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What's On The Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What am I up to? Well, I didn't start working on Lucky Charm as I'd planned. Words aren't coming and I just stare at the screen. So I took a look at my free stories. Small ideas for Salvaging Toby's Heart took on a life of their own and I'm excited to see where this goes. That little story I wrote it in about two and half weeks. I had fun writing it and it made me happy. I keep hearing it's one of the reader's favorites and that just makes me feel good. :)

I'm not going to try to write for a little while yet. Editing and transcribing is easier because I don't have to be creative, just rearrange the puzzle pieces. So I think next week I'll start moving Bespoken from paper to computer. I'll also jot down some ideas for STH. 

This week I messed with a spreadsheet of my books owned. I haven't kept it up for a couple of years so I've been updating it. It keeps me from thinking about Molly all day. Plus, it's like a finding presents because I'd forgotten I bought this or that. :)

Which brings me to today's Reading Radar. I hadn't been book browsing in several weeks and my little folder of new wishlist stuff was pitifully low. The majority of titles are future releases that I'd gathered in December. I've added a few titles this week and it's a mixed bag, as always. 

Title: Fairy Wings
Series(Scales & Wings Book 2)
Author(s): Sasha L. Miller
Length: 63 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / LGBTIAQ /

BlurbNo doubt there are worse fates than being blood-cursed, but if so, Vadka doesn't know, because he's got his hands full being forced to drink blood to survive—especially with isolation of the life it brings, and the unlikelihood of ever finding a cure.

The last thing he needs is trouble, but that's exactly what he gets, by way of saving a broken-winged fairy that would have wound up butchered for spell components. So what's a blood-cursed mage to do with an unwanted guest? Take him home of course—but that's easier said than done for a man who drinks blood and a fairy who can't use his magic. 

Title: Assassin's Touch
Author(s): Victoria Vallo
Length: 67 pages
PublisherTwisted E-Publishing, LLC; 1 edition (January 15, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / 


Yuri has lived his entire life with no freedom, no choice. His situation only worsens when he finds out he’s being given to an assassin. He wanted to escape and explore the galaxy, but not as a killer’s plaything.

Korac wanted Yuri the moment he saw his beautiful face. He gladly cut his price for the chance to spend a month with the breathtaking young man writhing beneath him. Only imagining a few weeks of pleasure, Korac strikes the bargain, clueless as to just how perfect they truly are for each other.

But they’ll soon find out just how strange fate can be, and how quickly one touch can change everything.

Title: Enforced Love
Series: Alpha Enforcer Squad
Author(s): Lacey Thorn
Length: 61 pages
PublisherResplendence Publishing, LLC (January 18, 2017)

Genre: Erotic Romance / MFM? / Space Marine / 


I’m an Enforcer, one of the members of our elite military force. I take my job seriously. So when my commander tells me I’ve been picked for a trial program that will pair me with a couple of male Enforcers and get me sent to Quadrant Five, a hotbed of criminal activity that I can’t wait to step foot into, I’m raring to go. This is what I’ve worked for my entire career.

I have one night to say my farewells and let off some sexual steam before I’m locked into six weeks of nothing but work, and the two sexy alphas who just walked into the club have me willing and ready. All we get is one night of nothing but pleasure. I shouldn’t want them as much as I do. None of us want the night to end, but we all have jobs to do.

My mission comes first. My job is my life. I’m prepared for whatever the mission requires. Until the moment I step through the door and realize one night was only the beginning.

Title: The Vampire Queen's Servant
Series: Vampire Queen, 1
Author(s)Joey W. Hill
Length: 388 pages
PublisherBerkley (July 3, 2007)

Genre: Paranormal / Romance / Vampire /

Notes: I heard somewhere that this relations turns into a triad later in the series.

BlurbLady Elyssa Yamato Amaterasu Wentworth is a seven-hundred-year-old vampire in need of a new servant— now more than ever as she’s suffering the signs of a mysterious ailment that threatens to consume her. As a gift she’s been give Jacob, an extraordinary physical specimen, but all wrong when it comes to being…used. A total alpha male, he’s not accustomed to submitting to any woman’s wishes.

