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Assassin's Retirement Chapter Thirty, Part One NSFW #amwriting #blogstory #ION #Gentleman

Sorry about the delay posting this. My computer got sick and went the doctors. This is seriously a NSFW chapter because SEX, but first there must be a sacrifice. Y'all have waited more than 50k to get here. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgving for those who celebrate.

Copyright Lexi Ander

Chapter Thirty

Alonzo watched Zane and his god with increasing awe, the welling of so many emotions threatening to overtake him. Did Zane know what he was giving up with that one single word? Immortality was a heavy burden and those not born to it did not handle the long centuries well. He would do everything in his power to help Zane and the rest of his tribe adjust.

The smoky form of Tezcatlipoca settled over Zane, drawing Zane's limbs to the four corners of the altar. Skyld made a noise of alarm. When Alonzo looked back, Midnight had a strong arm wrapped around Skyld's shoulder, whispering into his ear with an urgency that matched Skyld's growing alarm. Alonzo narrowed his eyes. He would not allow anyone to interrupt the ceremony. If he had to sit on Zane's brother and his giant form, then he would without hesitation.

On the altar, Zane moaned and writhed in obvious ecstasy, the scent of his arousal permeating the air, his feverish gaze caught and held by Tezcatlipoca's. The god's form darkened until it was the blackest of black, tendrils pouring quickly into Zane's open mouth. Zane orgasmed, come shooting into the air and landing on his chest as his back bowed. The skin along Zane's forearms and calves split. Blood and smoke poured forth, filling the trough around the edge of the altar.

Alonzo looked back as he stood, his attention caught by the sounds of a scuffle. Midnight sat on Skyld's lap, blocking his view of Zane and speaking in a low voice as he wiped his tears from Skyld's cheeks. After ensuring Midnight had Skyld in hand, Alonzo swept his gaze over everyone else. Their expressions ranged from amazement to worry, but none moved to interfere with Tezcatlipoca.

Moving to the altar, Alonzo stooped to retrieve a large clay cup from the base of the altar and held it under the lip just in time to catch the warm trickle of blood. The outflow was enough to fill the vessel to the brim and not a drop more. Alonzo rose to his full height, aware that everyone watched him.

"Zane willingly gave his blood to Tezcatlipoca, Lord of the Smoking Mirror, Father of the Night Sky, so that we can become a tribe. Partaking in this ritual will tie us to both Zane and Tezcatlipoca until we draw our last breath."

Alonzo moved through the crowd to where Skyld sat with Midnight in his lap. "When we drink, they will become a part of us. We will be stronger, faster. Never again will we be alone because they will tie us together and we will become a family like no other. Together, there is nothing we cannot do."

He held Skyld's skeptical gaze. Black vapor mist wafted from the warm blood in the cup.

"Is Zane dead?" Skyld's voice was raspy with suppressed emotion.

"No, he will live for a very, very long time," Alonzo reassured. "You will not lose him like you did Mikael."

Skyld's breath shuttered and he blinked rapidly. "And if I drink?"

"Then you will be tied to him for all time. We will be your family." Alonzo waited patiently while Skyld made up his mind, only half surprised when Skyld carefully took the cup from him and sipped. His grimace was replaced by euphoria. When Midnight took the clay vessel, he too drank deeply.

Alonzo passed the cup to each person, hyperaware of Zane's heavy breathing. Soon the first part of the ritual would be over and he could join Zane. He tried to be patient, relieved when Cord was the next to the last person to drink. Alonzo would be the last… but when he took the cup back, there was nothing left.

"Alonzo," Zane moaned.

Zane had raised up onto an elbow, holding out his bleeding arm. "Finish it. Drink."

Dropping the vessel, Alonzo crossed to Zane as if pulled by an invisible tether. The wounds were healing but he only needed a small taste. Holding Zane's watchful gaze, he pressed his lips to the slit, taking a mouthful, swallowing only to feel as if he had been hit by a bat in the chest. He staggered, falling to one knee, suddenly realizing why the cup had been empty when he registered the overwhelming flavor. He had never tasted anything like it even though he had taken part in other rituals.

