTW) I spent the week with a sick friend trying to cheer her up. Bad timing, I know, but some things you just can't put off not matter what you have planned that can't be changed. 

I've spent the morning trying to catch up on all the comments ont he tour stops, so bear with me. :)

So! Just in case you missed anything, I've listed all the stops and what the guest post content was for your convenience. All the articles I wrote, tells you something about Death Mask, like the behind the scenes snapshots. While I like all of the guest posts, my favorites are the Top Five Things Not To Do for Tali Spencer's blog and the flash fiction pieces.

The one thing that I hate is that when I'm distracted I miss simple and obvious editing things. It's like after you hit send and then find five mistakes in spelling and grammar and the only thing you can do is bang your head on the desk in consternation. So apologies for all of the mistakes.

Bonus: Hearts on Fire Reviews exclusive pre-tour flash fiction: Rejected 

Alicia Nordwell - Interview

Jamie Lynn Miller - Guest Post: Why the Theme of Death.

M.A. Church - Flash Fiction Part One: Opium and Lung

Anne Barrow - Interview

L.M. Brown - Character Interview

Elizabeth Noble - Guest Post: Writing With Purpose

Crystal's Many Reviewer - Flash Fiction Part Two: Fistacuffs and Rye Whiskey

Prism Book Alliance - Motorcycle Club Romance

Tali Spencer - Guest Post: Top 5 Things Not To Do

It's Raining Men - Guest Post: Little Red Riding Hood

Bonkers About Books - Guest Post: Werepups

If you haven't entered the giveaway, there's still time.

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Thank you for stopping by and reading!!


  1. Ohhh, this sounds quite interesting! Congratulations and much success, Lexi.
    taina1959 @

  2. I've read a couple of MC club books, but this one has probably been my favourite as it incorporates my love of the paranormal and supernatural. I LOVED this book.

    1. Yay!! I'm so tickled to hear you loved the story!! <3