Elyssa soon learns that what really binds Jacob to her are not her sensual midnight hungers, but something far more provocative. It stirs her blood, renews her life, and awakens her soul like only true love can. And the passion between Elyssa and Jacob is about to yield something else unexpected—a shared history that reaches back through the centuries and is fated to challenge their destiny like nothing ever will again…

Title: Hell-Knights
Author(s): Hayden Thorne
Length: 319 pages
PublisherHayden Thorne (November 15, 2016)

Genre: Dark Romance / Alternate World / Fantasy / Gay / Vampires / Paranormal /


BlurbDecima is a centuries-old Italian city on the water, a vanity project meant to be a fairy tale escape for the titled and the privileged. But something in the distant past had turned it into a murky, putrid dreamscape instead, a crumbling city haunted by a scourge of revenants whose origins and purpose now seem destined to be hidden in the shadows forever. Not even the brave, dogged attempts at fighting midnight creatures by the descendants of a select bloodline can rid the city of the near-daily threat. 

Michele De Santis is a young minor sorcerer, a reluctant champion who, along with his twin sister and his cousin, has lost too much through the years and has resigned himself to a life of endless midnight hunts while selling healing and protection spells and artifacts during the day. A life of loneliness, of a forced solitude in a desperate bid at keeping collateral damage at a minimum appears to be his only future.

When long-dead corpses suddenly turn without vampire bites, logical patterns no longer hold true, leaving the weary hunters baffled and unsure for the first time. Decima's bronze guardians fall silent for no reason, a dark, binding spell muting their warnings. A long-abandoned church shows signs of life in the most grotesque ways imaginable. And everything seems to point to an unknown threat, one that's long lain dormant but has been awakened by the arrival of a young English heir and his amateur antiquarian uncle.

Romance and the gothic layer 'Hell-Knights' with the dark, rich textures of an alternate universe Europe, a nineteenth century world where magic reigns supreme, and love knows no gender.

TitleCapture the Moon
Author(s): JL Merrow
Length: 35 pages
PublisherJMS Books LLC (December 31, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Lesbian / Fairy Tale /


BlurbIn this fairytale inspired by a classic children’s story, weaver’s daughter Adrien is tired of turning down marriage proposals. So she disguises herself as a boy and sets out on a journey of discovery, accompanied only by her faithful piglet Ferkel. Rescuing a young monk named Felix from brigands, Adrien agrees to act as bodyguard on his journey to the King’s castle to present the princess with a telescope.

The lovely Princess Selene has also had more than her fair share of suitors, but she refuses to marry until someone gives her the moon. Felix’s telescope could grant her heart’s desire, but it’s Adrien who finds herself in love with the lively, beautiful princess.

Astonished to find Selene loves her in return, Adrien’s joy is short-lived. Surely Selene’s love will die when Adrien reveals her true gender? And in any case, two women cannot be married -- can they?

TitleBroken Worlds
Series: The Alorian Wars, 1
Author(s): Drew Avera
Length: 212 pages

Genre: Military Science Fiction / Space Opera /

Notes: This is more towards Jason's reading than mine. I'm buying it for him.

BlurbFrom Drew Avera, author of The Dead Planet Series, comes an all-new space opera adventure!

The Greshian Empire has reached across the Alorian Galaxy, using its naval might to bring its enemies to their knees. Dead planets float in their wake as the empire fights to assert themselves as the supreme race. Ensign Brendle Quinn has spent five years loyally serving the Greshian Empire in their relentless quest to dominate the Alorian Galaxy. But as his ship decimates planet after planet, he finds his sympathies swinging towards their defeated enemies.

Sergeant Anki Paro, a Luthian Marine, has been anxiously awaiting the call to deploy. As the last line of defense against the crushing Greshian forces, she hopes the time has finally come where her world can stand against tyranny and protect the rest of the worlds in her sector of the Alorian Galaxy. As her path towards war draws near, Anki begins to notice a shift in balance as her society prepares itself for imminent destruction. Questions of misplaced loyalties lead her to wonder if the world she is trying to save has any real intentions of surviving. As Brendle and Anki’s worlds collide, they find themselves in an unlikely alliance to try to stop the full might of the Greshian Empire before there’s nothing left to fight for.

The Alorian Wars is a military science fiction series for fans of The Expanse, Star Trek, and Old Man’s War. If you want a fast-paced space opera adventure then look no further, The Alorian Wars is here!

