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Sumeria's Magi, Starting Fires, Part Three of Five

Day 3: count down to book four in the Sumeria's Sons series. Surrounded By Crimson will be release on Saturday, May 18th. From today thru Sunday, May 17th, I will post the side stories to the Sumeria's Sons. 

Contest: Monday, May 13th I started running a week long contest/giveaway. More participants means more copies. Leave a comment everyday from the 13th thru the 17th for a chance to win an e-book copy of Surrounded By Crimson. If you comment all five days then you will have five entries in the contest. Winners will be announced on Saturday, May 18th. Good Luck!!

Starting Fires (Sumeria's Sons #3.1, Sumeria's Magi #0.2)
© 2013, Lexi Ander
Part Three


Gregori snarled—what a fucking turn-on—and used his incisors to nick the cloth before he yanked causing the sweet sound of tearing fabric. Impatient, I dove down and sucked in a pink nipple. The flesh pebbled perfectly as I licked and nibbled as I lavished attention on one then the other. He arched into me, holding my head in place while his erection pushed at my belly, silently begging for more. My mouth watered at the thought of all the things I wanted to do to him.

Hands suddenly free, I scrabbled at his heavy belt then the button underneath. I peeled back the denim and the tip of his cock boldly peeked out of the barely-there briefs. Clear fluid stained the jeans and painted Gregori's skin. Harsh bellowing breaths drew my gaze up his stunning form to a silvery stare. Eyes riveted on my progress, Gregori's chest heaved with each inhalation. I lapped at the head of his dick, catching the tang of his essence on my tongue. Oh, Gods, the taste…

One hand delved into Gregori's pants to grasp the hard shaft as the other pulled at the underwear and jeans, tugging them off so I could see him—all of him. I licked down the column and buried my nose in the short fiery pubic hair. I'd been dreaming about loving him this way. The reality—I wouldn't come away unchanged.

A groan escaped as I inhaled. I loved his scent.


Gregori's head fell back when I took his cock in my mouth, tongue swirling as I slid down the solid length until my lips came to rest against my fist. Glancing up, I met Gregori's silver-gray gaze. He'd levered on to his elbows, softly panting as his watchful eyes took in every move I made.

Hand and mouth working in tandem, I pulled out every trick I knew to make this moment unforgettable. My tongue delved into the slit, teasing the rim of the sensitive head, lapping at then sucking on his balls, to tapping his cock against the flat of my tongue. By listening to the sweet sounds he made, everything I did drove him wild.

His keening escalated as I worked vigorously until I swallowed the long hard length of him down the back of my throat. I reveled in his taste and didn't catch the signs of Gregori's impending climax until a hand fisted in my hair and tugged. His balls had pulled up tight against his body, and Gregori made nonsensical sounds as he tried to pull out of my mouth. I refused to give up my prize. I wanted to see him come, to be pushed to the brink, and then to fall over. I wanted him to trust me to catch him.

Gregori's groans climbed to a full out scream as he came, flooding my senses with his rich and tangy flavor. I swallowed greedily, making him a part of me in a small way that soothed my wolf.

I lapped and cleaned his softening shaft until no trace of his essence was left behind. Gregori breathed as if he'd run a marathon, sweat lightly coating his skin. I laid my head on his thigh, placing a kiss against the quivering muscle under my cheek. It thrilled me that I'd made his body tremble.

"Juan." Gregori's voice cracked. I glanced up, sure my expression revealed the emotions I harbored for him.

The door to my quarters exploded open with a thundering roar. I lunged to cover Gregori, frantic to get him safety. Something thick and sharp raked and tore across the muscles of my back from the top of my shoulders down to the waistband of my jeans. I roared through the blinding pain and then I kicked back once, twice, three times nailing the person in the torso. The action delayed another attack while Gregori slid off the bed on the opposite side. By no means was he protected but at least he was further from the intruder's reach.

The last back kick had sent the attacker staggering backward enough to allow me to roll away. Tumbling off the foot of the bed, I had my first glimpse of the intruder. Stan towered over me snarling, face twisted in fury before he pounced. Thick strong fingers encircled my throat, squeezing to cut off the airflow. His power, inherent in all alphas, crawled across, demanding my submission. Normally I would've given deference to any alpha, even Stan. The expression on his face told me that if I complied, he'd choke the life out of me.

I fought.

Bucking, kicking, gouging, and punching, I used all my strength to dislodge him but his larger body quickly covered mine, pinning me to the floor under his considerable weight. Spots swan in my sight and my lungs burned form the lack of oxygen.


Gregori leaped on Stan, beating ineffectually on the warrior's back as he yelled for help. One of Stan's hands released my throat to reach behind him. He grabbed Gregori by the hair and tossed the Magi over his shoulder.

I gulped several breaths of air which helped to revitalize me and I punched Stan in the face and shoulders. A solid fist to the temple threatened to knock me unconscious. As my vision went gray he clamped both hands around my neck again.

I would die. My muscles were heavy and oxygen starved. The fight in me was gone, wrapped up in a cloudy haze. I clawed at the unyielding fingers and stared into Stan's determined expression.

"I said stop!"

A wave of energy rolled over my skin and seemed to latch on to and throw Stan across the room. Coughing, I gasped for breath, attempting to rise to my feet. Wheezing I began to choke and retch.

Pale arms slid around me. "I've got you, Juan, let me see you. Come on."

