Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blog Hop Winner Announcement!

I want to thank everybody who participated in the hop!

I had two giveaways for the holiday's hop. One $20 gift certificate for All Romance and one $20 gift certificate for Less Than Three Press

The first drawing was for the $20 gift certificate for All Romance. There were 24 participants numbered in the order they commented. I plugged the range in to the MG Custom Random Number Generator. 

First number generated is 9. Congratulations to Silverwings! The second drawing is for the $20 gift certificate for Less Than Three Press. The second number generated is 20. Congratulations to Beth

I will send the gift certificates out shortly, so watch your email!

1. Lily Sawyber

2. Crissy Morris

3. Christopher M. Hammel

4. Laurie

5. Vitajex

6. Linda C.

7. Urb

8. Sassy Chassy

9. Silverwings

10. Kali-Mar

11. Jbst

12. Ilona

13. H.B. hummhummbum

14. Fehu

15. Froggy

16. Jean MP

17. Sherry

18. Vanessa N.

19. Stacey

20. Beth

21. Sophia Bonaste

22. Shadow

23. Helena Ferrell

24. Misty Rios
Silverwings for All Romance

Beth for Less Than Three

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