Monday, October 12, 2015

Month Long Sale With Less Than Three Press!

Each week, we’ll be featuring (and putting on sale) books from a different sexual orientation or gender identity! Sale is 25% off ebooks (and the usual 25% off paperbacks), excluding box sets and collection bundles.

From Sept 30 and Oct 6, LT3 will be featuring books with Lesbian main characters!
From Oct 7 and Oct 13, LT3 will be featuring books with Gay main characters!
From Oct 14 and Oct 20, LT3 will be featuring books with Bisexual and Pansexual main characters!
From Oct 21 and Oct 27, LT3 will be featuring books with Trans (including genderqueer) main characters!
From Oct 28 and Nov 3, LT3 will be featuring books with Poly and Asexual main characters!

More fine print: If a book fits multiple categories (for example, one main character is Lesbian and the other is Bisexual), the book will be on sale during both weeks. This sale is on top of preorder discounts, and can also be combined with other monthly sales and coupons (for example, editor’s picks coupons).

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