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Sumeria's Magi, Starting Fires, Part Four of Five

Day 2: count down to book four in the Sumeria's Sons series. Surrounded By Crimson will be release on Saturday, May 18th. From today thru Sunday, May 17th, I will post the side stories to the Sumeria's Sons. 

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Starting Fires (Sumeria's Sons #3.1, Sumeria's Magi #0.2)
© 2013, Lexi Ander
Part Four


Corey pushed Stan out into the hall, but before he closed the door, he glanced at us, the colored beads on his blond braids clacking softly. "Enjoy your vacation—your five day vacation." He grinned devilishly. "If you come back before then, I'll simply tack on more days."

The door snicked closed quietly behind him and I smirked, no longer apprehensive about how to spend my time off. The room was a disaster. Granted, some of the upheaval had been our fault, a fact that caused the grin to widen and split my face in two. Oh, how I hoped there would be a repeat performance. Gregori helped to right the chairs, returned the photos to their places on the wall, and clean the floor where Stan scattered anything that hadn't been tied down.

"So. Five days, huh? " His mischievous grin had me beaming back coyly.

"Yeah, unless there's an emergency." I gave a dramatic sigh. "That's a lot of time to fill. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself."

Never have I taken such pleasure in flirting with anyone. I loved to watch Gregori grow flustered. Today, though, the Magi played along with more confidence than he'd had exhibited before.

"I can make a list of things you can do." His silvery gaze travelled over my bare torso causing me to suck in my gut. His stare stopped at my groin where my obvious excitement pressed against my zipper and he licked those full lips, before continuing down my long legs to my cowboy boots.

His scrutiny made me feel naked and I glanced down to double check that, yes, I still had a pair of jeans on. Sharp pants sounded loud in the closed room and Gregori had yet to even touch me sexually.

"You don't need to spend all that time—alone." He glanced up and met my stare. His expression revealing a sharp vulnerability, there and gone in the blink of an eye. "Come to supper with me tomorrow night. Not a table in the dining hall, or at the main house with my nosy friends."

"You want me to pick you up and take you into town for a suit and tie dinner?"

He placed a stray book on the table and approached me. "Yes. I think it's time everybody understands you're mine."

I inhaled sharply, running his scent over my tongue. Sweat blended with traces of arousal mixed with his unique pheromones, the effect at times drugged my senses.

"Anyone can tell I'm yours by the way I look at you." I didn't think it would come to a shock to people if we started seeing each other openly.

"Here. Allow me to take care of you."

I held still as Gregori laid his warm hands against my throat, his thumbs brushing over the pulse point. The Magi erotically caressed my skin. A tingling built beneath the tips of Gregori's fingers as they moved over the surface of my body, leading to the sensation of all the pleasure points being stroked simultaneously.

I didn't understand what he was doing to me. My eyelids drooped closed as my head dropped back and I gave in to his sensual ministrations. Without looking, I couldn't discern the touch of his hands from that of the magic. A tingling sensation worked its way up my torn back driving away the pain and increasing the pleasure. My cock pulsed with need and I swayed, overwhelmed by the heightened awareness. I reached out and braced a hand on the wall to keep from toppling over.

"Gods…" I breathed out. He caressed me everywhere and I craved more. A strangled noise pushed up the back of my throat when a palm grasped the base of my shaft.

Intoxicated, I glanced down my body; sure the touch had to be an illusion. Gregori knelt at my feet. The blue jeans pooled around my cowboy boots and my briefs caught on my knees. His palm enfolded the width of my cock, gaze devouring the length as if he held a tempting morsel.

I wanted to express to him how beautiful I thought he was, to recite sonnets of adoration, and show him how I valued his loyalty and courage and sacrifice. To open my lips and reveal he didn't need to hide because I could see him—even that which he hid from everyone else—and regardless of the fire that burned within him, I found him beautiful. To simply express the love I held for him.

All the poetic words I planned to say became lost when Gregori gazed up my body with his liquid-silver gaze and took me into his mouth. His free hand caressed my hip and swirls of intense magic transferred to me as his palm moved up and drew circles over the skin. All the while his wicked tongue did devilish things to my cock.

