Friday, March 6, 2015

Sumeria's Sons Free Interlude: A New Beginning

I don't think that I've talked much about the free Interludes for Sumeria's Sons. On Wednesday, March 4th, A New Beginning was released (well, re-released) from LT3 Press. It's been re-edited, but no new content has been added.

When I started Sumeria's Sons, the story was told from Tristan's POV, but there were things involving secondary characters that would become key later on in the series. Since Tristan couldn't be in some places, or have certain knowledge, the interludes were created. Instead of just throwing that detail out there, in the interludes the reader can get a glimpse of what they don't see from Tristan's POV. 

A New Beginning gives the reader a window into the life of Gregori Borchetta, and his unwanted interest in the warrior, Juan. This can be read as a standalone, but it does rely heavily on the world building of Sumeria's Sons because none is done here. This is just about Gregori. It's also a soft introduction to Sumeria's Magi and Gregori's broader story after the end of Sumeria's Son. The spin off story isn't going to be a whole series like Sumeria's Sons, but maybe two books total. It's to make sure Gregori gets his happy ending. :-)

The next book in Sumeria's Sons to be released is Dreams of the Forgotten. It's scheduled for April 15th. The Interlude 3.5, Starting Fires is also a re-release that will come sometime between April and July/August. Again, this continues with Gregori and Juan and issue that happens during Dreams of the Forgotten.

Now starting with Dragon's Eye (Sumeria's Sons, 5), the POV from Ushna and another character are introduced. Still there were certain things the guys couldn't be around for to see first hand. A new Interlude was created that fits between book 4, Surrounded by Crimson, and book 5, Dragon's Eye. A Child's Wish breaks away from Gregori and Juan to focus on a few of the other characters and things Ushna doesn't get to see or be a part of.

All of the interludes are around 10k or less. They are meant to windows for readers to look into and see some of the secrets that lay within the side characters. With the exception of the first one, they can't standalone. If someone decides not to read them, well, I can't say they would miss somthing because the whole of the plot is still there, but the deeper meaning to somethings wouldn't be known.

Now saying that, the interludes aren't masterpieces of literary fiction. They're good little stories with a pinch of heart, that's about it. No one's going to rave about them but they are important to the whole. So enjoy the free quickie!

A New Beginning can be found at:

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