Friday, April 3, 2015

Cover Reveal for Love is an Open Road Event

So, you know when I was talking about the number of projects I had for this year and how I really wanted to do a couple of side projects? A couple of you agreed to hang me up by my toes if I didn't keep on schedule. I promise, I will keep on schedule. There may be a periods of time you won't see me around social media because of it, but the upside (other than keeping my schedule) is that I could fit in an extra story.

The annual Don't Read in the Closet (DRitC) event over at the GoodReads M/M Romance Group started up. I thought all the prompts had been claimed when I allowed myself to go look and see what the requests were this year.

The first thread I clicked on was one of the few unclaimed story requests. As I scrolled through to see who took the story, I realized the baby was up for grabs... and I left the thread, listing all the reasons why I couldn't--shouldn't consider the prompt. I glanced through the others, trying to take my mind off the yummy prompt. I posted a call for help on FaceBook and the enablers responded. (I love you guys.)

It was a sign.

The prompt must be mine.

LOL! I took it. Then my husband brought home a bug that totaled me for over a week. But I finished the story ahead of time. I'm almost finished self-editing. I have a couple of volunteer beta readers. Today, I received the illustrated book cover. Does it not freakin' rock??? What a boost of excitement.

Now. I need to write a blurb. ^_^

The story prompt was:

Dear Author,

It was supposed to be basic find and retrieve job even if the planet was little known and in the edge of the territories. Nothing went right with that job. My ship got damaged on the landing, there is nothing but jungle out here and I have no idea where the thing I’m looking for could even be and now I have apparently found the natives too. I so don’t need any more distractions but he sure knows how to get persuasive with those hairs of his.

I would like this to be a sci-fi adventure story. There can be some dub-con but in the end it’s about falling in love with his alien.

No BDSM, but otherwise I’m not too particular about the content.



Thank you for stopping by and reading!!!


  1. *raises hand right along with Crissy* Yup, just call me enabler too, lol. That cover rocks, by the way. Jesus, I can't wait for this. :)

    1. *tackle hugs* O.O just don't expect a typical tentacle story. :)

    2. Thank you! That cover was a blast to do! I'm glad it's getting some love :-)

  2. Oh sounds good can't wait to read it.

    1. The waiting begins! It's so hard to not give spoilers. :-D

  3. As long as you stay on schedule missy! ;)

    1. I'm being good, CJ, I promise! ;P

  4. AHAHA OMFG! I am so freaking excited for this! AHAHA YES YES!!