TitleBlack John
Series(Isla Sagrario Book 1)
Author(s): Piper Vaughn
Length: 26 pages
PublisherPiping Hot Books; 2 edition (January 28, 2017)

Genre: Historical / Gay / Pirates / 


BlurbFormer pirate Juan “Black John” de Avila has found a home on Isla Sagrario, a safe haven for men who desire other men. When Jacob, the lover he thought had died, washes ashore after a shipwreck, Juan believes he’s been given a second chance at love. But Jacob Bellamy thinks the safety of Sagrario is an illusion, one that will come to a brutal end should their enemies ever catch wind of their whereabouts.

Juan doesn’t want to lose Jacob again, but neither does he want to leave his home behind for a lifetime of hiding and secrecy. When the island comes under attack, Jacob is forced to decide what means more to him—spending the rest of his life safe and alone, or risking it all to be with the man he loves.

Second edition. Previously published as part of the "Cross Bones" anthology from Dreamspinner Press.

TitleDouble Treble
Author(s): Nikki Wild
Length: 348 pages

Genre: Romance / Rock n Roll / Twins / MFM / 


BlurbMy world is about to get rocked, hard.

Decadent Desires is known for two things: Aiden and Dylan Carpenter. The sexiest and most possessive identical twins in rock history. They’re flying off the charts and burning through women like no tomorrow.

Their bassist just went down, and now I have their undivided attention.

I’m not just another groupie. We’ve been sucked into a national tour together and I’m not going to let them put those rugged bodies to use, no matter how hungrily they look at me... 

But I can’t stop dreaming about their hard, sculpted skin against mine…

Together, they’re plucking my heartstrings to a melody I can’t fight much longer.

But how do I decide between them? Unless… 

Maybe I don’t have to…

Double Treble is a MFM romance with two sexy twins and one smart and sassy heroine.

TitleWitches For Hire
Series: Odd Jobs, 1
Author(s): Sam Argent
Length: 314 Pages
Publisher: DSPP

Genre: Gay / Urban Fantasy / 

Notes: OMG just give it to me already! Release Date April 4th

BlurbAll recovering drug addict and witch Jeremy Ragsdale wants is to shamble on to the next job without any disasters. Instead, the temp agency saddles him with a fellow witch who hates him, an Amazon one violent outburst away from deportation, and a knight from another world as his boss. Even worse, their jack-of-all-trades magic business stumbles upon a conspiracy to kill Desmond the Great, Atlanta’s sexy star magician. Jeremy must prevent it without letting his colleagues know that he not only has ties to the energy vampires behind the plot, but that his past misdeeds might have instigated the attacks.

Despite Jeremy sporting a suit and tie like a good witch, his lies snowball to bite him in the ass. The lack of trust brewing between him and his teammates could cost Desmond his life and Jeremy his progress on the straight and narrow path if his secrets are revealed. Because no matter how much Jeremy has reformed, there’s still enough bad witch in him to kill anyone who messes with him or the people he cares about.

TitleIn The Blood
Author(s): Lucien Grey
Length: 50 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy

Notes: I love this cover.

BlurbAfter years of tyranny and bloodshed, the kingdom of Elevain is finally at peace. But it doesn't take much to disrupt such a fragile state, and disruption this time comes by way of a horde of undead. King Ales, and his general and lover Darius, lead their army against the horde—but deception and treachery may kill them long before the undead.

TitleThe Alpha King
Author(s): Victoria Sue
Length: 215 pages

Genre: Romance / Mpreg / Alternate World / Fantasy / Paranormal /


BlurbThe Kingdom of Askara has been torn apart by conflict for centuries, where humans exist as subservient beings to their werewolf masters. Legend says it will only be able to heal itself when an Alpha King and a pure omega are mated and crowned together, but a pure omega hasn’t been born in over a thousand years.

Luca is an Alpha-heir eagerly awaiting the choosing ceremony on his twenty-fifth birthday and the gifts granted by whichever omega he mates. His small pack is destitute due to the decisions of its ruling council, but being only an Alpha-heir, he has no authority to challenge them. Not until now—this moment he has waited a long time for.