His gaze held mine as he sealed his lips and slid down the length until he met his fist before swallowing and sucking his way back to the flared rim. Never had I experienced anything resembling the sensations he invoked within me. Gregori mixed saliva, teeth, tongue, and magic to gradually me drive me insane. A part of me wanted to fist his hair and slowly fuck his mouth. Another part believed the exquisite sensations would end if I touched him and I'd wake up to discover this moment had only been a dream. Gods, I'd do everything in my power to stay.

Without warning, I rode the edge of orgasm and I fought back the need to come. I didn't want the connection between us to end. So I pulled out all my tricks to stave off the orgasm. Gregori movements become more concentrated, intense, as if he sensed I held back. The hand on my belly grew heavy, magic rolled across my skin, his single touch turned into a thousand.

Breath caught in my chest as Gregori began to glow. His alabaster skin turned pearlesque and then Gregori—bloomed—that is the only way I could describe what happened to my lover. When the light burst from him and engulfed me, I was shoved over the edge. I screamed his name, pouring my essence down his throat until I thought I'd turn inside out.

His strong arms caught me as I crumpled to the floor. He made shushing noises as I attempted to remember how to breathe again. Memories from the past created a kaleidoscope of pictures from a barely remembered childhood. My mind scrambled with the sudden knowledge that not all of the recollections came from my past. I recognized Gregori's youthful face among a group of boys; still shots from his own memories mixed with mine of the young men as they tumbled and played and grew up together.

"I'm so sorry. So, so sorry," he murmured over and over again. "I lost control of my emotions. I didn't mean for this to happen. Oh, Gods, please forgive me. Stay with me, Juan, come on, I need you to breathe, match the rhythm of my breath."

I gasped raggedly but my lungs rejected the attempts to draw in air. My limbs were heavy as if they had been filled with lead.

"You need to let in the magic," he coaxed.

I didn't know how.

"Gods! Your lips are turning blue." Gregori's warm hand cleared the hair from my eyes. His voice trembled when he said, "Think about me making love to you and the moment as I'd breech you. How there's that little bit of pain at first but then the need for movement grows. You want all of me the inside you but you need to relax your muscles and allow me in. You need to want me… want me to be a part of you." Tears spilled over, painting his cheeks before he buried his face in my neck. "What have I done? Please, please, please don't take him."

Spots danced in my vision mocking me with my inability to open up to the one person I had come to care about. All those years ago, I'd lost my family and closest friends and I believed I'd never be able to love as deeply again. How utterly wrong I'd been. Now, if I didn't discover how to allow Gregori's magic to enter me, I'd die. I refused to leave him just as I'd been abandoned long ago.

Tear-stained kisses lightly flutter over my face and I concentrated on listening to Gregori's breathing, to the rhythmic thump of his heart against my ear. His full lips slid over mine and he breathed his life's breath into me. My lungs immediately expanded to trap his essence.

Imagine, he'd said and so I did.

My eyelids fell closed and I opened my mind to the vision of Gregori leaning over me, his red hair falling to shield our faces as his surged powerfully within me. I needed him deeper, to touch the very core of my body. I arched to meet his thrust, and drew him in further. The gates burst open and the magic flooded into me becoming an unstoppable tidal wave. I didn't struggle or fight but permitted the power to flow over me. Gregori needed me to embrace his energy, and I drew an essential part of him into a place where no one else would ever reside within me.

My body bowed, breaking the kiss as deluge of magic filled me. Awareness blossomed and I gasped. The heels of my boots thumped against the floor and Gregori's voice, frantic and loud, called for help. My thoughts—his emotions?—voices not my own crowded into my head.

I didn't recall passing out, but when I glanced about I laid on the bed, not the floor, with a warm body curled around me. A single candle burning on the table top and the moonlight shining through the sheers softly lit the darkened room.

Gregori's scent covered everything, the bedding, on my clothes, in the air—under my skin—he was everywhere. I reveled in the fact he'd chosen to share himself with me. Not only sex, or his body but he exposed himself to me, even the part that was wholly magic. If I were a betting man, I would say Gregori had never let his guard down that completely…ever. Not even for Stan. I marveled at the priceless gift he'd given me, and at the same time I felt supremely smug.

"This isn't a competition between you and Stan."

I glanced at Gregori who appeared pleasantly sleep tussled but his eyes were bright and awake. Warmth flowed into me and with growing realization I understood the emotion I sensed belonged Gregori.

"I can feel you!" I blurted then immediately flushed with embarrassment. Several momentous things happened today and I sounded like a teenager who'd discovered a new gadget. How poetic.

