Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rainbow Con Goodies Have Arrived

I almost forgot to order stuff for Rainbow Con. K-Lee Klein gave me a poke about the grab-bag swag and I had a moment where I thought I was sitting pretty--only to crash.

Scrambling, I went to my favorite place to purchase my favorite pens and that was a bust. The company updated their website and when I went to check out they tried to charge me 5x the amount. I did everything the IT dudes would tell you. Clear your cart. Log out and back in. Reboot. Clear your cookies. After several attempts I did the chatbox thing with their customer service.

They said they could take the order for me. We had the chat about when the pens would get to me because I'm leaving town and wouldn't be here to receive the package if it arrived after a certain date. I also had to divvy up the pens and send them to the Rainbow Con coordinators. If it took them the max time to print and then for the postal service to deliver, then I would have a little window to work with. My order didn't qualify to be expedited, but I told them to go ahead because these were great pens. Everybody loved them. People who didn't read my books remembered who I was because they had one of my pens. They all said the same thing, "I loved the pen."

Anyways, I tell them to go ahead and place the order. Then they come back and say that there's a problem. The cost is 5x what it should be. They wanted me to clear the cart then log in and out. I already did that and told them so.

They exited the chat.

I'm so not kidding. They basically hung up on me. I had been trying to place an order for three days and they hung up on me. And here's the thing. Even though I was frustrated, I was nice to them. I always am to the CS people because they aren't the one who caused the problem. They are the ones who help you out. So I'm nice. Nice got me nowhere that day.

So shrugged off my disappointment and I took my business elsewhere. The alternative pens arrived earlier in the week. They write well but the pen itself isn't something to write home about.

<--- Then Vistaprint had a sale going on so I purchase some special swag. A few hats and T-shirts, in a limited quantity to give away. I wish their pens were more affordable. Although, they are the only place I found that does a good job putting my book cover on pen barrels. I also have some mouse pads and a couple of spiral notebooks and a canvas tote.

The special prize is the two USB jump drives I bought that will have all my books loaded onto it. ^_^ Very cool.

So if you're going to Rainbow Con, make sure you look me up for some goodies. I don't know how long they will last!

Here is my schedule. When I'm not there, I will probably be at my table or at the Queer Sci-Fi table filling in. ^_^

Thu 1pm - Fiction: How Much Sex is Too Much Sex? 
Thu 2pm - Hard vs Soft Sci-Fi 
Fri 10am - Why Won't You Die: Vampires and Zombies 
Fri 11am - My God, It's Full of Gays! 
Fri 2pm - Warning: Too Many Warnings 
Sat 11am - Author Signing 
Sat 1pm - Anthro Sex Sat 
4pm - Shifter Sex 
Sat 5pm - Beyond the Wolf: Non-Canine Shifters 
Sun 11am - Fifty Shades of Fantasy 
Sun 12pm - Author Reading

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!!

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