Gregori sat between me and the maniac. The male wasn't in his right mind and could accidentally injure the Magi.

"Move," I croaked, the single word almost unrecognizable. "He'll be back."

I shoved him but my muscles had turned liquid and Gregori became a brick wall. He, on the other hand, manhandled me as if I were no stronger than a cub.

"He's not going to do shit," Gregori snarled. He rolled me on to my back and I arched off the floor giving a startled yelp.

He grasped my chin and tilted my chin up to study my throat. Gregori whistled angrily through his teeth when his fingers came away wet with blood. Above me a dome of swirling blue lights the size of fireflies shielded us as Stan pummeled his fist against the barrier and shouted. It was strange that no sound passed through the solid defense leaving Gregori and I in a cocoon of absolute quiet.

"Let me see your back," he demanded, his expression hard and full of fury.

I complied and rolled over, still coughing but not as much as before. Stan followed me, without the protection his foot would've connected to my face. I had never seen a Lycan so enraged and yet refrain from turning Lupe.

"I can't heal you and maintain the shield."

I grunted as I sat up. "I'm fine," I croaked.

His gray eyes narrowed but he didn't reply. Stan circled our small bubble. I wasn't sure what Stan searched for. I noticed that if I stared too long at him, his agitation increased.

"I know he's your friend but Stan's a jealous asshole."

I had no idea how we would get out of the situation short of Stan giving up and leaving. I highly doubted that would happen. I didn't have enough strength to overpower him, even if I hadn't been injured. I didn't want Gregori to use more extreme force against his friend. Eventually someone would hear the commotion and come to investigate, or so I hoped.

Gregori sighed. Not once did he glance at Stan. "Warriors are different than civilians. All Lycans feel compelled to submit to an alpha because they're more dominant, the leaders, but none are stronger or even as strong as Tristan. He's first among alphas and the only one who is able to force a warrior's submission. Others less dominant males are tribe leaders and they can demand obedience from the general Lycan population, but on a smaller scale." Gregori ran his fingers over my bruised throat.

"How that's accomplished is with a type of intrinsic magic. Stan's had been bound and stunted by the enchantment Tristan removed. He hasn't had the opportunity to grow into his dominance. He's a strong alpha, stronger than he'd been when he was seventeen. Now his system is swamped in an overload of excessive power. He doesn’t have the knowhow to process or effectively control the energy. It'll drive him a little crazy until he learns to regulate it or until he naturally balances out."

Stan circled them more slowly. I hoped that meant he was wearing out.

"I'm sorry," Gregory blurted.

I glanced back to him. "You've nothing to apologize for…"

Arms Master, Corey Bahar, burst into the room, followed by two captains. Stan attacked one of them, taking the man easily to the floor. Corey released a pulse of energy so strong it rippled against Gregori's shield. The disruption distracted Stan long enough for Corey to subdue him with a choke hold, pulling the crazed warrior off the unfortunate captain.

Stan's expression was a mask of uncontrollable rage. The warriors moved out of range of the male's wildly kicking. Gregori released the shield and the noise crashed down on us. The captains called for Stan to calm down. Stan's thick soled boots struck the floor with heavy thuds amid growls and grunts.

The Arms Master was a study of concentration. I'd always thought Corey hid the true extent of his alpha strength, somehow able to shield it from us. Never before had I experienced Corey's full potential, only hints of it here and there. The demonstration of power had warned Stan he was in the presence of a much stronger alpha. Even now the power rolled off Corey in thick waves causing my wolf to whimper and me to consider kneeling in submission. The only reason I didn't, the energy wasn't directed at anyone other than Stan.

The warrior's fury wound down and lucidity returned to his expression. Gregori used my body to shield him while he pulled on his jeans. The moment when Stan became aware of his actions, his gaze snapped up to my neck, the expression of horror plain to see. The man went utterly limp in Corey's arms and he offered up his neck in a show of submission. Corey continued to hold Stan securely, his eyes meeting mine for the first time. The Arms Master's stare lingered on my bruised throat. His eyes narrowed and expression hardened.

"Where else are you injured?" he demanded.

I don't know why I felt the need to protect Stan. I had no love for him. If what Gregori said was correct, and the warrior's magic was the driving force behind his aggressive actions, the fact still remained he'd attempted to kill me. And yet, I considered not presenting my Arms Master the full extent of my injuries. Gregori who prodded me to turn around, his countenance was unforgiving as he gazed past me to Stan.

"I'll heal Juan," Gregori reassured Corey.

"Gregori, I…"

I glanced over my shoulder. Corey had released Stan. The male remained on his knees, great regret reflected in his expression.

"If all parties agree,"—Corey's gaze rested on each of us—"I'll withhold this incident from Prince Tristan. He doesn't need the added stress in his condition." Corey finally met Stan's eyes. "But if you continue to harass the men under my command, I don't give a rat's ass what your circumstances are, or who you're friends with. I'll formally challenge you, and after I wipe the mat with you, I'll throw you into the detention center for insubordination. I won't put up with you anymore. While you reside on this ranch you report to me."

Stan nodded his head but his gazed stayed riveted to Gregori. The Magi's hand ran long my back and came away red. He stared down at his fingers covered in scarlet and something shifted in his expression.

"Next time," Gregori's voice broke. I grasped his hand as he cleared his throat. When he spoke again, the tone was hard and unyielding. "If there's a next time, I'll be forced to fight back. Don't make me choose, Stan."


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