Saturday, April 5, 2014

Made My Night

Today has been mostly a wash. Last night I could not sleep. I glanced at the clock at 4:30 am, knowing I had to be up at 8:00 to go to a hair appointment.

ZOMBIE all day. Husband had a guys night out, so instead of taking a nap, I spent time with him, laying down after he left and slept for four hours.

Still feel like a Zombie but I thought I would give the rest of the day a go. Checking my feeds from google, Facebook, and twitter before I tackled some writing and came across a link on twitter that I followed from Less Than Three. Oh, yeah, on a side note, Less Than Three is five years old this month and I donated Alpha Trine for the giveaway. I thought for a second that I had dropped the ball on my day, so I followed to link to make sure.

To my relief, and pleasure, this was not what I was thinking. Something totally different and I'm so glad I checked because Alpha Trine was on the list of favorites. Made My Night.

Scorching Book Reviews - - LGBT Event Day 5 : Megan Derr’s Top Ten MM Fantasy and MM Sci-Fi book lists (Incl. 5 eBook giveaway) Click here to go to the page because you can't miss the giveaway!

On a side note, beginning Monday, April 7th thru Thursday April 10th, Less Than Three will be marking titles down to $0.00. Those will only last an hour so make sure you look out for them. For more details see here.

Oh, and the hair? Crimson streaks for Rainbow Con. I hope they stay put until then.

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