Monday, October 19, 2015

Anthropomorphic Characters: Sexy? Yes or No? Do I care?

For the last two days I have been trying to write a smexy scene for an anthropomorphic character. 

Do I go full out and write a scorching erotic romantic scene? 

Should it fade to black? 

Do I gloss over the finer details and write an emotional sex scene that isn't graphic? 

Will any or all of these offend someone enough that the book gets banned from Amazon?

And really, that is the crux of the matter. There I said it. Amazon has me afraid that my book will be banned, and damn it, it's a good story. 

So. Do I write the story that needs to be written and then cut it from the book? That would keep someone from getting icked out by the alien sex and reporting me. But should that be a reason I hide the scene?

I don't want the book to get reported and kicked off of Amazon but this story wants to be told in a certain way and every time I try to curtail the details the writing flow comes to a screeching halt. (There are times that I hate being a linear writer.) I'm a complete failure at that whole 4k a day writing quota but I don't want to fall too far behind. I want Darksoul complete by the end of the month, and I only have about 35k to go. >.<

Regardless of my fear, I'm going to write the scene and it will be a combination of semi-graphic and emotional content. Once I let go of my concern, the flow will come back. I just wish it wasn't an issue that I have to worry about.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!


  1. I say, PLEASE--- don't fade-to-black it! I hate that amazon --the fucking hypocrites-- makes authors think twice about how they should write their books. It definitely should NEVER be like that for an author. You should feel free to write without any consequence or any type of judgement from someone, impede or double think how you write.
    I just hate that.. it sucks so bad. I can't say that it's for everyone, that's for sure, but I personally have read a few, one I loved the most was Human Rights by S.L. Armstrong, and thought it sweet and just fantastic. As any shifter story out there.
    :( *sigh* I get so frustrated with this issue because I hate their double standard. I can seriously give you 100+ anthropomorphic hetero-erotica that is just..FINE with everyone, but oh no! God-forbid any homosexual anthropomorphic-erotica.... but sorry... I digress..I just hate this thing the most about amazon's double standard and how so many great stories are now never told in their full length and detail because of it.

    1. I love reading anthro characters and I especially love to write them. This isn't the first time that I've tried shifting things around and taming a scene to keep from offending people. But it's like knotting in shifter books, some people search for them and others refuse to read them. But you're right, about the hetero-anthro characters. I just read one the other day. The cover didn't give anything away so I was shocked that the male love interest was anthro with horns and other great details. Someone pointed out the key is cover and blurb. I would have to agree. :)

  2. I agree with Loveless3173, You should'nt bound your creativity because of Amazon, whatever you write will be amazing! :)

    1. It's nerve wracking and I have tried to put the question of what Amazon will or won't do from my mind. If all else fails, it has been suggest that I make a special Amazon edition and sell the original version everywhere else.

  3. Definitely write what needs to be written, if someone is that offended by what they are reading then they need to reevaluate what they are reading, don't let someone tell you how to let your creativity out. If they are that offended tell them not to read it. I normally tell people to skip the parts that offend them, usually works lol!!!