Friday, September 12, 2014

September Scramble

Sort of behind on my blog posts. :-/ I've been pushing to get projects finished and quite frankly it's been exhausting.

Keeping Faith was submitted last week and I'm waiting to hear back from the publisher.

I reviewed the Twin Flames galley, made a couple of adjustments and returned it this week. I got to see the full cover on it and I'm dying to get this in print. The ebook is up on pre-order at the publisher Less Than Three Press, and as of yesterday, All Romance. Remember that if you order directly from the publisher before October 1st you'll get a 15% discount.

The last immediate editing that I'm working on is for Songs of the Earth. I want to have that done by... well... hopefully tonight.

I have to admit that I have the writing blues. With the exception of blog posts I haven't written a new word toward a story in five weeks. I dream of new stories that leave me feeling antsy when I get up because I can't do anything about it until all of this editing is cleared from my plate.

Even then, when I'm finished with Songs of the Earth the next project is a pronunciation guide for Alpha Trine & Striker. Which honestly is so flippin' ass cool that the project will probably go really fast.

I just remembered that I also need to look over Werewolf's Tale & A Druid Sword so I can submit it. *covers eyes* More editing. At least it's not on a timeline-urgent-people-are-waiting-on-it-you-slow-poke.

After that I need to write seven blog posts for Twin Flames release week, hopefully this weekend. I had hoped that I would have time to write a small prequel for the blog tour and I don't think that I'll have time. I'm going to try anyway. It will strong depend on how long it will take me to write 10k from Ushna's perspective and have a down and dirty edit done before September 24th. Which sounds fairly easy but today is the 12th. I'm going to Chicago the 15th, seeing Ed Sheeran in concert with Sue and Piper on the 16th, and then driving back home on my birthday, the 17th. ALL of my GRL stuff needs to be ordered by the 18th. That would leave me five days to work some magic. We'll see what happens.

All of this editing mojo has tampered with my sleep schedule to the point I'm going to bed at the crack of dawn. I'm trying to fix that now or next week will be hell. Piper is going to smack me upside the head if I fall asleep at Ed's concert. ^_^  Wish me luck because going to need it. And coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

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