Kit grew up as a street-rat, an unlicensed human who would never be more than a slave for whichever master owns him. Then one day he came across a young Alpha-heir, attacked and dying of poison, and found out their fates were suddenly entwined.

Luca needs to take over his pack and save his people. He cannot afford to be distracted. But when he meets Kit, he develops abilities indicating he is not just a pack Alpha, but the King his world has needed for a thousand years.

Is Kit really the cause of Luca’s newfound power, the true mate he needs? How is it possible when the young man isn’t even a werewolf, and as merely a human, a mating is not only forbidden, but for Kit, a sentence of death?

TitleTempest and the Warrior
Series(Unearthly World Book Book 7)
Author(s)C. L. Scholey
Length: 155 pages

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance / Action Adventure / Alien Lover / 

Notes: I wasn't paying attention to anything but the blurb when I saved this. It's part of a series so I don't know if it can be read as a standalone.

BlurbHurting and angry, Cy, a lone Zargonnii warrior spends years banished from a planet he loves. Home. The word eats his soul. Planet after planet he travels, but there is only one place for him. His ship crashes during a battle with a mind altering Angano alien, landing him on a desolate planet with a human female and her young son. Tempest is his ticket home. Cy knows if he brings her back to his leader and best friend Titus, who banished him, he will be welcomed. The plan was easy: a human female, her son, Angano blood, and an Angano enemy ship. Cy would be welcomed back with open arms. Right? What could go wrong? Everything.

Tempest and her son were abandoned three long years ago by a Tonan warrior, leaving her bitter and betrayed. When a massive alien lands and encourages her to go home with him she is eager to be away with her son from a planet promising only death, yet she is wary. Cy wants something from her, or needs something from her. Is it in her heart to risk another betrayal?

TitleEnthralled in Silver
Author(s): Vivien Dean
Length: Novella
PublisherLoose Id LLC (January 30, 2017)

Genre:  Romance / Vampires / Multicultural / Menage & Polyamory / Fantasy / Paranormal /


BlurbFor over half a century, lovers Seth and Simon have been trapped in service to one of the most dangerous vampires on the West Coast. When they discover there’s a way to break the spell that binds them, getting free becomes their only desire.

Until they meet Claire, the granddaughter of the mage who enslaved them. Suddenly, seducing her seems like a much more pleasurable alternative. If they can convince her to use the magic she inherited, everybody wins.

All they have to do is survive long enough to make it happen.

Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

Series: Exile, 1
Author(s): Kelly Wyre, A.F. Henley
Length: 259 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Bisexual / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy /


BlurbIn the wake of several near-cataclysmic events, humanity created the Cure, a DNA-altering antidote to death by disease and old age. But all cures come with side effects: a small percentage of the population develops a wide range of powers, some of which are lethal to others, and some which are lethal to the wielder.

These people are called the Estranged, hunted and shunned, safe only on the Island of Exile. It is here that Kaeva and Eddie meet—and where they set a prophecy in motion, quite possibly sealing their own demise, and even the end of Exile.

Title: Thunderclaw
Series(Alien Warrior Book 2)
Author(s): P. (Penelope) Fletcher
Length: 527 pages

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance / Poly / Bisexual / 

Notes: I love this cover.

Blurb'Truth, I am who females like best.' ~King Beowyn, Great Alpha, House of ThunderClaw 

'My wife and husband do not get along.' ~ High Commander Éorik, Royal Defender, House of SnowBlade

'Like my ancestors before me, I fight to the death for freedom.' ~ Sìne of Clan Grae

'Want binky.' ~ Fergie of Clan Grae

A King, his commander, an Earthling and her kin.
Trekking through outer space to distant galaxies.
Feasts, a storm, annihilation and rebirth.
This tale is about the bonds between family and friends. A saga of the love between a woman and two aliens.

Warning: violence, profanity and sexual situations with multiple partners.

TitleAn Evidence of Magic
Series(Everlight Book 1)
Author(s): Kris Michaels, Patricia A. Knight
Length: 300 pages
PublisherTroll River Publications; 3 edition (September 5, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Alternate Reality / Urban Fantasy / Gay / Procedural Crime Romance / 


BlurbForty-year-old, hard bitten, foul-mouthed, homicide detective, Hiro Santos, suspects the owner of the art studio committed the gory killing. Too bad. There are other things he'd like to do to the gorgeous young man than book him for murder. Worse, his sexy suspect is certifiable. The nutcase claims he's some kind of high wizard from an alternate reality and needs Hiro's help to save their worlds.

