Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Has No Bounds - Story #2

An emergency prompt went up on Sunday. Someone was unable to finish their story and they reopened the prompt for takers. I couldn't help myself. After verifying what the due date would be I volunteered to take the story.

So now I have another LHNB story due on July 15th but I'll try to get in before.  The dear author letter from Lucy and Kevin goes like this:

"Dear Author, Please help this poor Laird. He's a warrior and a leader, always alone. Now he's fallen in love with the enemy and his clan won't allow it. Please don't make him time travel, but he can shift for sure. Hugs and please make sure he has an HEA He deserves one. This is for Kevin and his incredible highlander addiction. "

The picture is of a sexy, scruffy-cheeked, bare-chested man. His head is shaved, he has tattoos on his left shoulder and above his right pec. He is wearing a red kilt and leather bracers on his forearms.

I haven't come up with a title yet. I'll mull that over as I write. Here is the tentative blurb.

The year of Our Lord, 1164, Thane of Raineach, Ewen Meinnear, stood on the battlefield of Renfrew, gazing down at the golden head of a man who had unknowingly pulled Ewen out of his berserker rage. Kneeling, staff lying at Ewen's feet, the enemy held his arms wide with his head bowed baring his neck waiting for the death blow. But Ewen couldn't raise his hand and take the life the enemy freely gave. Ancient tattoos in blue woad stirred memories of a warning given him long ago by his graundfather. Now he must choose between king and enemy, the path promising to alter the very course of Ewen's solitary life.

Roi Iain of Clann mhic Leoid spent three years under the thumb of the Somerled, King of the Isles. Taken from the Temple of the Moune at Callanish before it burned to the ground, Roi had been forced to stay at the side of the Christian king who took pleasure in ridiculing him in the presence of his court but privately utilized Roi's pagan skills to pursue his own agenda. Required to fight at the king's side, Roi only wished to join his goddess and offered himself up to the enemy's strongest warrior, the man who had haunted Roi's dreams since entering Callanish. Surely this man who had the aura of a powerful guardian beast would release him from the shackles of his oppressed life.

Ewen released Roi but not in the way he'd anticipated. The promise of a lasting happiness is threatened when the clann chief learns of Ewen's deception. Will Ewen be able to protect Roi or will Roi join his goddess as he'd originally dreamed?

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