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Assassin's Retirement Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Two #gentleman #blogstory #amwriting

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Saja glared at her son but Zane could see the terror she tried to hide. A pang of longing clutched Zane's chest. He couldn't remember the last time his mother gave him a look like that. Long before he was sent away to become a monster.

He let Saja finished her phone conversation before he asked, "What does my El Chupacabra have to do with anything?"

Saja gave Cord the patented 'we will speak of this later' look before answering. "The caller, I'm guessing Alonzo since he once worked for I.O.N., made a special request for a small specialized team from San Diego led by Beck Zell to retrieve the chupa. They will be arriving today and have been asked to pick up the mantles before they come up the mountain. My superiors are also sending replacements for the injured Valkyries. They should be here in about a half hour or so. My superior will be arriving with them, and she will want to speak to you."

Zane turned his attention back to his pancakes, carefully applying the peanut butter so the bread wasn't damaged. He calculated how hard it would be to get the Skyld and Alonzo to the safe room before he initiated security protocols that would lock down the house and release knock-out gas. There was a small airstrip north of them where he kept a Cessna big enough for the three of them. The question was what would be a safe location to take them to?


He glanced at Cord.

"They aren't going to hurt you or anyone else. This business with the scion bloodlines is huge. The strongest oracle houses run I.O.N…" Cord trailed off somehow guessing that Zane was not comforted by his words.

Surprisingly, Skyld was the one who took up where Cord left off. "Even though I.O.N. is overseen by oracles that does not mean they are all corrupt. Each set of oracle houses oversee a territory. It is unlikely that all of them are involved with stealing mantles."

"Ella knew you and you seemed to have a history with her," Prince interjected. "If you knew she had stolen mantles and was blackmailing the bloodlines, forcing them to from a bond with her—them—then why didn't you report her conduct. You have a mantle. Did you make a deal with her?"

Skyld sneered down the table at Prince. "She holds no sway over me."

"Then why not speak up?" Saja pressed.

On one hand, Zane wanted to defend Skyld. He didn't like the suspicion she pointed towards Skyld. On the other, Zane had hoped to get Skyld alone so he could broach the subject himself. Zane trusted Skyld with his life and if he had information about mantles and bloodlines he hadn't shared before today… Zane believed—needed to believe—that Skyld had a good reason for not confiding in him. Hell, Skyld had already said he'd hoped that Zane never became aware of Others and scions seemed to definitely fit into that group. But… Saja had claimed Zane was a scion, perhaps a variant of the bloodline so that would make him Other, did it not? Zane didn't feel supernatural.

"I need some time with Zane," Skyld said, catching Zane's gaze.

"We will take food to Midnight and Raine and check on Alonzo," Cord said. Xander, Prince, and Anson hurriedly followed Cord, putting together two plates piled with food and grabbing drinks before disappearing down the hallway.

Saja stared hard at Skyld. "The replacements and my superior should arrive within the hour. My team and I can wait outside. But know this Skyld, they will want an explanation."

"Fair enough," Skyld replied, lips pressing as if he tasted something foul.

The healthy Valkyrie helped the injured through the kitchen door. As Zane reached for the maple syrup, he watched the Valkyrie through the windows. They selected snow covered patio chairs and with a wave of her hand, Saja cleaned off the outdoor furniture. They made themselves comfortable as if it was the height of summer and not bone-chilling cold out there.

Skyld cleared his throat, his gaze intense. "You are probably going to be really pissed at me here in a minute. So before I destroy your confidence in me, I want to tell you that I love you."

The bottle of syrup slipped from Zane's finders, hitting the table with a bang.

Skyld's expression morphed into disbelief, followed closely by embarrassment. He shoved Zane's shoulder. "Not like that you fuckhead. I love you like a brother. Jesus H. Christ. You have a rock band panting after you and now you think everyone is after your dick."

"I do not. What was I supposed to think with that kind of delivery?" Zane grabbed the syrupy, popped the lid and gave the bottle a healthy squeeze. "By the way, you're the fuckhead," Zane grumbled. "I know you love me, idiot. Get on with this fucking bad story you have to tell me."

Skyld sobered, pulling his cup of coffee to him, staring into the liquid as if reading the future. "When I was younger, I had a brother close to my age. Our father… you could say he is a hobosexual." Zane snorted into his cup at the description, but Skyld's voice only held derision. "He has a talent of praying on people who find him attractive, sleeping with those who would let him shack up with them. Beyond creating us, our father didn't have much to do with us. Our grandfather raised us with the knowledge that we were Blood, training and preparing us for the day we would take up our own mantles.

"When it came time for us to receive our mantles he discovered they had been stolen from our family vault. We didn't know who was responsible until we were approached by an oracle called, Hedvig from House of Odin's Runes. We understood then who had taken our mantles. Grandfather reached out to the other bloodlines and discovered they too had their mantles stolen. The families reached out to Hedvig, discovering the mantles would be returned if the scions formed bonds with House of Odin's Runes. Grandfather was smart, making us wait and watching the bloodlines who cooperated. The families soon found themselves virtual slaves and personal assassins of House of Odin's Runes."

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Retirement
Chapter Two - Normal is not supposed to be this hard
Chapter Three - Caught
Chapter Four - Crimson Comet
Chapter Five - Mountain Magic
Chapter Six, Part 1 - Harbinger of a Nightmare
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Chapter Fifteen, Part 1 - To kill, or not to kill
Chapter Fifteen, Part 2

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