While the striking Sable Campion appears a youthful twenty-five, he’s endured over two-hundred lonely years as guardian of the portal between Everlight and Elysium. None of those centuries offered him any experience finding a vicious killer. That's where Hiro Santos comes in; but convincing the virile detective to trust Sable will take all his persuasive skills...and perhaps a bit of magic.

The magic they find in each other's arms will rock each of their realities.

Series: Challenged by Love
Author(s): Autumn Montague
Length: 72 pages
Publisher: LooseID

Genre: Romance / Gay / Historical / 

Notes: This comeswith trigger warnings

BlurbCaptain Theodore Hedgeford was once the Adonis of his cavalry unit. A devastating injury at Waterloo leaves him disfigured, and earns him a new nickname: Caliban. His lover abandons him, leaving Theo to suffer through his recovery alone. Determined to protect his heart from further pain, Theo finds his vow challenged by a not-so-chance encounter with cavalry groom Robin Thornfield. Unprecedented sexual pleasure and the comfort Rob provides wars with the humiliation of being unable to care for himself.

Robin Thornfield has longed to be by Theo’s side since Rob was a groom for their cavalry unit. Undaunted by Hedgeford’s devastating injuries, Rob takes the position of valet and sets about making himself indispensable. He is determined to provide for all of Theo’s needs: physical, emotional, and sexual. When Theo’s former lover returns with blackmail on his mind, Rob knows he must protect both Theo and their newly discovered love.

Publisher's Note: Readers with a history of rape or sexual abuse may find elements of this story disturbing.

TitleJerricho's Freedom
Author(s): Jake C. Wallace
Length: 336 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal /


Blurb2nd Edition 

As prince of the Anzuni demon clan, Jerricho’s entire life has been planned for him. At twenty-five, he will become the crown prince of the Anzuni, marry a man chosen by his parents, and bear his husband’s children all without choice. If that wasn’t enough, he must remain a virgin until his wedding night. To do otherwise would spark an unimaginable scandal.

With only ten months until his twenty-fifth birthday, the walls close in on Jerry, and the realization that he will lose his small apartment, his job at the library, and his freedom hits hard. But that’s nothing compared to losing the man he loves. Rex is a smart and sexy construction foreman with a keen interest in demon “mythology.” When Jerry and Rex give in to spending one night together, their indiscretion can’t be kept secret for long. But that’s only the beginning of their problems.

Someone wants to harness the power of Jerry’s bloodline and his ability to conceive—someone with designs on horrifying experiments, sex slavery, and murder. Jerry and Rex are at the mercy of power-hungry sadists. With no one left to trust, they must fight for each other, their freedom—and their unborn child.

First Edition published by Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure, 2015.

Author(s): Marguerite Labbe
Length: 210 pages
Publisher: DSPP

Genre: Romantic Elements / Science Fiction / Horror / Paranormal / 

Notes: Releases April 25th


2nd Edition

Haunted by the screams of the men he murdered, ex-Marine medic Riff Khora is serving a life sentence on board a prison ship. Seeking more punishment for his crime, he strikes a deal with the corrupt Captain Vidal—an exchange of pleasure and pain—and forges a new life leading the team that surveys space wreckage for salvage.

Ship engineer Zed Jakobsen’s psychometric abilities make prison a sentence worse than death, and the barrage of emotional stimuli is an unending torment. His only regret is that he didn’t kill the monster who sent him to prison, and only a glimmer of hope to escape a judgment he doesn’t deserve keeps him clinging to a brutal existence.

When they board derelict ship Pandora and discover a lone survivor, the hell of prison life plunges into abject horror. An epidemic of violence and insanity consumes their ship, driving the crew to murder and destruction. Mutual need draws Riff and Zed together, and their bond gives them the strength to fight a reality they cannot trust. But Vidal possesses the only means of escape from the nightmare, and he’s not letting anyone leave alive.

First Edition published as Pandora in the Deep Into Darkness: Aliens, Alphas and Antiheroes Anthology by Smashwords, 2015.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

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