"Take more," Zane urged, pressing his arm more firmly against Alonzo's lips. "Then I need you inside me."

Alonzo growled against Zane's skin, promising with his eyes that he would take care of Zane in every way imaginable. With each swallow the bond between him and Zane strengthened, becoming like steel. He was reminded of the previous bond he'd had and couldn't help but compare the two. Zane's was clearer, stronger, brilliantly shining in its intensity. Such a bond was a gift, not broken lightly. Alonzo's solitary life for these last decades was proof that the tie between patrón and his people could be broken. But that bond had been rotting, rusting. Once Zane learned the ins and outs of being a patrón, he could release individuals from the bond though it would be at a great sacrifice to Zane as well as the tribe. Such actions were considered the last resort.

Before Tezcatlipoca had intervened this day, Alonzo was simply happy to have Zane as his patrón in name only. Never in his wildest imagination had Alonzo thought Tezcatlipoca would give him such a priceless gift as this. The others would understand in time, but Alonzo knew and he would be vigilant, safely guarding Zane from the world so Zane could attend to his calling. As closely connected to Tezcatlipoca as Alonzo now was, he could sense the storm brewing. Change was coming. Was it the fall of the Fifth Sun? He couldn't tell, but dangerous times were brewing and without the sight of a shaman, the tribe would have to be extra vigilant. Zane would be called up, all the patrón would be, if the danger threatened Tezcatlipoca. Zane would require all the skills and tools at his disposal.

Momentarily pushing his worries to the side, Alonzo concentrated once more on Zane. He swallowed mouthfuls of Zane's dark essence mixed with that of Tezcatlipoca, filling a vacancy in him that he had forgotten was there over the years. He couldn't help the moan that rumbled deep in his chest. Zane watched him with an intensity that promised pleasure beyond his imagining… and Alonzo had lived long enough for his imagination to be great.

Behind Alonzo, the lusty moans filled the air. When Tezcatlipoca stepped in and broke Alonzo's bond with his first patron, there were certain parts of himself that he had packed away. Needs and desires he shoved so deep that it felt as if he had cut off a limb. The many patróns who came afterwards, he never stayed long enough to share this ceremony with the tribe. Tezcatlipoca's interference made it possible for him to live outside the protection of a tribe. Alonzo had wandered the Earth for so long, solitary even though he could sense Tezcatlipoca with him.

Now he would be joining a tribe, binding himself to a patrón who fit him perfectly. Never in his wildest imagination had he once thought he'd meet someone like Zane. A man who called to the dormant part of himself, awakening Alonzo's guardian abilities when he believed he would never find another worthy of what he had to give. When Zane had moved to the mountain ranch, Alonzo had been afraid to believe what he'd felt from afar. Never had he heard of a Maricoxi been drawn to someone outside their people. He hadn't known what to do. When he decided he should leave, he couldn't make himself go. Then, when he'd join Zane for the breakfast in town, that had been the beginning of the end. His guardian abilities revived, telling Alonzo he could never leave Zane, and he had resigned himself to protecting Zane from afar to the end of his days. How he would do that had been a mystery. He hadn't even been detoured by the complication that Zane was human. But he hadn't needed to worry for his god had stepped in and given him what he had stopped wishing for: a tribe. A family. Somewhere to belong. Someone, or one's, to love. He had a feeling that every member of this new tribe needed the same things he did.

A smoky hand carded through Alonzo's hair. "You have taken enough, my Most Trusted. You are well and truly bonded again."

He pulled his mouth from the slit on Zane's forearm. Tezcatlipoca quickly took his smoky Jaguar form, lowered his head and swiped a ghostly tongue over Zane's wound, instantly healing it and making Zane writhe.


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