I cleared my throat. "I meant to say… " and I had nothing. Never had I regretted not seeking a higher education until that moment. Surely then I would've been able to find the words to express myself without sounding like a bumbling idiot.

Gregori expression grew pensive. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen."

"I'm not exactly sure what has happened but I don't believe it's something you should apologize for."

He licked his lips the trepidation clear as day, not that his expression changed but the sensation came from his emotions.

"Earlier when we… ah… I… shit… you know, I gave you the blow job? I healed you first." I nodded with my lips pursed to keep from releasing the laughter. A flustered Gregori was cute.

I grinned. "I've never been healed by a Magi before. That was amazing."

He scowled. "No one else will heal you but me."

Gregori scrubbed a palm over his face, apprehension overwhelmed the spike of jealousy, and turning so thick the sensation was almost physically cloying.

"Normally, healing isn't pleasurable. I blended my emotions with the magic. Something happened and I… it was as if I'd been plugged into you. The magic began to give me feedback. I should've stopped but I wanted to give you something of me. So you'd understand… and I went too far. I've never given anyone… you were so open… you..."

He sat up and growled. The blanket pooled at his waist revealing a lightly muscled torso. But it was his haunted gaze that held my attention. "I'm not explaining this correctly. I'm so sorry. You're partially bound to me. When I realized what was happening, I tried to stop and pull the magic back but I was already too late.

I rose and drew him into my arms, needing to comfort him. "That's the reason I can sense your emotions?" Gregori's forehead nestled into the crook of my neck. He nodded. "And this happened because you wanted to share something of yourself with me and when you sensed what I felt for you, you lost control? And now you're sort of tied to me?"

"Yes," he whispered, sounding completely dejected.

"Oh." It wasn't the most brilliant reply but I doubted Gregori would appreciate a victory whoop at the moment. He worried I wouldn't be receptive to being tied to him and I understood his point of view. I wasn't sure what to say that would console him because, dammit, I was fucking ecstatic with a huge dose of pleased-with-myself.

"Are you disturbed because you now have this link to me?" I asked.

"I…" He started and then paused. Leaning back he gazed at me with his mouth open and his brow creating a deep V over the bridge of his nose. "You're happy," he accused.

If he sensed me the same as I did him then there was no reason to deny his statement.

"You could've died. My lack of control could've scrambled your mind and you're so overjoyed you should be dancing. What the hell?"

I was never accused of being a poet but now I had the ability to explain in a different way. Eyes closed, I ignored Gregori's swirling emotions and concentrated, thinking back to the moment when he'd taken me into his mouth. The sensations, the sight of him as I'd glanced down my body, I pulled the memory to the surface along with the passion I'd experienced. I followed my instincts and sent all of it to Gregori.

He inhaled sharply and when I opened my eyes, he greeted me with an amazed expression. "Even after everything you… I started a binding without your permission."

I drew my legs under me to kneel naked before Gregori. Palms placed along his neck, I rubbed my thumbs from his stubbled jaw to his high cheek bones. His expression continued to be a mixture of amazement and hope. His excitement was complex but I sensed fear underneath it all.

"I'm not a fickle man. I've experienced my share of love and loss. I don't own much, an old dusty house and what you see here. I'm not, nor have I ever been, promiscuous. I've always desired meaningful connections with people I've dated so there haven't been many. I didn't anticipate I'd ever experience deep affection before I passed. I'm beyond happy to be wrong. I think I began to love you from the moment I saw you, proud, defiant, and unafraid in the face of overwhelming odds. Spending time with you only confirmed what I'd recognized all along."

Gregori trembled and I tugged him closer until our mouths were but a breath apart. "I want to spend every night making love to you. Wake every morning with your body pressed against mine. Devote the rest of my life getting to know you and discovering ways to express my love for you. You're apprehensive because you didn't ask permission? I consented before you gave me our first kiss."

"Juan..." Gregori breathed my name, low and tormented.

His soft pliant lips opened and allowed me in. I knew his concerns of the Triad. We'd spoken of them before and yet he'd stayed. Somehow, I'd find a way to become an asset to him, for I had no doubts. What was left of the Triad would either attempt to kill or kidnap Gregori. I planned to be the huge wrench thrown into their plans.

Tonight, though, I'd work to convince him of my love.



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